Friday, June 12, 2009

Local News For 95060 - Santa Cruz County California (Specifically Watsonville) Is #1 For Highest Unemployment In Northern California

HA HA! LOSERS! Fresno lags... It's only #15

Santa Cruz county is numero uno now all you Fresno losers...
Don't forget it!

Watsonville WAS the home to Seagate Technology(and Connor Disc Drives) in the 90s, who eventually moved their operations overseas, leaving a few janitors and security guards working their empty Scotts Valley world HQ, and Watsonville's machine shops which were re-instituted as Watsonville's new (earthquake resistant) hospital, but what really finished it was NAFTA, which allowed all the packing and canning companies like Green Giant a chance to increase their corporate profits by moving South to Mexico:

(Note from the USDA: This chart is for processed foods. U.S. authorities do not report similar statistics for production agriculture, mainly to protect the confidentiality of individual companies, but the stock of U.S. direct investment in Mexican crop and livestock production may run in the hundreds of millions of dollars).

The Photo Slideshow with the complete list of Top 20 highest unemployment areas in Northern California at the Sacramento Bee

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