Monday, February 4, 2013

South Carolina's Todd Kincannon... More Proof Racism Lives On In The Grand Old (Republican) Party

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Hey, Internet.

This is Todd Kincannon, ex-executive director of the South Carolina GOP and founder of the conservative Twitter mob, TGDN. I’m just leaving thishere for you in case you want to do anything with it like share it everywhere possible and make sure to mention his ties to the GOP.

I just threw up in my mouth.

I…my head hurts. I’m so tired of this kind of shit. No respect for the dead. No respect for a young Black boy cut down in his youth because he had the misfortune to have been walking while Black. This is bullshit.

Mr Kincannon has a history of saying fucked up shit and he doesn’t respond well to criticism.

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Roxie said...

He is a foul-mouthed thug. His only saving grace is that he spends most of his time alienating fellow conservatives and trash talking other Republicans. I thought the Democratic Party was fractured but watching these guys tear each other apart online makes me doubtful they could ever come together for an important campaign. If they don't even respect and civility for people on the same side of the political spectrum.

But, yes, he is a racist and particularly likes to attack women who question him.