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April 07 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Are They Stupid ALL The Time? Can Democracy Function If The Leaders Are Ignorant?

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Cabale News ServiceApril 07 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Are They 'Stupid ALL The Time'? Can Democracy Function If The Leaders Are Ignorant And Self-Serving?

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In The News:
Thanks this morning to ChrisM, my MP3Angel, for supplying the news and commentary audio files.

[After the commentary Junior Brown is in da' house to tell you... The so-called 'national leaders' mentioned in this segment are "Stupid" all the time. Courtesy of the respective artists and KPIG radio Freedom California... Earth.]

» Close enough for 'government work' but there may be no government workers... 800,000 people who work for the federal government will be laid off tomorrow or shortly thereafter unless congress comes to some sort of agreement about the budget bill, and right now it's looking as if the shutdown is imminent because no one is willing to compromise about cuts in riders and entitlements attached to the bill. More.

» Former congressman Kurt Weldon is in Libya negotiating with the al-Gadaffi government. Weldon was the person who negotiated the removal of WMDs from Libya in the 1990s.

(See Below the fold for information about Halliburton's involvement in supplying equipment for the Libyan WMD program despite existing sanctions)

Muammar al-Gadffi sent a letter to President Obama which asked him to stop his '...unjust war against a small people of a developing country.' and wished the president well in his election bid. The text of that letter is here. On the ground the situation around Brega is still contentious with the city being captured by government forces, and then the rebels, and then the government retakes the town... Meanwhile the rebels have been complaining loudly that NATO is not attacking the enemy often enough for them.

» Have you ever really thought about the politics of Wisconsin? The fate of the union busting bill pushed by Governor Scott Walker hangs on whether one of his supreme court buddies is reelected. The vote turned out to be a win for the other candidate by 204 votes out of a million... it will go to a recount... overseen by the judge who just lost the election.

» In the Ivory Coast, the former president who is still refusing to step down is 'hunkered in a bunker' under the presidential palace while forces loyal to the president-elect have taken the palace and grounds.

In OTHER News:

» About those Libyan WMDs, American industrialists, and the politicians who 'slap their wrists'.

The West and America were such good friends with Libya that our EX-Vice President's company sold Libya (Iraq too!) dual-use oil drilling equipment (The other use would be drilling test holes for nuclear weapons experiments) and, through its subsidiary, Halliburton Logging Services, sent six pulsed neutron generators to Libya.

Pulsed neutron generators are used to break down Uranium into isotopes, and could easily be used to create fissionable material for a nuclear 'dirty bomb' or, with more time and materials, a complete nuclear weapon.

[More about Halliburton @ Wikipedia] (including information on the long-standing relationship between the Bush family and Halliburton-related corporations)

The State Department prosecution and fining of Halliburton that followed was a joke, "After having pleaded guilty, the company was fined $1.2 million, with another $2.61 million in penalties.". Halliburton's revenue statement for the year of the prosecution, 1995, is Here.

This is Razer Raygun saying 'Happy Motoring America...' Enjoy it while you can.
(...and try not to let your government kill too many 'dusky natives' in the process OK?)


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