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August 24 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Global Climate Change Causes Earthquake Seasons? Brick & Mortar America Is In Trouble

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Cabale News ServiceAugust 24 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Global Climate Change Causes 'Earthquake Seasons'? If It's True 'Brick & Mortar' America Is In Trouble

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[After the commentary, it may very well be! Great Big Sea. Courtesy of the respective artists and KPIG radio Freedom Califonria Earth.]
» One third of the US population felt the Earth move yesterday (but a Californian wouldn't even get up from the table for it) - There was a 3.5 earthquake near San Leandro California (SF Bay area) last night, but yesterday at midday there was a quake in Virginia just outside Washington DC that registered a 5.9 Richter scale reading. Given the geology of the East Coast that shaker was felt from Toronto to Chicago to Detroit to Atlanta... In other words 'from Maine to Georgia'. No reports of deaths but there was damage reported. A water pipe at the Pentagon broke, cracks appeared in the Washington Monument near the top which has caused it's indefinite closure and the National Cathedral lost a couple of it's baroque spires.

» In Libya, the "Rebels" finally succeeded in taking Muammar al-Gadaffi's headquarters in Tripoli on the fourth try. Funny... They were met by an intense firefight which held them at bay for quite a while and then the firing stoppped. When they entered the facility there was no one there. As yours truly stated yesterday. Don't expect liberation, expect Algeria 1960.

A little background and a projection...

For the record, we bombed Osama & Mullah Omar's Jalalabad homes and they weren't there either. Damn 'terrorists' and 'dictators' they're just never at 'home' when you come for a visit.

But no worries, the Western press will just focus on the doings of the new illegitimate government and ignore all the dead civilians, nor will the West EVER take responsibility for those deaths caused by their CIA-fronted destabilization operators.

Here's how their disinformation machine works... and please pay careful attention because it's about to happen in Syria too.

First, you create the "problem". You finance and arm what could only be termed 'thugs' or mercenaries to get involved with and intermingle among legitimate government opponents (ie. Syria WAS about to start multi-party talks with their opposition elements until recent events). Street demonstrations happen and the thugs do their part as provocateurs at a number of events over a period of time, and civilians inevitably get killed.

Second, You get a "reaction". The Western press plays up the killing of innocent protesters and gets a reaction of "What are they going to do about this?"

Third, you provide a preplanned "solution".

They already have the solution. "Humanitarian Intervention"

It might be worthwhile noting at this point that the first civilians killed during the initial NATO air incursions into Libya was a family who came out of their home to aid a downed NATO flier. The Search & Rescue team gunned them down.

"Humanitarian Intervention" at it's finest.

But I digress...

What I was just defining is called Hegel's theory. More succinctly referred to as "Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis".

Problem... Reaction... Solution.

It goes like this:

More news about the Libyan invasion below the fold.

» It's not a US military action so they aren't required to tell you squat - The CIA killed thirty people in Yemen yesterday with drone and air attacks. They're after Anwar al-Awlaki, the American Muslim cleric with a 'death warrant' issued by the US government but it's not apparent from any reports they got him. However you can bet they killed mostly civilians as the known civilian to combatant "kill ratio" in Pakistan, where they kept track of such things, was reported a while back to be 50 civilians killed for every one alleged combatant.

» Hurricane Irene, currently rating a Category 3.1 from the National Weather Service and losing steam is due to make landfall sometime around Friday near Cape Hatteras. Once it travels up the currently warm waters of the Altlantic seaboard it could recoup that 'steam'.

» One final piece of news that's been overlooked as everyone cheers over the non-exit of Muammar al-Gaddafi and the continued door-to-door, street-to-street fighting in Libya.
Daily Telegraph
19 Aug 2011

US troops may stay in Afghanistan until 2024
America and Afghanistan are close to signing a strategic pact which would allow thousands of United States troops to remain in the country until at least 2024, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.
By Ben Farmer, Kabul

The agreement would allow not only military trainers to stay to build up the Afghan army and police, but also American special forces soldiers and air power to remain.

The prospect of such a deal has already been met with anger among Afghanistan’s neighbours including, publicly, Iran and, privately, Pakistan.

It also risks being rejected by the Taliban and derailing any attempt to coax them to the negotiating table, according to one senior member of Hamid Karzai’s peace council.

A withdrawal of American troops has already begun following an agreement to hand over security for the country to Kabul by the end of 2014.

But Afghans wary of being abandoned are keen to lock America into a longer partnership after the deadline. Many analysts also believe the American military would like to retain a presence close to Pakistan, Iran and China.

Both Afghan and American officials said that they hoped to sign the pact before the Bonn Conference on Afghanistan in December. Barack Obama and Hamid Karzai agreed last week to escalate the negotiations and their national security advisers will meet in Washington in September.

Rangin Dadfar Spanta, Mr Karzai’s top security adviser, told The Daily Telegraph that “remarkable progress” had been made. US officials have said they would be disappointed if a deal could not be reached by December and that the majority of small print had been agreed.

Dr Spanta said a longer-term presence was crucial not only to build Afghan forces, but also to fight terrorism... [More]
In light of that last item, you might note that we will probably NOT be able to pay for that presence OR, despite what Richard Haass, president of the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations believes, a Libyan "presence" on the ground as well.

You'd think SOMEONE doesn't consider the CIA-fronted 'rebels' legitimate enough of a government...

Security for the new Western-backed government is the hot topic, NOT peace and prosperity:
'Libyan nation-building after Qaddafi'
(James Dobbins & Frederic Wehrey,Foreign Affairs)

"Security should be the first priority. The United States' experience in Iraq shows that a critical window exists for the rebel leadership to establish its legitimacy, [More]
For what it's worth, BBC has published the composition of the NTC Libyan government on line. According to sources who looked the list over the main government posts seem to be covered by pro-West pundits, many of them lecturers in US universities, and even a close friend of the al-Sanusi family (the clan of King Idris toppled in 1969 by Muammar al-Gaddafi)

The al-Sanusis, originally, were NOT Libyans but a branch of the House of Saud. They came from the Gulf. And they ruled Eastern Libya under the Ottomans, under the Italians, AND UNDER THE BRITISH.

But keep telling yourself "It's NOT about the oil...
As Fighting Continues in Tripoli, A Look at Role of the U.S., NATO and Oil Firms in Libya Uprising

There’s now talk of releasing frozen Libyan assets that are in U.S. and European banks, in the billions of dollars, billions of euros. And if that money is immediately released and turned over to this unrepresentative TNC, it’s going to empower them, disempower other forces within the opposition movement, and set the stage for ongoing and very serious chaos, which doesn’t necessarily mean it will look like Iraq. It may or may not take an internal military form. But it’s certainly not something that we can assume will not happen. This is now a highly armed country. Everyone on all sides now is armed. And with that kind of exacerbating features that happens when one faction of a multi-faction movement is adopted by the West, given not only credibility and credentials of the West, but given billions of dollars to determine how to rebuild the country, in whose image, you’re setting the stage for a very difficult, very contentious period, assuming that a post-Gaddafi period is even in the works right now. [More @ DemocracyNow!]
This is Razer Raygun saying 'Happy Motoring America...' Enjoy it while you can.


(And PLEASE try to keep your government from killing all the dusky natives...)


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