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March 22 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: US Air Strikes On Libya - Getting In, Getting Over, And Getting Out As Rapidly As Possible

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Cabale News ServiceMarch 22 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: US Air Strikes On Libya - Getting In, Getting Over, And (It Has Been Said) Getting Out As Rapidly As Possible

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In The News:
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Quote of the day:
"When President Obama gets up before the TV cameras and tells us that Libyan civilians have to be protected, when UN ambassador Susan Rice tells us that the aim of the UN resolution is to safeguard Libya’s civilian population and bring those who attack civilians, including Gadhafi, before the International Criminal Court, a certain sense of nausea starts to gather in the pit of one’s stomach." [source]
» The right and left of American politics are jumping all over President Obama for various legitimate and not-so-legitimate reasons about our attack on Muammar al Gadaffi's military forces and infrastructure in Libya, albeit the action does fit within some PERVERSE interpretation of the UN resolution mandating 'protection of civilians'. More.

Yours truly, Razer Raygun, about the 'perversion' of intent in regard to ‘protecting civilians’ as the rationale for air attacks under the UN resolution.

[Keep in mind, that over time, those strikes and any ground incursion to follow will kill infinitely more civilians than Muammar al-Gadaffi ever would... Just use Iraq as example. One need not delve too far back in history to see the results of so-called 'humanitarian interventions' by imperial industrialized nations with a thirst for other country's extractive resources.]

For a long time now (my personal historical knowledge goes back to the Vietnam War) the tactic by the Pentagon has been to go into an area about to be bombed in the US National Interest, tell the locals that their home area is about to become a free fire zone and come back a while later to attempt to kill all who remain, as the only people left in the area, by our estimation, are ENEMY COMBATANTS.

As applied to Libya, as long as the people can escape in relative safety from the city of Benghazi or anywhere else, the assumption can be easily made, as it ALWAYS IS by the Pentagon, that anyone who remains in the city is a combatant.

Benghazi or elsewhere in Libya should be no different than our policies in Iraq and Afghanistan, lest the "Coalition of the Desperate For Oil" simply be hypocrites. The civilians of Benghazi are not under threat UNTIL the time when they cannot safely flee their city-fortress.

That IS the mandate contained in the UN resolution "Protect CIVILIANS..."

NOT THEIR PROPERTY, their way of life, OR their dreams of governmental change. The UN resolution is not intended to cause al Gadaffi’s forces to stand down recovering their ‘territory’, cities, and materiel from the rebels.

That would certainly be a perversion of intent. Except perhaps the unstated intent and wishes of a Western invading army in another country's civil war.

The job the UN tasked the nations of the world with is to make sure civilians under the gun in Libya can escape relatively unmolested to safety but I can assure you that’s NOT the overall strategic intent of the US attacks, nor any actions that follow to allegedly protect civilians.

These attacks are for the strategic long-term benefit of the Western industrial nations who desperately need the petrochemical resources that Libya supplies to sweatshop nations which produce the 'needs' of affluent Western consumers.

» There is some scrapping over who will take over the Libya invasion operation but the French will most likely be the ones. More, and more in the commentary.

» In Japan, the reactors are definitely burning and the government hopes to get more water pumped in to cool the fuel rods and buffer the radiation. But for now it's 'getting worse at a slower rate' with Tokyo and Osaka showing signs of radiation as our docked naval fleet un-berths and moves farther offshore.

» There was a major protest in Washington DC on Saturday on the ostensible eighth anniversary of our war on Iraq (not counting the years of civilian-killing sanctions). There were at least 113 people arrested, and on Sunday there was a demonstration, with the arrest of 35 people outside the gates of Quantico Military Brig in Virginia for vocally requesting a visit with the incarcerated for a year without hearing Bradley Manning, who stands accused of leaking government documents, including the Collateral Murder video of a US helicopter gunship crew lying to their fire controller to allow themselves the 'privilege' of gunning down a Reuters reporter and a number of OBVIOUSLY unarmed civilians from their aerial platform, and then machine gunned a civilian vehicle that had come to attempt to take the victims to the hospital, killing the driver and wounding the two children in the vehicle.

One of the murders said "They shouldn't have brought their kids to a combat zone." (a 'zone' brought to THEM by the US government). The Pentagon chose not to investigate the incident.

View the video and commentary here.

The Pentagon and Quantico Military Brig, which congressman Kucinich recently compared to Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, should expect further disruptions later this spring when the Pentagon, as required by the Code of Military Criminal Law will be required to hold a hearing by May or June.

» In Yemen, nineteen generals and the immediate military advisor to the president have defected to the democracy protesters.

This is Razer Raygun saying 'Happy Motoring America...' Enjoy it while you can.
(...and try not to let your government kill too many 'dusky natives' in the process OK?)


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