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20090610 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: What Does The Archipelago Of Palau Have To Do With Guantanamo?

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Cabale News Service20090610-2 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: What Does The Archipelago Of Palau Have To Do With Guantanamo? That's Where America, In It's Fear, Is Going To Send A Group Of Guantanamo *Non-Combatants* Along With MILLIONS Of American Dollars

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A Synopsis Of Today's News... AKA 'Displaced Persons'... The FEMA (toxic) trailer program comes to an end for the victims of hurricane Katrina, and the US government is going to be kind enough to allow those trailers to be purchased by the residents, about 3,900 of them, for $1 to $5 dollars, which is about what they're worth. Note that they ARE NOT "Mobile Homes", they are Office Trailers, like one might see at a construction site

Fema Trailer New Orleans

At the Guantanamo concentration camp, Chinese Uighurs, mountain people, who were ordered freed years ago, are going to be relocated to Palau, South Pacific. More on this below, and in the commentary.

The Obama administration is going to restore "PayGo", a budgetary technique that helped balance the budget under the Clinton administration, who BTW, left a surplus for the Bush administration to squander.

The Supreme Court has dumped their objection, based on pension benefit concerns, to the Chrysler-Fiat merger... "What remains of the bankrupt automaker Chrysler LLC was sold to Fiat Wednesday, after the US Supreme Court got out of the way of the deal..". After all, it saves the company, not the employees.... "...(the USSC) said in an order that the groups had not proven that the court needed to intervene."


No Drapes!

Would you expect any less from a government that gives corporations the same rights as people?

Special Envoy George Mitchell is in Israel discussing their 'settlements', and then on to Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria.

More on the US economic depression front. There are now:
5 job hunters for each opening in April

Tom Abate, Chronicle Staff Writer
Wednesday, June 10, 2009

There were more than five job hunters for every job opening in April, according to a new U.S. Labor Department report that looks at employment in a different light.

The Job Openings and Labor Turnover survey, released Tuesday, estimates how many U.S. firms are hiring in a given month. These detailed figures usually come about 30 days after the monthly unemployment rate is released.

Tuesday's report said there were 2.5 million job openings in April, the lowest number on record since this survey began in December 2000.

Given that approximately 13.7 million Americans were unemployed in April, that works out to nearly 5.5 job seekers for every job opening that month.

When the recession began in December 2007, employers posted 4.4 million job openings and there were just 1.7 unemployed people competing for each listing, according to Heidi Shierholz with Economic Policy Institute in Washington.

"Unemployed workers are facing an increasingly uphill battle in the search for work," she noted Tuesday.

The U.S. unemployment rate was 8.9 percent in April. It rose to 9.4 percent in May and the economy lost 345,000 jobs, suggesting that the odds facing job-seekers will worsen when the next report on openings is released.

California's unemployment rate is higher than the nation's and stands at 11 percent.
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So... What to do?


Stan Goff, Feral Scholar, Ex-Special Forces, Ex-Marxist
Warring out of depression

The iresistible, if not totally accurate, comparisons of Obama’s administration with that of the lionized FDR ought to include the decisive masterstroke of the cunning patrician Franklin Roosevelt to leave behind the Great Depression once and for all: war. We always hear about the Works Progress Administration and other quasi-socialist measures taken by Roosevelt’s government, but the real exit strategy from that bout with general deflation was to build the US military-industrial complex, financing it through indebting other war-weakened allies.

Under their own circumstances, the New Dealers had the good fortune to enter the war by phases; first letting others take the brunt of the war — Europe as a battleground, and in particular the USSR, which would surrender around 27 million souls to the charnel house of WWII to debilitate the Wehrmacht — second, becoming the supplier of materiel, thereby indebting the rest of the Allied world while enriching the US prior to actual participation in combat, then finally, entry into the war against a bled-out Germany and Japan to ensure the US would be occupying key terrain in Europe and Asia as a preface to filling the vaccum left in the wake of the imperial collapse of UK and France.

Everybody loves Obama, because he sounds more reassuringly intelligent than George W. Bush even as Obama retains many of the very worst aspects of the Bush regime. Hey, he is the first Black Prez, he picked Carolina as this year’s basketball champs, and he could charm a badger.

But Obama is planning to use war as his deus ex machina, too. His war is to be the Pakistan-Afghan-Iran War, with Iraq stuck to his shoe. (He is not “withdrawing” from Iraq; and has stated that he hasn’t the least intention of doing so, unless one considers a force of 30,000 troops to be a non-occupation.)

Roosevelt used Keynesianism at home and war abroad to save capitalism. But Obama is not inheriting Roosevelt’s circumstances; his war will fail, and his “Keynesian” measures remain so contaminated with neoliberalism’s residues that it will leave the US domestic economy in a shambles that his dangerous (potentially nuclear) military adventures will only exacerbate. [In Full]

Now, about the Uighurs, and the Archipelago of Palau:

Palau Map

The CIA World Factbook entry for the archipelago of Palau

The NY Times On the relocation of the Uighurs, Chinese mountain people to the Caroline Islands and environs (The re-location of Native Americans to climates that killed them comes to mind)
The president of Palau, Johnson Toribiong, said his government had “agreed to accommodate the United States of America’s request” to “temporarily resettle” the detainees, members of the Uighur ethnic group, “subject to periodic review.” Palau, the president said, would be “honored and proud” to take them in a “humanitarian gesture.”
With barely 20,000 people, Palau, about 500 miles east of the Philippines, is one of the world’s least-populated nations, made up of 8 main islands and 250 smaller ones.
“humanitarian gesture” is more than you can say for the treatment these INNOCENT Uighurs received from a fearful, cowering behind masked torturers and guns US government. A government that KNOWS 'The chickens WILL come home to roost', largely, if not fully due to it's own actions.

The US is going to give Palau $12 MILLION DOLLARS for each of the 17 Uighurs... About $200 MILLION dollars more looted from the US treasury and sent, quite literally, "offshore", in the middle of the worst economic crisis since the "Great Depression.

Also see Foreign Policy, online:
Survivor: Gitmo Edition

By Annie Lowrey
June 2009

Why is Obama sending the Uighurs to Palau?
The Uighurs had posed a conundrum for the Obama administration. In 2005, they were declared "no longer enemy combatants"; two years ago, a review board said they were "approved for release." But if sent to China, the Uighurs would certainly be imprisoned and possibly executed, as China considers them domestic terrorists. They were personae non grata internationally, too. Two years ago, Albania accepted five, but has said it would take no more. Nearly 100 countries have rejected U.S. requests to take the remaining 17.

And so, the United States turned to Palau -- a protectorate until 1994, a charter member of the U.S. "coalition of the willing" in Iraq, a virtually crime-free nation, a user of the U.S. dollar, a matrilineal society, and, in the words of its president, America's "best friend."

The country's ambassador to the United Nations, Stuart Beck, says that Obama and Clinton contacted Palauan President Johnson Toribiong to ask if he would accept the Uighurs. (The White House could not immediately confirm or deny the claim.) They sent a delegation, including Daniel Fried, the Obama administration official charged with closing Guantánamo, to visit Palau's capital last week.

And, according to one account citing U.S. officials in the Associated Press, they offered Palau an aid package worth around $11.7 million per detainee -- more than the country's annual GDP -- to sweeten the deal. (One U.S. official contacted by Foreign Policy said, "The AP story that suggested we are offering $200M for this is false. Our assistance relationship with Palau is longstanding and separate.")
Indeed, both ambassadors stressed how "friendly," "nice," and "relaxed" Palauans are. "I'm sure... there will be opposition [to accepting the Uighurs]. But that's very usual anywhere," Kyota thinks. "The bottom line is that the leadership of Palau has agreed to receive them. We did it really for humanitarian reasons. I'm sure they'll adjust to our population."

Plus, Beck says, Palauans "have always accepted people who wash up on their shores." [In Full]

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