Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dateline Santa Cruz California: Alleged 'Founder' Of Reactionary Anti-Homeless Group Claims Fundraising Lead In City Council Elections

"Bakunin had little time for Marx’s disdain for the peasantry and the lumpenproletariat of the urban slums. Marx, for all his insight into the self-destructive machine of unfettered capitalism, viewed the poor as counterrevolutionaries, those least capable of revolutionary action.

Bakunin, however, saw in the “uncivilized, disinherited, and illiterate” a pool of revolutionists who would join the working class and turn on the elites who profited from their misery and enslavement.

Bakunin proved to be the more prophetic. (source)
Just taking liberties with AP copy as local headlines read Pamela Comstock for Santa Cruz City Council has raised the most money ($32,000) in the local council race. Pamela Comstock has claimed to be the "Founder" of the reactionary and Fascist homeless harassment group called "Take Back Santa Cruz" although their history shows a seamier origin with a gent who had been convicted of bank fraud.:

It's all good... I'm all up to:

ACLU Presentation Sept 26 2012 - Human Rights & The Homeless In Santa Cruz California
I am here speaking to you this evening because I believe the actions taken by local elected officials after an attempt to perception manage the citizens of the city and county using a deranged murderer as an 'example' of their displaced people intrinsically violates US citizens' civil rights and indeed constitutes, as a whole, as a 'campaign', of Human Rights Violations including malicious and illegitimate law enforcement, endangering the homeless further by provoking potentially violent reactionary elements of the community, and leaving the homeless without the belief they can create secure shelter for themselves... Soon to be a necessity due to the county's absolute inability to house even ten percent of their homeless at the Emergency Shelter at DeLaveaga Park on any given night of the upcoming winter.

I want to know what the ACLU intends to do about this.

What I would like to see as an end result of the ACLU's court action is a state or federal investigation into Santa Cruz law enforcement practices as they affect their homeless citizens and a "Jones"-like decision including strict oversight of the city and county's policies towards that segment of it's citizenry until it has been discerned that justice, as practiced in regard to the homeless of the area is in line with law enforcement policies as practiced in regard to their housed population.
Presentation, In Full

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