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March 15 2012 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: 'Rush For The Exit' Or Not - Mark It Down In Your Diary As The Week We 'Lost Afghanistan'

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Cabale News ServiceMarch 15 2012 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: 'Rush For The Exit' Or Not - Mark It Down In Your Diary As The Week We 'Lost Afghanistan'

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A Synopsis Of This Morning's News...

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[After the commentary, in relation to the finishing news story, a Native American invocation that speaks to the hands of greed, followed by John Trudell (John's site is here). Courtesy of the respective artists.]
«o» Consider that the West has lost the war on Afghanistan... President Obama is insisting there should be no rush to the exit even as things entirely fall apart in Afghanistan the soldier who massacred sixteen Afghan civilians, with a majority being children has been transported to Kuwait, not Guantanamo, but that's only backgrounder.

There was an assassination by carbomb/firebombing attempt targeting Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta on the runway of the airport as he was arriving for the meet and greet with the Marines who were, as reported yesterday, required to leave their weapons outside the meeting hall.

Panetta's VERY TENSE meeting with president Hamid Karzai ended with the Afghan leader demanding that the night raids cease immediately (he's demanded that before and has been ignored) and further requiring that all NATO/US forces should be pulled from the hinterlands of the country and garrisoned in larger towns and cities, even as the Taliban announce that they have suspended any and all peace talks... leaving those garrisoned troops looking more like sitting ducks. More at Foreign Policy Magazine AfPak Channel.

«o» The senate Republicans have surrendered - The Republican's stall forcing a filibuster over the confirmation hearings of more than 160 federal judges has been called off and they have claimed they would sign onto the Transportation bill by the end of the month IF the riders and amendments get cleared up... a big IF.

«o» The ceasefire brokered by Egypt between the Palestinians of Gaza and Israel has fallen apart. Rocket fire from Gaza continues and an Israeli air strike took out a whole block in the Gaza Strip where the Israelis claim a bomb factory was located.

«o» Local News... The San Lorenzo river is threatening the Landed Gentry-owned beach boardwalk amusement park at the river mouth due to high water levels and continuing light rains of the sort that saturated the ground in the Santa Cruz mountains during the winter of 1882-83... before the heavy rains came, flooding much of downtown. One can only hope.

More below the fold.

In OTHER News:

The Santa Cruz Sentinel (affectionately known as the 'senile') is featuring an article on the front page about how erosion and rising 'uncontrolled' water at the mouth of the San Lorenzo river is 'scaring' the people who 'own' the boardwalk. At the side of that river mouth is a lot used as a parking lot for the boardwalk that was 'given' to them by the city in, I believe, the 1930s.

What the SENILE is NOT mentioning is the fact that the area they're 'scared' about is ALL below the traditional high water mark, which mean's that parking lot IS ON INDIAN LAND according to federal law, if the natives want it.

At the time of the allotment act, due to the fact that the California coastal tribes were typically small bands, they were cut out of the 'deals' made by the federal government for tribal 'benefits', including some small piece of land to call their own. Somewhere along the line that tribal size issue was redacted from Indian Affairs requirements, and now days the very few Ohlones left (I do not believe the Nisquits and the other bands survived) MAY want that riverfront land.

SANTA CRUZ - The rapidly flowing San Lorenzo River, instead of heading straight to sea, has taken a sharp right turn onto the beach and delivered the Boardwalk a scare.

River water, running parallel to the amusement park, has crept precariously close to the concrete retaining wall that separates the beach and Boardwalk.

Early Wednesday, a wooden staircase to the beach, was ripped apart by the meandering river water and washed into the ocean, [In Full @ 'The Senile' (owned by Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorp... Don't expect a lot)]
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