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July 06 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The Debt Limit Crisis - I Don't Know What Will Happen But Remember... The Republicans Did It

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Cabale News ServiceJuly 06 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The Debt Limit Crisis - I Don't Know What Will Happen But Remember... The Republicans Did It

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In The News:

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[After the commentary, Steely Dan tells us about the bright side of 'Black Friday'. Courtesy of the respective artists and KPIG Radio Freedom California Earth]

» Things MIGHT get done in Washington this week. In the Senate Harry Reid has offered a tax resolution that would cut into tax breaks for millionaires and impose a new tax rate above the maximum 35% current rate for corporations. No one expects it to pass but it's a benchmark, and tomorrow Obama is scheduled to meet the congressional leaders (again)about the debt limit. Per CQ Roll Call Daily Briefing: "Invited are Boehner and Cantor, Pelosi and Hoyer, Reid and Durbin, and McConnell and Kyl.":
Obama to meet Congress leaders Thursday on debt

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama rejected proposals on Tuesday for a short-term deal to raise the U.S. debt limit and pressured congressional leaders to reach a broad agreement within two weeks to avoid a government default by August 2... [More @ Reuters]
Ezra Klein's Wonkbook @ The WaPo provides some details on Obama's negotiating points.

» There will be a Twitter Town Hall today with the president ask him via the #AskObama 'hashtag' or this direct link about PFC Bradley Manning, imprisoned for well over a year now without a hearing as required by military law. Manning is (yet-to-be) accused of releasing military documents, including the Collateral Murder Gunsight Video of an aircrew in Iraq lying to their ground controller who gave them permission to machine gun a number of civilians including a Reuters reporter.

Remember... Reporting War Crimes (By any means necessary, using any media available) CAN NEVER Be A Crime, but the US government needs a reminder.

Meanwhile, Afghanistan get it's first Skatepark. Too bad none of the children of Afghanistan can afford the board... no less risk being shot for 'wielding a weapon'. Skate age indigenous kids are considered military age males, and subject to... umn... dismissal, just because.
Holmes poses with Mudin’s body. According to a fellow soldier, Holmes took to carrying Mudin’s severed finger with him in a zip-lock bag. “He wanted to keep the finger forever and wanted to dry it out,” one of his friends would later report. “He was proud of his finger.”
More gruesome @ Rolling Stone's article "The Kill Team" if you click the picture of the dead boy named Mudin.

» Hugo Chavez has a busy day ahead of him after his return to Venezuela just in time to lead the ceremonies for the country's 135th anniversary. Chavez underwent surgical procedures in Cuba for a tumor.

» The Libyan procedural vote was tabled yesterday and replaced with the debt ceiling debate after some senators including Rand Paul of Kentucky simply said something to the effect of "I'm going to filibuster the Libya vote." with one vote short of a majority. Therefore president Obama gets to continue our involvement in the obviously illegal NATO action against the Libyan government until...? They'd better raise the debt ceiling fast if they want to continue their new treasury draining worthless war on Libya which may have already cost US taxpayers ONE BILLION dollars

» Britain will pull 500 of it's 9,500 troops from Afghanistan by the end of next year. That will occur in the wake of an alleged 33,000 troop US withdrawal... leaving 60,000 US soldier and a countless number of CIA operators and mercenaries in the country.

» In California, the Pelican Bay Maixumum Security Prison Security Housing Unit (aka the 'SHU') hunger strike continues with Corcoran SHU and other facilities now following those prisoner's lead. The demands: Better food... Better clothes (it's very cold in the winter), and one phone call a month. The cells the inmates are kept in are the equivalent of cages with not enough headroom to stand up straight... crippling them for life after a few years. All it takes to end up in one of these cages is have any inmate anywhere in the California prison system accuse you of being a 'gang member'. The investigations are limited, and rubber-stamped.

In OTHER News:

A word from a U.S. Veteran:
I didn't fight for your freedoms. In the six years I was in, I never once defended your right to vote, or to carry a gun, or to be secure against unreasonable search and seizure (that one doesn't really apply anymore, anyway), or any of the other things you enjoy as a citizen of this country. I just didn't. Neither did anyone who went to Iraq, or Afghanistan, or Vietnam. It's all bullshit. It's a fucking lie that we tell ourselves and each other so that we don't have to think about why we send young men and women to serve, suffer, and die for old men's vainglorious ideas and profit margins... ...It's all bullshit, folks. We don't do anything for anyone's freedom. The military hasn't actually deployed en masse to defend your freedom in a long, long time.

Unless you call rich people fucking over the world's poor and powerless a form of freedom.

As you may have guessed, I don't. It's bullshit. And it needs to stop. [A Veteran's testimony]
From the replies:
I applaud you Sir. It took me very little time to realize that once I set foot in the beautiful country of the Republic of South Viet-Nam. I have been asking who ever will listen the same questions for 42 years, "Do you know why we have 58,000 plus names on a wall in D.C."? They all give me that domino theory crap and I know immediately they are dumb as rocks. And now America has thing about "thank you for you service" I really want to scream fuck you at these people...
Last but not least, Happy 235th birthday America. A Birthday Card from William J. Kunstler:
Old Allen Ginsburg got it right fifty years ago: "America, go fuck yourself with your atom bomb," he said. Even back then, in the age of purple people eaters and the weird neutered figure of Ozzie Nelson lurking in kitchen with nothing to do but drink endless cups of coffee, all was not so well. [In Full @ Clusterfuck Nation]

This is Razer Raygun saying 'Happy Motoring America...' Enjoy it while you can.

Remember... They only call it "Class War" when you fight back:

(...and try not to let your government kill too many 'dusky natives' in the interim OK?)


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