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June 10 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The Oceans Are Our 'Conveyor Belt Of Life' - We'll Research It But Can We Do Anything About It?

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Cabale News ServiceJune 10 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The Oceans Are Our 'Conveyor Belt Of Life' - We'll Research It But Can We Do Anything About It?

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[After the commentary... In honor of the commentary, a dreamy narrative, which begins with "It was April the forty-first Being a quadruple leap year. I was driving in downtown Atlantis..." and only gets weirder as it goes on. Welcome to Kip Addotta's "Wet Dream". Courtesy of the respective artists.]

» Newt Gingrich's Presidential campaign run is running a little light on the staffing as sixteen of his professional staffers and a number of others quit en masse after meeting with him regarding his overall image in the media and more. Gingrich WILL be on the presidential debate Monday in Georgia. It will be interesting to see what policy stands he's taken (the necessity of not destroying MediCare in it's current form is one) that would cause an exodus as image alone doesn't REALLY account for this considering the overall ugly image that ANY Republican presents in the current mileau.

» Secretary of Defense Gates, on his way out as Leon Panetta prepares to move in, says the US is 'losing patience with NATO', and he also claims that NATO may be obsolete... Meaning of course that US Imperial ambitions are outstripping Europe and other country's wishes for social and economic stability in a world with less worthless wars.

» A whole new meaning to 'Violent' - The US Supreme Court has ruled that a 'Fleeing Felon' who attempts to escape in a high speed automobile pursuit is committing a violent crime. That means if your child support payment is overdue YOU could end up a 'three striker' for not paying support, fleeing rapidly in a car, and simply saying "WTF?" to the officers when they catch you (Resisting arrest, natch!). Your lifetime of imprisonment will CERTAINLY help your estranged children get fed, clothed and housed.

» There is five percent containment reported in the Arizona forest/brush fires as five hundred square miles continue to burn. Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas are inundated with smoke, which has been detected as far North East as Chicago.

» Heat wave on the East Coast of the United States? That ain't nuthin! It's 110 degrees in parts of Afghanistan today as our soldiers lug sixty pound packs into battle in our continuing war on the people and society of Afghanistan.

» The other day, your truly said:
After junketing around North Africa and the Middle East (known to have been in Tunisia and just expelled from Qatar), the woman allegedly raped by Kadafi troops leaves Benghazi for the U.S. and R&R after being 'prostituted as a poster child for alleged Libyan government savagery.

The question arises... Is Iman Obeidi the "Nayirah" (the Kuwaiti 'princess' who told congress the false story about the 'babies ripped from their incubators') of Libya?

If so, who is her State Department/CIA PR 'handler'? Hill & Knowlton, Rendon Group?
The International Criminal Court now claims it has 'evidence' of "rape against hundreds of Libyan women..". or perhaps proof of viagra distribution leading to some rape scenario or another, but even according tho the Christian Science Monitor, who are Libya invasion cheerleaders: "Bloomberg reports that the evidence of rape was turned up only recently," (src)

But let's "Out" this BIG LIE and slam it up against the disinformational wall. We MUST note there's a pattern of FALSE ACCUSATIONS such as this in the West's Imperial wars, and it's never been noted at any point in history that the accusers HAVE EVER GIVEN A DAMN about women in war zones... "Right Side" of their dirty wars or not:
LIBYA - Behind the Phony ICC 'Rape' Charges

Sara Flounders

Global Research, June 10, 2011
International Action Center

Without presenting a shred of reliable evidence, NATO and International Criminal Court conspirators are charging the Libyan government with conspiracy to rape -- not only rape as the "collateral damage" of war, but rape as a political weapon.

This charge of an orchestrated future campaign of rapes was made at a major press conference called by the lead prosecutor of the International Criminal Court on June 8, 2011. The even wilder unsubstantiated ICC charge that Libya plans to mass distribute Viagra to its troops confirms this as the most tawdry and threadbare form of war propaganda.

It is important to understand that NATO countries with the full complicity of the corporate media and the ICC are spreading this Big Lie in order to win support for and close down all opposition to a ground assault of Libya, something that would otherwise be unpopular both in Europe and the United States. This wild charge adds to the evidence of a massive escalation in bombing urban targets in Libya, the use of British and French helicopters that give close support to ground troops and the positioning in the Mediterranean off Libya of U.S. warships that can quickly land troops. The NATO alliance is desperate to put Libya beyond all discussion or defense and raise the NATO war to the level of a Holy Crusade to defend women.

The charge of rape as a political weapon was spread -- without evidence -- against Serb forces to justify U.S. plans for the first NATO bombing campaign in the history of the military alliance in 1994 in Bosnia and was used again in 1999 in Serbia in the first NATO occupation. The rape charge was used to soften up the U.S. and European population for the criminal war against Yugoslavia. Now a similar plan is in the works for Libya.

All too often widely fabricated lies are spread to justify imperialist wars. In 1991 the first war against Iraq was justified by outrageous charges that the Iraqi army had grabbed Kuwaiti babies from incubators and smashed the babies to the floor. This was presented as reliable testimony to in the U.S. Congress and in the UN. Months later it was confirmed as a total fabrication. But the lie had served its purpose.
This is an essential time to remind all people concerned about the rights of women that U.S. intervention or any imperialist intervention has never protected women. Even women serving within the U.S. military machine are not safe. According to a study published by the Journal of Military Medicine, 71 per cent of women soldiers have been sexually assaulted or raped while serving in the U.S. military. [In Full @]
This is Razer Raygun saying 'Happy Motoring America...' Enjoy it while you can.
(...and try not to let your government kill too many 'dusky natives' in the process OK?)


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