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March 13 2012 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: A Lesson In 'Ghetto' Economics - Currency... Intrinsic Value... And The Tide

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

Cabale News ServiceMarch 13 2012 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: A Lesson In 'Ghetto' Economics - Currency... Intrinsic Value... And The Tide

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Razer Raygun Says:
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A Synopsis Of This Morning's News...

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«o» There are primaries and caucuses in Alabama, Mississippi, the Virgin Islands and Guam today. If Mitt Romney doesn't carry Alabama and Mississippi he'll have a hard time with his Southern strategy.

«o» The fight is already on as to where the trial for the Army sergeant who just massacred sixteen Afghan civilians will be held. The Pentagon is claiming the trial will be held under Court Martial rules using the Uniform Code of Military Justice but the Afghan government is saying they expect a civilian trial under Afghanistan's laws. Lets see... Not military action... Kills civilians as an 'independent actor'... The latter seems to be the appropriate route, but YOU BET that's not what's going to happen with the Pentagon saying the soldier will be out of the country within 48 hours.

You can hear the clamor and cries in the halls and chambers of US government to speed EVERYONE'S exit from the country while president Obama says "We shouldn't rush to the exits" out one side of his two faces as he apologizes for atrocities committed by our soldiers from the other 'face'.

Meanwhile, let it be said without denying this tragedy in a war that is NOTHING BUT a continuing tragedy for the people of Afghanistan, that American soldiers ARE victims themselves, of a deceptive lying (Osama bin-Laden spent most of his hiding time in Pakistan NOT Afghanistan) government... OUR GOVERNMENT, that put them in harms way, and in this case recycled the soldier FOUR TIMES into a combat zone... Because the US government DEPENDS on a small army, lest there be a military draft for our Imperial wars, which means EVERYONE in America gets to meet troopers who have been destroyed in any number of ways by war, or lost a friend, relative, or lover to a war. Not a pleasant proposition for a nation raised on bloodless video game violence.

The protests in regard to that civilian massacre are just... getting...started in Kandahar, Kabul, and other larger towns. Expect those protests to spread and get more violent in light of the Taliban's statement that they've ordered their fighters to begin attacking everyone and anyone in the employ of the US or NATO, and their facilities throughout the country.

«o» Egypt has managed to monger together a truce between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza after four days of tit-for-tat rocket attacks and air bombardments.

«o» The House of Representatives has gone home to hustle their constituents for re-election and the senate will break later today or tomorrow after they figure out how to gut the Transportation bill. More.

«o» There will be protests in Oakland and elsewhere in California today over a provision in the new state budget that would cut animal shelter funding and reduce the 'wait-time till destruction' for errant pets to three days. Details.

In OTHER News:

Let it be noted that your government is SCARED OF YOU... So what do we do?

"The world’s leaders flee from us … so what do we do? Maybe we just laugh at them?"


Alright you wild cats, nimble dreamers and jammer tacticians,

In a sudden about-face, the United States has conceded a victory to Occupy and moved May’s G8 summit to Camp David, an impenetrable military base in rural Maryland.

Wow! Looks like the specter of 50,000 occupiers ready to swarm with a list of demands has turned the climactic Showdown in Chicago into a humiliating G8 Backdown. Bravo! Splitting the G8 and NATO summits was a deft move… but now we’ve got a major tactical rethink on our hands.

The big question is do we follow Mao’s advice (“when the enemy retreats, we pursue”) or Sun Tzu’s (“Do not pursue an enemy who simulates flight”)?

We’ve heard persuasive arguments on all sides. Some occupiers say the movement should lay chase and go for #OCCUPYCAMPDAVID against all odds … a month of tree-sits, lockdowns and nomadic encampments in the woods and nearby Thurmont. Others believe it’s best to up the ante with #OCCUPYCHICAGO: an even bigger mobilization beginning with the May Day General Strike. Still others advocate an unpredictable everywhere-at-once global insurgency of anarchic swarms throughout the month of May....

When Ben Ali first attacked then tried to hide from his people, he was toppled. When Mubarak refused to negotiate and tried to beat his people back into line, he was deposed. Now the White House and the G8 are repeating the mistakes of last year’s autocrats … first they try to scare us with tough talk of repressive anti-Occupy ordinances, crowd suppression technologies and paramilitary policing, then they make a hasty retreat to the safety of Camp David.

The world’s leaders flee from us … so what do we do? Maybe we just laugh at them?

On May 18, the day the G8 leaders meet in Camp David, why don’t we, the people of the world have a #LAUGHRIOT.

Let roars of laughter rise up from towns and cities everywhere at the spectacle of the world’s leaders trying to crisis manage the economy from behind closed doors and razor wire fences...

In full @ Adbusters... The Journal Of The Mental Environment


This is Razer Raygun saying 'Happy Motoring America...' Enjoy it while you can.

And remember... Capitalism has a gun at your head every moment you're alive

Unless you're rich, and consort with the N.S.A.

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