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April 06 2012 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: If The Hustlers Hucksters And Socipaths Don't Ruin It... President Obama Signs The Jobs Act

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Cabale News ServiceApril 06 2012 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: If The Hustlers Hucksters And Socipaths Don't Ruin It... President Obama Signs The Jobs Act

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A Synopsis Of This Morning's News...
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«o» Yesterday president Obama signed the Jobs Act which loosens up credit and insurance on government contracts for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Will the hustlers and hucksters move in on those government insured loans?

«o» Attorney General Holder came up with the required three page single spaced justification as demanded by the 5th circuit court judge who took umbrage at the president's pronouncement that the Ryan budget bill had a number of constitutional no-nos within it and was an attack on the underpinnings of American society.

Meanwhile, the Europeans are confused by our "Supreme" judicial jurisprudence:
Europe is scratching its head over possibility that the U.S. Supreme Court will strike down President Obama's signature legislative achievement. As the judiciary and the Obama administration trade legal barbs over the high court's authority, the idea that health care coverage, largely considered a universal right in Europe, could be deemed an affront to liberty is baffling.

"The Supreme Court can legitimately return Obamacare?" asks a headline on the French news site 9 POK . The article slowly walks through the legal rationale behind the court's right to wipe away Congress's legislation. "Sans précédent, extraordinaires" reads the article. In the German edition of The Financial Times, Sabine Muscat is astonished at Justice Antonin Scalia's argument that if the government can mandate insurance, it can also require people to eat broccoli. "Absurder Vergleich" reads the article's kicker, which in English translates to, "Absurd Comparison." In trying to defeat the bill, Muscat writes, Scalia is making a "strange analogy [to] vegetables." [More @ Atlantic Wire via Yahoo!]
«o» A UN brokered ceasefire has been declared in Syria and the Assad government has signed it willingly, but right now Syrian forces are attacking a number of suburbs of Damascus and the city of Homs attempting to secure territory before the ceasefire takes effect next week.

«o» There's a virus attacking Apple computers. But as has been noted by a number of computer savvy pundits over the years, don't call Apple for advice. They'll only direct you to call the company that supplied your antivirus software. Are they working on a patch to plug that security hole? Who knows? Unlike MicroSoft, Apple doesn't like to talk about those things with the public.

«o» Iran has thrown a wrench in the works on the UN sponsored Palestinian-Israel talks by inviting the meeting to Tehran or Damascus instead of Turkey (where the West is currently hosting the folks staging the destabilization of Syria). Considering both of those countries would be involved in those talks, and the significance of those countries in the region, the talks COULD fall apart if that suggestion isn't honored by the UN.

«o» In Greece the suicide rate has tripled since IMF mandated austerity measures were enacted recently.

Yesterday... A 77 year old retired pharmacist shot himself in the head during the morning rush-hour near Syntagma Square.
“I see no other option for a dignified end before having to scavenge through the garbage for my food,” (in other versions "I find no other solution than a dignified end before I start searching through the trash for food," [src]) the 77-year-old retired pharmacist from Karditsa wrote in the note found on him after he shot himself to death in Athens' main square yesterday morning.
His note stated:
"After paying into my pension for 35 years, the government has rendered it too small to survive..."
His suicide sparked demonstrations, recriminations, and a public debate on its significance. As people took to the square in commiseration and anger, Prime Minister Lukas Papademos expressed sorrow.

“It’s tragic that a fellow man has ended his own life," he said "In these difficult times for our society, we, both the state and the citizens, have to support the people next to us that are in distress."

The public suicide as a political statement is highly unusual in Greek political tradition.

“I have to say this is a little out of our political culture,” says Michalis... [Christian Science Monitor for more]
But it IS right inside the ECONOMIC and SOCIAL acculturation of the OECD nations...

Yours truly is speaking of what can only be described as victims of an affluent society where people are semantically informed throughout their lives that they are somehow worth more than an Indonesian garbage dump dweller. However, the Indonesian doesn't have those suicidal thoughts because their society, family and friends don't consider them outcasts or 'disposable' because life has dealt them that hand.

Consider Mohamed Bouazizi, the Tunisian who self-immolated and sparked a 'revolution' in his country.

He didn't commit suicide because he was forced to sell oranges on a street corner for a living despite his higher education. He committed suicide because the Tunisian government (at least the municipality where he lived) prevented him from doing even that.

In Western industrial society, our learned behaviors prevent us, psychologically and emotionally, from digging trash if we have to, leaving a population prone to suicide, substance abuse, and psychological health problems as the end result.

Further, we are all programmed from birth not to bite the hand that feeds us so to speak, but when the 'food' stops showing up we won't bite them... we attack each other.

I mean Mexican illegals (workers just like us) ARE the reason we don't have jobs right?

That's what we're told, and that's what we want to believe because we cannot believe that the people who created the system as it is, did it ALL for themselves.

Believe it...

The Simpson "Cat Food Commission", the US government's response to an IMF demand that the OECD nations cut their national deficits by a large amount has yet to cause the massive disruptions and dis-ease in America, but similar plans are the direct cause of the turmoil we are now seeing in Greece and Spain which have enacted those plans.

By reading the newspapers you'd think those country's government just 'thought it up', but it was agreed on by the IMF just a couple of years ago that it would be done in all the member nations... Including America.

Meanwhile, the Globalized Rich left note of appreciation on the night table for you after screwing you for the last 24 hours:

It's been fun but let's be honest. You'll never win the lottery.

On the other hand, the chances are pretty good that you'll slave away at some miserable job the rest of your life. That's because you were in all likelihood born into the wrong social class. Let's face it -- you're a member of the working caste. Sorry!

As a result, you don't have the education, upbringing, connections, manners, appearance, and good taste to ever become one of us.

In fact, you'd probably need a book the size of the yellow pages to list all the unfair advantages we have over you. That's why we're so relieved to know that you still continue to believe all those silly fairy tales about "justice" and "equal opportunity" in America.

Of course, in a hierarchical social system like ours, there's never been much room at the top to begin with. Besides, it's already occupied by us -- and we like it up here so much that we intend to keep it that way.

But at least there's usually someone lower in the social hierarchy you can feel superior to and kick in the teeth once in a while. Even a lowly dishwasher can easily find some poor slob further down in the pecking order to sneer and spit at.

So be thankful for migrant workers, prostitutes, and homeless street people.

Always remember that if everyone like you were economically secure and socially privileged like us, there would be no one left to fill all those boring, dangerous, low-paid jobs in our economy.

And no one to fight our wars for us, or blindly follow orders in our totalitarian corporate institutions. And certainly no one to meekly go to their grave without having lived a full and creative life. So please, keep up the good work!

You also probably don't have the same greedy, compulsive drive to possess wealth, power, and prestige that we have. And even though you may sincerely want to change the way you live, you're also afraid of the very change you desire, thus keeping you and others like you in a nervous state of limbo.

So you go through life mechanically playing your assigned social role, terrified what others would think should you ever dare to "break out of the mold."

Naturally, we try to play you off against each other whenever it suits our purposes: high-waged workers against low-waged, unionized against non-unionized, Black against White, male against female, American workers against Japanese against Mexican against... [In Full]


This is Razer Raygun saying 'Happy Motoring America...' Enjoy it while you can.

And remember... Capitalism has a gun at your head every moment you're alive:


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