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September 27 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Brazil - A New 'Indigenous Friendly' Superpower Emerges

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Cabale News ServiceSeptember 27 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Brazil - A New 'Indigenous Friendly' Superpower Emerges

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In The News:
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» The Senate has passed two bills to keep the US government running until the middle of November.

Democratic Senator Reid says: “We’ve basically resolved this issue,”...

They ARE arrogant aren't they?
Senate leaders strike a deal averting government shutdown
By Peter Schroeder and Erik Wasson

Senate leaders struck a deal Monday night that is intended to avert a government shutdown.

Under a last-minute arrangement reached by the two parties, the Senate approved a bill, 79-12, that would fund the government for six weeks, through Nov. 18.

The Senate also approved by voice vote a one-week stopgap measure that would fund the government through Oct. 4. That measure was intended to buy time for the House to return next week to consider the six-week measure.

“We’ve basically resolved this issue,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.). [More @ The Hill]. Still more at the Washington Post
Meanwhile in California, it's a good thing Europeans are attracted to California, bringing tourism revenue while the value of their currency remains high and they can afford the vacation because many workers who live in California certainly can't pump money into the state's economy. The reason?
Half of California voters report decline in personal economic situation

Sep. 27, 2011

David Vargo bought three homes in the Sacramento region within the last 11 years.

He figures the value of his three-bedroom Natomas ranch house has plummeted more than 56 percent from its peak. Though the 64-year-old Vargo owns two of his houses outright, the paper losses were deep enough that he left retirement to work for the U.S. Census Bureau last year.

One in two California voters, including Vargo, say their financial well-being is worse off than a year ago, according to a new Field Poll released Tuesday. It marks the fourth straight year in which at least half of Californians reported a decline in their personal situation, the first time that has happened since Field began asking the question 50 years ago... [In Full, Sacramento Bee]
» It's day ten of the #OccupyWallStreet 'Tahrir Square Moment'. There was almost no US media coverage until this last Saturday when the celebrators, revelers, and protesters attempted to march to 34th street to meet the protesters gathered there in the wake of Troy Anthony Davis' execution.

The absolutely non-violent protesters, who over the last week or so had been 'working' the police officers assigned to watching the multiple groups comprising the highly mobile and insurgent crowd with calls that the bankers and financial institutions were looting the officers retirement and pension fund as well as destroying the economy for many US workers, were "Kettled" and "Netted" (THIS apparently violates an injunction, and later a signed agreement with the ACLU (More details at this ACLU PDF) regarding containment of crowds)

And then, a supervising deputy inspector did something truly stupid...

Which can be illustrated by this reaction:
"As we watched your officers kettle innocent women, we observed you barbarically pepper-spray wildly into the group of kettled women. We were shocked and disgusted by your behaviour."

"You know who the innocent women were; now they will have the chance to know who you are. Before you commit atrocities against innocent people, think twice. WE ARE WATCHING!!! Expect Us!"
Anonymous, the amorphous anarcho-hacker/hacktivist collective has published the name, phone number and family details of the NY police officer, indeed, an officer, responsible for the highly publicized pepper spraying of a group of women who had been 'netted' during crowd control measures taken at an #OccupyWallStreet march the other day.

Yours truly want to republish the offender's name here:

NYPD deputy inspector Anthony Bologna, Patrol Borough Manhattan South

The posts by Anonymous also mention an apparent civil rights violation charge against the officer dating from 2007.

In another piece of #OccupyWallStreet news, a park used for their daily General Meeting may no longer be available shortly.
The station said Brookfield Financial Properties, which owns the park but allows the public to use it, told it that the protesters could be "ordered off the park in the next day or two".
This raises the potential for traffic disruptions and other actions as the Flash Campers hit-and-run with their tents and sleeping bags throughout Lower Manhattan.

All of the above and more at the Guardian UK

From the CommentIsFree Op-Ed section of the Guardian also see:
When the history is finally written, though, it's likely all of this tumult – beginning with the Arab Spring – will be remembered as the opening salvo in a wave of negotiations over the dissolution of the American Empire.

Thirty years of relentless prioritising of propaganda over substance, and snuffing out anything that might look like a political basis for opposition, might make the prospects for the young protesters look bleak; and it's clear that the rich are determined to seize as large a share of the spoils as remain, tossing a whole generation of young people to the wolves in order to do so.

But history is not on their side... [Read This Analysis]
» The Department of Justice has decided to skip an appeal of an 11th circuit court rejection in regard to their representation of 26 states which have filed constitutional objections to the Federal government belief that it can force individuals to buy health care from private companies. The DOJ intends to take it directly to the Supreme Court. Which has the net effect of bringing the Health Care issue into the media limelight right... around... election time.

» The Yemeni defense minister narrowly escaped an assassination attempt by a suicide car bomber yesterday which DID manage to kill six other people.

» The Washington Monument has been declared structurally safe after last month's earthquake but renovations will be required before it can be re-opened.


There's NOTHING like local news for comic relief:

PLEASURE POINT -- A woman arrested Saturday for allegedly mistreating a duck has bailed out of County Jail, though the duck remains in the custody of the county Animal Shelter.

The duck was not injured and seems friendly, shelter manager Melanie Sobel reports. It is being called "Duckie," she said.

Michelle Ann Love, 38, was arrested on 41st Avenue near Portola Drive after deputies got calls about an intoxicated woman who was aggressively pulling on a duck using some kind of leash and had picked it up and thrown it down at least once, the Sheriff's Office reported Saturday.

Love was arrested after going into a 41st Avenue surf shop, deputies said.

Sheriff's patrol Sgt. Joe Clarke said he has seen the woman walking the duck on oceanfront East Cliff Drive several times, and that she is somewhat of a fixture in the neighborhood.

"But I guess she got carried away," he said. "You can do a lot of things, but you can't beat a duck."


"...a deputy reported that Love was concerned about the duck when she was arrested and they agreed to place it in the patrol car with her. But despite being cuffed, she was able to pull the duck across the seat to her, he said.

Deputies told her to stop pulling at the duck and it was "able to get free," he said.

"She was talking to the duck, too," Carney said. [Details]

This is Razer Raygun saying 'Happy Motoring America...' Enjoy it while you can.


(And PLEASE try to keep your government from killing all the dusky natives!)


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