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April 20 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Manufactured Fear - We've Been Living With It So Long We Don't Even Notice It

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Cabale News ServiceApril 20 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Manufactured Fear - We've Been Living With It So Long We Don't Even Notice It

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In The News:
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[After the commentary... Ditch the fear, find the RAGE... to take that power back. Be a "One Man Army" and Testify! ('cause it's right outside your door...). Courtesy of Rage Against The Machine and Skidmark Bob @ poP dEFECT Radio.]

» It's the one year "anniversary" of the BP Macondo well oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and the long term effects on the environment from the spill, the Corexit dispersant and all the rest remains to be seen. No one's satisfied except BP who ran a $2.3 billion dollar profit the year before the spill and upped it to $5.3 billion in the year of the spill.

» President Obama is going to be at Facebook HQ in California for a virtual town hall meeting and to pitch the new budget plan. 32,000 Facebook users have signed up and there is going to be a 'One Million Shoes At Obama' "shoe throwing" as well. The president will be in Colorado and Nevada after that continuing to sell his budget plan.

» The Pentagon has transferred Bradley Manning, imprisoned for almost a year now with no arraignment and NO CHARGES READ from Quantico Marine Brig where he was kept in conditions described by experts as TORTURE to a medium security facility at Fort Leavenworth... Where there seems to be an unusually high incidence of Cancer among the inmates. As of May 23, 2011 Manning will have been incarcerated for one year over his alleged involvement in the WikiLeaking of the Collateral Murder Gunsight Video among other documents. The government has claimed it found forensic cyber-traces of their purloined documents on Manning's thumb drive. Whether that can be proven true or not, and whether the main testimony of a mentally ill hacker with a felony conviction named Adrian Lamo is admissible remains to be seen.

Not JUST "moved": "Pentagon Plans Indefinite Detention of Bradley Manning (Video & Transcript) - FDL Action"

Indeed... It's harder to get protesters in any number all the way to BUMFUCK Kansas too.
Michael Whitney
Wednesday April 20, 2011

Yesterday the Pentagon surprised everybody – including Bradley Manning’s lawyer – with news that the accused Wikileaks whistleblower will be moved from the Quantico brig in Virginia to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. The Pentagon’s lawyer, Jeh Johnson, announced Manning’s transfer in a snap press conference (video embedded) that revealed the government’s strategy: take Manning to a place “not in the Washington[, DC] area” where he will “likely be in pre-trial confinement for a while.”

What was obvious in the Pentagon’s press conference yesterday was they plan on keeping Manning in Fort. Leavenworth for quite some time. Despite being held for 11 months, including 8 in abusive conditions at Quantico, there are no plans to try Manning any time soon. And the Pentagon made it clear... [Read and Watch @ FDL]
» Fidel Castro has resigned as the chief of the Cuban Communist Party. His brother Raul will take over and there will be other changes as the Cuban Revolution continues to synthesize.

» The new terror alert notification system will go into effect today with two simple categories "Impending" and "Normal". They will be regionally assigned as conditions demand. More in the commentary.

» The bill in Arizona vetoed by governor Brewer yesterday requiring state-valid proof of citizenship from a presidential candidate to be on the has had the veto over-ridden by the state legislature and there are 17 other states considering similar legislation.

In OTHER News:

» Speaking of "Terror: "A kindergartner who brought a loaded gun to his Houston (Texas) elementary school Tuesday was among three students injured when the gun fired after falling from his pocket as he sat down for lunch, officials said... More.

This is Razer Raygun saying 'Happy Motoring America...' Enjoy it while you can.
(...and try not to let your government kill too many 'dusky natives' in the process OK?)


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