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April 04 2012 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The Federal Insider Trading Law - Today It Gets A LITTLE Harder For Your Elected Officials To Be Corrupt

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Cabale News ServiceApril 04 2012 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The Federal Insider Trading Law - Today It Gets A LITTLE Harder For Your Elected Officials To Be Corrupt

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A Synopsis Of This Morning's News...
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«o» ROTF ROTF! Constitutional clash! Yesterday President Obama had lunch with the Associated Press where he called the Ryan variant on the federal budget a Trojan horse for radical change and a challenge to the basic value of the Constitution. THEN a federal judge on the 5th circuit court took umbrage at the president's deconstruction of the budget and it's constitutional implications so he ordered the Justice Department to deliver a three page single space brief by tomorrow stating where the president thinks he has the right to make statements regarding the budget's validity under the US Constitution.

It's worth noting that president Obama has a degree in constitutional law, but it's unlikely he'll argue that brief himself.

It's ALSO worth noting no federal court complained when Obama essentially declared private Bradley Manning, accused of leaking materials to WikiLeaks guilty... before the private was even arraigned, also circumventing court procedures, and potentially tainting Manning's trial, now in progress.

«o» Mitt Romney pulled a hat trick yesterday and won the Republican primaries in Maryland, Washington, DC (Rick Santorum wasn't on the ballot in DC), and Wisconsin, where Romney only had a 5 point margin. Santorum says he's going to hang in until the convention which MAY cause a brokered vote with Santorum's delegates 'for sale'. The price being including planks of Santorum's campaign platform in the Republican presidential campaign.

«o» You don't go at us... we won't go at you - The US and the Afghan government talks on ending night raids by ISAF troops in the country's communities appears to be moving towards some sort of deal considering the Taliban aren't attack ISAF bases as often.

«o» The 'cradle of American democracy' France has gone full Islamophobe and has rounded up all known 'radical Islamists' to be deported and no one with any record of activities in that realm will be allowed in the country in future.

«o» Today president Obama will sign the new law banning congress, the presidential staff, and other top government officials from making profits in the stock market on insider tips. Expect no enforcement... except perhaps of the selective nature by congressmen with axes to grind.


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