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June 15 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: June 15 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Obama Visits The Doctors, The AMA, Today

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

Cabale News ServiceJune 15 2009 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Obama Visits The Doctors, The AMA, Today - Will America Be The Last Industrialized Nation To Supply Nationalized Health Care For It's Citizens? Don't Blame The Doctors... But DO Hold Them Responsible!

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A Synopsis Of Today's News: President Obama is back in Chicago where he's going to meet with the American Medical Association to explain his health care reform package. The congressional rebellion in regard to the $8+- billion dollar re-adjustment in how Americans receive their health care has been relieved by budget-balancing the cost of the plan by surgically removing other parts of the budget. More in the commentary.

NASA is scrambling to get the Space Shuttle Endeavor of the ground by Wednesday due to scubbed launch Saturday because of Hydrogen leaks around the fuel tanks, or else the mission will be scrubbed till the end of July due to conditions necessary for accomplishment of their plan.

Protests in Iran over their national election results continue, with most of the media coverage coming from the capitol Tehran with the situation in the rest of the country pretty much unknown. The Western media continues to hype the violence even as the country's parliamentary and religious leaders call for an investigation.

Juan Cole on the Iranian elections (and he IS the Persian historian in Da' Buffalo's pasture... so pay attention when he discusses Class Vs Culture wars in Iran):
Sunday, June 14, 2009
Class v. Culture Wars in Iranian Elections:
Rejecting Charges of a North Tehran Fallacy

Some comentators have suggested that the reason Western reporters were shocked when Ahmadinejad won was that they are based in opulent North Tehran, whereas the farmers and workers of Iran, the majority, are enthusiastic for Ahmadinejad. That is, we fell victim once again to upper middle class reporting and expectations in a working class country of the global south.

While such dynamics may have existed, this analysis is flawed in the case of Iran because it pays too much attention to class and material factors and not enough to Iranian culture wars. [In Full]

If only Americans had this much 'spunk' when they feel their elections are being stolen or rigged:
(Hmmmn, I seem to remember once upon a time, we did... Must be the fluorides in the water.)

(It WAS a Tehran city bus)

For Twitter users, a couple of links to peruse:
Name Parham Doustdar
Location Tehran, Iran

Bio: An iranian, blind computer geek who makes an attempt to make his life intresting by holding on to his twitter account!

[Most recent (newest to older)]:

# However, if this has been the plan, it seems to have backfired on them. #IranElection half a minute ago from web

# Opinion: this might've all been a trick to get a lot of people to vote. Some people suspect this too. (Continued) #IranElection 1 minute ago from web

# The main door of the university is smashed by anti-riot forces holding clubs. God help them. #IranElection 10 minutes ago from web

# The anti-riot forces attacking those in tehran uni were smiling and saying, I like it when you get beaten. Reason is unknown #IranElection 15 minutes ago from web

# Fights have happened in Tehran, Yazd, Isfahan, Rasht, and Gorgan, in uni's. Anti-riot forces attacked those inside the uni. #IranElection1 6 minutes ago from web

# @10thSpeedWriter Very true. But as they say, The greater the change, the more the sacrifices. #IranElection 21 minutes ago from web

# Personal Opinion: if there was a determined and skilled leader, this could very easily turn into a revolution. #IranElection 30 minutes ago from web

# Thank you all for your heart-thrilling answers to me last night. I felt so happy when I read every one of them. Thank you. #IranElection 42 minutes ago from web

# Going to sleep. Sorry all. Will keep you posted after my exam tomorrow. Thanks for your support! #IranElection about 10 hours ago from web
Also search the 'hashtag': #Iranelection (caveat emptor)

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...and in the US Class Vs Culture wars, a chart from Moody's
"Household wealth declined in the first quarter, although the pace of decline moderated from the two preceding quarters. The net worth of U.S. households fell $1.3 trillion to $50.4 trillion. That followed a decline of $4.9 trillion in the fourth quarter, which was the largest decline on record on both a dollar and percentage basis. Wealth has now dropped nearly $14 trillion, or 22%, from its peak in the second quarter of 2007. Most assets on household balance sheets are falling, and these declines are swamping the modest reduction in debt...." [In Full]

An educational video lecture from March 2007 details the erosion/collapse of the American middle class @ BrassCheck TV

Today General Stanley McChrystal, JSOC 'special operator' di tutti capo, takes over the rapidly deteriorating situation for the US and other industrial nations in the Afghanistan War. Three more American soldiers were killed over the weekend.

How bad is it? AP- The US attacked an Afghan village due to false allegations in a blood feud with a neighboring community. 91 dead civilians

Today is also the day a ninety day moratorium on mortgage foreclosures in California begins, while the citizens of the state figure out if they CAN keep their mortgages.

Here's the state of the economy in Northern California. MY county is NUMERO UNO... in unemployment... 24%, and that's just the numbers for people who WERE eligible for benefits (in an area that runs most of it's year-round economy on part-time workers who can't receive benefits). Craigslist for Santa Cruz County is full of 'canvassing' work... "Make $500 a week saving the environment collecting signatures for GreenPeace", and such, but not much in the way of real employment.
Watsonville WAS the home to Seagate Technology(and Connor Disc Drives) in the 90s, who eventually moved their operations overseas, leaving a few janitors and security guards working their empty Scotts Valley world HQ, and Watsonville's machine shops which were re-instituted as Watsonville's new (earthquake resistant) hospital, but what really finished it was NAFTA, which allowed all the packing and canning companies like Green Giant a chance to increase their corporate profits by moving South to Mexico:

(Note from the USDA: This chart is for processed foods. U.S. authorities do not report similar statistics for production agriculture, mainly to protect the confidentiality of individual companies, but the stock of U.S. direct investment in Mexican crop and livestock production may run in the hundreds of millions of dollars). [In Full]

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