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April 27 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: In Honor Of Islamic Naming Conventions - 'Barack Hussein Obama the American'

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Cabale News ServiceApril 27 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: In Honor Of Islamic Naming Conventions - 'Barack Hussein Obama the American'

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In The News: Thanks this morning to ChrisM, my MP3Angel, for supplying the news and commentary audio files.

» EXTRA! EXTRA! President Obama WAS born in Hawaii! Hear ALL about it! Including his flogging of the most recent Republican "Stalking Horse" who made an issue of it, AND the press assembled for the press conference whom he skewered for ignoring REAL ISSUES in US governance. The "Conservapedia" on the Muslim, NON-American citizen, Barack HUSSEIN Obama. More in the commentary.

» House-cleaning time at the top of the Military-industrial food chain - Leon Panetta, currently CIA director, will become the Secretary of Defense and General Petraeus will become the director of the CIA. More @ The Washington Post

» An Afghan pilot (said to be veteran pilot) turned his jet around at Kabul Military Airport and opened fire killing eight US military personnel and one contractor. And the American trainers in Afghanistan have said the Afghans 'couldn't shoot straight' because they smoke Marijuana. I doubt an air force pilot smokes it though, and you see what happens?

» Congressman Ron Paul has announced he will form a committee to explore the possibility of running for president again... Which is good, because he make more sense than most other Republicans. If he would only flesh out his immigration related policies for the more umn... 'rabid'... of his 'xenophobic' followers.

» It is the third week of continuing major storms on the East side, Midwest, and South of the United States. There have been sixteen tornadoes from Texas to the Northeastern seaboard to the Midwest with the reporting of at least eight dead due to storm conditions.

Updated... Bad weather continued during the day causing MAJOR problems throughout the Southern tier of the US. including a controlled shutdown of all three units at TVA's Browns Ferry nuclear plant in Alabama

In OTHER News:

» On Monday there was no news synopsis in part "Due to time constraints (Support in court for some friends)".

A follow-up on that...
"When Judge John Gallagher asked him (A prospective juror) if he could put his bias aside and render an unbiased decision he said "I'd just be sitting here, stewing, that I can't believe we are spending all these resources on this."
Peace Camp Protester Sleeping - Becky Johnson

Homeless Rebellion In GentryLand

Jurors near revolt in Peace Camp Six Trial

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

by Becky Johnson

Santa Cruz, Ca. They swarmed the hallways, cluttered the benches, many clutching books in preparation for a long day. At least eighty public citizens who still believe in the purpose of jury trials ( or were afraid of facing criminal charges if they failed to respond to that letter in the mail) arrived at Judge John Gallagher's court to volunteer to serve to adjudicate whether the six defendants were guilty of "lodging" on the Courthouse steps last July and August as part of a peaceful protest against the Sleeping Ban in Santa Cruz.

Gallagher had the opportunity to throw the charges aside when Attorney and defendant, Ed Frey filed a motion to dismiss last January. Gallagher ruled that PC 647 (e) is NOT vague and overbroad and that the prosecutions could proceed. Judge Rebecca Connolly ruled essentially the same on March 4th in the case of Linda Lemaster. Lemaster will be tried later in May on the same charge, and, presumably, a different jury will be seated.
As jurors learned they would not be serving on a jury to try a child molester, a rapist, a murderer, or an extortionist, but on whether a couple of homeless people "lodged" on the courthouse steps as part of a protest last summer, they rebelled.

A kindergarten teacher from Brooknoll Elementary School started the rebellion. "When I first came to Santa Cruz, I lived in my van for three years. During that time, I was hassled, arrested, and jailed. There is no way I could be impartial in this case considering the pain these people are suffering."

The next juror to object said "I grew up homeless and my dad was a veteran. I've been hassled and harassed, and I'm hostile. They make victims of people. They don't help them out. You can't take a homeless kid and give them a $225 ticket."

When DA Dabkowski asked " Do any of you believe this is a case that should not be brought to court," another juror raised his hand. "I have a strong respect for people's property rights, but I speculate that the people charged here had no other option. This is simply a case of right and wrong laws."

The next juror who objected said "I not only object, but I'm shocked really. I arrived not knowing anything about this case and now find you want to conduct a two week trial? And it's simply about a group of homeless people being where they're not supposed to be? What a waste of people's time. It's a travesty really, spending this much time and money on this here."

When Judge John Gallagher asked him if he could put his bias aside and render an unbiased decision he said "I'd just be sitting here, stewing, that I can't believe we are spending all these resources on this." [More including linkage @ OneWomanTalking]
» Speaking of homelessness and poverty in America (With a note on yours truly's Juvenile Delinquent adolecence):
The Last Chapter In a FORCED Relocation Of An African-American Community

With lights, poems, teens say goodbye to Cabrini Green housing project
"Cabrini, once home to about 15,000 people, was a concrete reminder of the nation's urban policy failures. It attracted a lot of attention, partly because of its proximity to Chicago's exclusive Gold Coast..."
SHARON COHEN, AP National Writer – Sat Apr 23, 10:30 am ET

CHICAGO – Every day at sundown, the gutted shell of the last Cabrini Green public housing tower takes on a ghostly aura as lights start flickering sporadically from 15 floors of empty rooms.

It looks like a distress signal — but it's really a goodbye.

This is the final Cabrini high rise to meet the wrecker's ball, the end of an era in Chicago, where public housing has long been a symbol of every form of inner-city agony: crumbling bases for vicious street gangs, darkened stairways reeking of urine, gunfire echoing in the night.

Cabrini had more than its share of horror: A 7-year-old shot dead while walking to school, holding his mother's hand. A young girl raped, beaten and poisoned by insecticide. Two policemen gunned down by snipers while on foot patrol.

But Cabrini had its happy memories, too: Block parties in the July heat. Special Monday reunions for old-timers coming back to visit. Girls eating sticky grape Popsicles, jumping double-dutch.

To mark the end, a Prague-born artist and teacher enlisted a group of teens, many who lived in and around Cabrini, to write poems about the project, the demolition or the meaning of home and community. As they read their words, a computer program recorded their voices, generating patterns from LED lights that beamed from 134 vacant apartments. As the tower falls, there are fewer lights... [Read More]
NOW... about Razer's mis-spent youth:

As a wee hippie in the late 60s I lived in a squalid slum building built in the 1800s on the lower lower East side of New York.

The apartment I lived in used electricity wired off the hall light fixture, heat via the oven, which conveniently had no burner element and just shot a long flame into the broiler area below the oven box. We controlled the temperature by opening and closing the oven door. The water from the sink and bathtub flowed out an open pipe into a trash filled back yard'.

You entered the hallway to the building at your own risk... preferably with a knife up your sleeve to fend off the muggers and drug addicts who might have been in the halls. No the building did not an outer door lock, or an intercom-buzzer system, or a surveillance camera. It was just 'open'.

The apartment had a up-close-and-personal view of the North side of Delancey Street abutment to the Williamsburg bridge. We paid $40 a month for the 'privilege' of living there.

On the South side of the roadway rising overhead, a few blocks away, stood a rather modern apartment complex of 5/6 buildings 20+- stories tall that had been abandoned and marked for "Urban Renewal"

When we needed a window, or some other item to keep our slum survivable, we would wander over to the complex and find an always open door or ground floor window into one or another of the buildings to salvage what we could.

Those apartments, even in their decrepit, fallen down plaster countenance, were at least inhabitable, if not eminently livable with renovation... unlike the slum we were living in which was already a slum in the early 1900s when my grandparents came through Ellis Island from Eastern Europe.

Meanwhile, that abandoned marked-for-demolition apartment complex was being torn down to build a police headquarters/precinct.


This is Razer Raygun saying 'Happy Motoring America...' Enjoy it while you can.
(...and try not to let your government kill too many 'dusky natives' in the process OK?)


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