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July 14 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: NOT 'Progressive' - On America's Tendency To Lock People Up With No Plan For Any Rehabilitation

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Cabale News ServiceJuly 14 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: NOT 'Progressive' - On America's Tendency To Lock People Up Without A Plan For Any Real Rehabilitation

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In The News:

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» A suicide bomber struck assassinated Opium trade-related Walid Karzai's funeral yesterday and managed to kill the religious leader of Kandahar and region in the attack... Most likely as intended considering he was attending the funeral and therefore considered a legitimate target (collaborator) per the Taliban's strategy this year.

From Foreign Policy's "AfPak Channel":
At least four people were killed at one of Kandahar's largest mosques this morning, including the chief cleric for the region's provincial council, Hikmatullah Hikmat, when a teenaged suicide bomber with an explosive concealed in his turban struck a memorial service for Ahmed Wali Karzai (Guardian, NYT, BBC, Tel, AP, Reuters, WSJ). The attack comes after Afghan president Hamid Karzai worked to bolster his family's power and authority in Kandahar, naming his brother Shah Wali Karzai to take Ahmed Wali's place as the head of the family and the Popalzai tribe (WSJ, NYT, McClatchy).

The killing comes at a time when Karzai is faced with a number of challenges, and removes a crucial bulwark of support for the embattled president in Afghanistan's south (AP, NYT, TIME, Reuters). The BBC examines the violent state of Kandahar, while the Post notes that Ahmed Wali's killing has prompted other Afghan leaders to question their own security (BBC, Post). And Thom Shanker has a must-read on the U.S. effort to gather biometric data on insurgents and others in Afghanistan, as the first U.S. troops to leave the country transferred their authority Wednesday for an area outside of Kabul to another regiment (NYT, AP). [More, and all links]
Note that the further on in the article, the indigenous Haqqani network is now being referred to as "al-Qa'ida": "Wonk Watch: "The Haqqani Nexus and the Evolution of al-Qa'ida" (Combating Terrorism Center).". Must keep the myth alive!

» In the battle that rages around the raising of the federal debt limit, the leader of the House majority, Eric Cantor, interrupted the president once too often and the president walked out. The talks will continue later today with the president suggesting that they might move to Camp David, where no one will leave the room without a deal. Two major bond rating agencies have said they WILL re-calculate the US bond ratings if no deal is reached.

It's worth noting that the parties can't even currently agree on what happened at yesterday's meeting:
(Cantor Says) Obama warns Cantor: 'Don't call my bluff' in debt talks

By Russell Berman, Erik Wasson and Molly K. Hooper

Republicans said a tense negotiation over raising the $14.3 trillion debt limit at the White House ended when President Obama stormed out of the meeting with a stern warning to Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.): “Don’t call my bluff.”

“It ended with the president abruptly walking out of the meeting,” Cantor told reporters upon returning to the Capitol.

Democrats immediately disputed the GOP account, saying Obama had sought to end a meeting when Cantor interrupted him to get a final word.

“No. Absolutely not,” Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told The Hill when asked about Cantor’s description. [The Democrat's side and more @ The Hill]
Meanwhile, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke says the 'economy will strengthen over the remainder of the year' but acknowledges little certainty that the aforementioned forecast will materialize.

» In Wisconsin, with a huge turnout for a primary... 60%, it's "six for six" as all of the real Democrats beat the shills run by the Republicans in the hope of staving off a recall election for six of the Republican legislators who voted for an anti-labor bill which eliminated the state employees right to collectively bargain. The recall election is due next month. Expect six less Republicans sitting in Wisconsin state legislature seats.

» The House of Representatives has passed a bill that would strip the clean water standards from federal regulatory oversight and give the right to decide what 'clean water' is to the states. The president said if the bill actually makes it to his desk he WILL veto it.

» In Cairo, where for the last week and a half the demonstrators have been returning to Tahir Square as a way of suggesting that the new, military controlled Egyptian government is NOT moving towards Democracy, or moving towards it quickly enough, the government is attempting to point out that 587 police officers have been dismissed so far due to rights violations during the first occupation of the square earlier this year, but that's NOT entirely why the protesters are there. They're just watching... and waiting... for proof of movement towards a true democracy.

In OTHER News:

The celebration over Gay marriage etc seems a bit premature... From JURIST Paper Chase: Anti-LGBT violence on the rise in US

Welcome to Newark New Jersey/Welcome to Kabul - How's the night life in Newark?
"As of last Thursday night, small restaurants in Newark, New Jersey must hire and post armed security guards on their premises if they wish to remain open at night..." More @ Findlaw
Abbie Hoffman said:
"America is scared of it's children."
More recently I added:
"...and with damn good reason. They've been sold-out so their parents could have it all."
James Kunstler:
"America is fascinated with Casey because Casey IS America. America, just like Casey, is too busy looking for the latest party to take care of its children...
Clusterfuck Nation

America's Sweetheart
By James Howard Kunstler
July 11, 2011

Forget Michele Bachmann... how about Nancy Grace for President? - that little firecracker of retribution with the carnivore gleam in her eyes, the pouty lips concealing fangs of vengeance, the wafting perfume of scorn and opprobrium, a very exterminating angel among the lumbering dark hairy beasts of Sodom America. I cringe a little, frankly, when I click through the CNN gauntlet and glimpse Nancy in full dudgeon, her delicate nostrils quivering with rage. Does she want to kick my ass, too? Who put the testosterone in that girl's Red Bull?

All last week it was Casey Anthony 24/7 on the cable news stations - and Nancy Grace's nostrils were flaring so wide I was afraid her head might explode. But let's face it: America is fascinated with Casey because Casey IS America. America, just like Casey, is too busy looking for the latest party to take care of its children. But just you wait. The court of public opinion is going to lay a million-dollar book deal on Casey Anthony, and a Made-for-TV movie deal, and a "reality" show on the Food Channel ("101 Meals You'll Never Have to Serve To Your Annoying Child Because You Killed It"), plus cars, luxury homes, personal watercraft, a wardrobe of phosphorescent tube-tops and hot-girl skirts, and sixteen untapped credit cards that have been prayed over by qualified preachers twenty-four hours a day.... I'm sure glad I don't live in Florida.

Did you ever get the feeling that your country was melting down into a puddle of toxic goop? And presiding over the meltdown, under that sturdy, bomb-proof, gleaming, platinum helmet of perfectly plasticized hair... the stern visage of Nancy Grace, beaming disapproval across every hill and mole-hill of this land. Sometimes I fear Nancy would like to wrap duct tape over America's head and just throw the damn thing in her fabulous backyard pool.

I couldn't help thinking last week that this Casey Anthony verdict business was the odd "tipping point" incident that would finally shove the zombified American public into some mode of animate engagement with the reality that lies beyond reality TV. But so far it's still just reckless housewives and monster trucks as far as the eye can see across this tortured landscape... [In Full @ Clusterfuck Nation]
This is Razer Raygun saying 'Happy Motoring America...' Enjoy it while you can.


(...and DO try to keep your government from killing all the 'dusky natives' in the meantime OK?)


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