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May 03 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Diversionary Tactics Come Through - Donald Trump Is The Reason We Caught Osama! [Snigger]

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

Cabale News ServiceMay 03 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Diversionary Tactics Come Through - Donald Trump Is The Reason We Caught Osama! [Snigger]

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In The News: Thanks this morning to ChrisM, my MP3Angel, for supplying the news and commentary audio files.

» The Osama bin Laden assassination has begun to generate background stories of all sorts in the media including the hot button issue... deterioration of relations between the US and Pakistan, considering that the most wanted man on the planet had been living in a multi-million dollar mansion in a country where there just aren't that many 'multi-million dollar mansions' and no one took note of who lived there. Details will be forthcoming over the next few days and there IS an current Osama video that has not been released... expect it's showing, and expect to see him teaching 'Islam according to Osama', not taunting the West.

Until then, a Quote of the Day:
Bin Laden being dead means nothing. He's just another dead Muslim of the 1 million-plus that the US has killed in the past decade. The US gov't has created millions of Muslims that rightfully hate the US, many with a white-hot passion. The military-industrial complex has succeeded in creating a new enemy to replace "communism".
More along that line of thought in this interview with veteran reporter Robert Fisk:
2 May, 2011 3:02PM AEST

Death of Osama Bin Laden 'pretty irrelevant': Robert Fisk

There is a lot of meaningless breast beating about a 'middle aged man being killed in Pakistan ', says reporter Robert Fisk.

Veteran journalist Robert Fisk, who interviewed Osama Bin Laden on three occasions, says news of Bin Laden's death is much less important than the popular uprisings happening in the Arab world. "I've been saying for some time that I think whether he's dead or not is pretty irrelevent," says the Middle East correspondent for British newspaper The Independent. "As far as he's concerned he founded Al Qaeda and that was in his eyes his achievement." The award winning journalist says Osama Bin Laden was not in a position to actually direct Al Qaeda's operations. "He didn't sit in a cave with computer knobs saying press button b, it's operation 52," says Robert Fisk. [In Full]
Meanwhile, we continue to make enemies in the Islamic world: "Islamic scholars criticize bin Laden's sea burial". Funny... The radio station that reported that the other night (KGO) said the burial-at-sea was "...in Islamic tradition". The burial WILL keep anyone from building a Mosque over his grave. However it WILL NOT prevent his martyrdom.

» South Korea has raided Google's facilities in the country and shut them down due to the company's collecting information on customers without their permission, and perhaps their Google Earth mapping program which show a lot of details, with Keyhole, the underlying program,leased by various governments and companies showing current photo-mapped information in EXTREME detail.

» The US Treasury has come up with a scam to buy some time on raising the federal debt limit. They will issue bonds to the states, moving the debt limit extension deadline to August. The current debt limit is 14.3 trillion dollars.

» Britain's Prince Charles is in Washington for a three day visit. He will attend a "Wounded Warriors" event and perhaps meet with president Obama.

» I guess they'll just have to start growing their own food in the the cities - There is severe flooding on the upper Mississippi River. Cairo Illinois has been saved when the government blew a levee upstream allowing it to flood into 130,000 acres of prime farmland... which will probably never be the same, and destroyed 100 or so homes. Expect lawsuits to fly.
WYATT, Mo. — After a few short explosions and flashes of orange light, the Mississippi River began pouring through a wide hole in a giant earthen levee intentionally blown open by Army engineers trying to save a small Illinois town.

The Army Corps of Engineers set off charges inside the levee near Cairo, Ill., after nightfall Monday, sacrificing 130,000 acres of rich farmland and about 100 homes in Missouri to spare the community of 2,800.
The explosions blew a two-mile gap in the levee, sending a great torrent of muddy water into the farm country below. By Tuesday morning, the water had risen to the top of some houses. A tiny village called Pin Hook was completely flooded.

From the air, the vast flooded area resembled a shiny lake, reflecting the sky like an enormous mirror.

Farmers and nearby residents of gathered to survey the scene shortly after dawn. A small cluster of cattle stood grazing on the slope of the levee, and National Guard soldiers patrolled the area.

Billy and Tammy Suggs, who live in the neighboring community of Wyatt, opened the village's tiny town hall so people would have a place to gather when the blast occurred. It was a lot stronger than they expected, knocking out windows in several homes...
[In full @ Kentucky.com... Where memories of the TVA still makes some old timers blood run hot]

In OTHER News:

» Recently, Travus had this to say about "The Don": April 21 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: How Representative! Donald Trump... An Intellectual Moral And Ethical Cipher For Republican Stalking Horse.

Actually, his words were much harsher and included such pithy expressions as "Dirtbag".

Yours truly has a personal historical perspective:

In 1968 I was living in one of his daddy Fred's housing projects in Brooklyn. It consisted of thirty one buildings on marsh land reclaimed by the city and sold to Fred Trump to build housing... Housing people like my mom, a public school teacher, could afford.

The housing project (Beach Haven, a couple of miles from Coney Island) came complete with an army of janitors and handymen who fanned out through the acres of housing every day cleaning and repairing. There was a kiddie park for every quad of buildings. Trump turned one of the under-building garages into a youth center complete with boxing ring (can't imagine anyone would foot for THAT insurance nowadays) and league softball, roller hockey, and more.

The Helmsleys may have ruled the commercial housing market in New York, but Fred Trump pretty much built housing for people... ordinary people.

Sonny boy Donald must have spent the fortune his dad made three times over on limos, blonde bimbos, and Atlantic City casinos. Who was it that said "Capitalism is bound to fail because the kids blow all the parent's money"?

Donald Trump is living proof of that, and has ZERO credentials for a run at the presidency... but then it's hard to believe he really intends to spend incredible amounts of his own money on that... There are STILL "blonde bimbos".

BTW, I DO NOT mean to demean "Blonde Bimbos" in any way. The only object of derision in the above screed is Donald Trump. I mean, after all what would Rock & Roll be without those charming blonde women... Then compare that to where we would be without "The Don".

His insignificance in American culture and society is profound... as profound as the disturbing thought that there are morons who would vote for a putz (Yiddish, wasted sperm on the ground) like him.

This is Razer Raygun saying 'Happy Motoring America...' Enjoy it while you can.
(...and try not to let your government kill too many 'dusky natives' in the process OK?)


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