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March 26 2012 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Nuclear Disarmament - First We Accept The Fact That Mankind Is Not Immune To It's Own Idiocy

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Cabale News ServiceMarch 26 2012 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Nuclear Disarmament - First We Accept The Fact That Mankind Is Not Immune To It's Own Idiocy

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A Synopsis Of This Morning's News...
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[Note: Due to 'cockpit trouble' at KPIG last Friday there was no usable news or commentary audio... Sorry.]
«o» Today is the first day of three special sessions in the US Supreme Court which will be ruling on the constitutionality of the Obama administration's (mostly unfunded) national health care plan, AKA ObamaCare. Today's session will hear arguments as to whether the court has jurisdiction to deliver a ruling at all until the plan goes into effect in 2014. Tomorrow the court will rule on a BIG ISSUE... whether the government can force individual citizens to buy a commercial product, which IS what health insurance IS in America. The last day will consist of other arguments. Expect decisions to come down in June... Just at the time US election campaigns are at a peak.

«o» Former vice president Dick Cheney had a 'last resort' heart transplant over the weekend. Cheney has had around five heart attacks over the last few years and if this transplant doesn't take he has little chance for survival. If it does, it buys him MAYBE half a decade more of life.

«o» President Obama is in South Korea for fifty nation talks on nuclear weapons reductions. This comes at a time when North Korea is challenging recent agreements with the US on food-for-weapons reduction by planning a rocket launch.

«o» The Pakistani parliament is in the process of discussing the US/Pakistan relationship. There is a lot of US funding dependent on the re-opening of the Khyber Pass, our primary resupply route for the war on Afghanistan.

In OTHER News:
Speaking of our war on Afghanistan...

What is an Afghani life worth to America when there's worldwide bad PR?

More than usual:
[JURIST] The US government has paid compensation to the families of the victims of a shooting spree [JURIST report] allegedly committed by a US soldier, according to statements made by an Afghan elder. The families of the victims killed [AP report] in the incident received $50,00...0 and the families of wounded victims received $11,000. A US official confirmed that payments were made [CNN report], but refused to comment on the specific amounts. The amounts paid for victims of the shooting spree are significantly larger than what is normally paid to civilian victims of military operations. Civilian victims and their families are typically paid $2,000 for each civilian death and $1,000 for each wounded civilian. [More @ Jurist, with links]
Note that the Pentagon is DESPERATE to rationalize how ONE PERSON in a society that's HEAVILY ARMED could kill so many people in the wake of claims by the Afghan government and military that up to 20 shooters were involved and air support was supplied. The Pentagon is now claiming the captured shooter Robert Bales didn't simply 'pause to reload', they're claiming he actually made two trips to the scene of the crime.



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