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March 04 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Libya In Turmoil - Civil War... It's NOT The Same As Protests Rebellion And Revolution

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Cabale News ServiceMarch 04 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Libya In Turmoil - Civil War... It's NOT The Same As Protests Rebellion And Revolution

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» Libya is in turmoil. The al-Gadaffi government is reinforcing the Tunisian border to stem the flow of mostly Egyptian refugees trying to get back to Egypt as the U.S. waits for permission to use US military aircraft to move them. Benghazi is still liberated but the region in between there and Tripoli (where protests are popping up then being suppressed as they occur) is contentious. The city of Brega is under siege with aerial bombings and artillery barrages.

» In Wisconsin the 14 Democratic legislators boycotting the vote on an anti-labor bill still aren't in the state and UNCONSTITUTIONAL warrants have been issued. The capitol police will be responsible as the Madison police have jurisdictionally washed their hands of the matter.

» Twenty two charges have finally been filed against Bradly Manning, the former military intelligence analyst accused by a mentally ill convicted felon ex-hacker of having supplied Wikileaks with the Collateral Murder video among other documents. One of the charges... "aiding the enemy". (The Guardian UK quipped "The charge sheet, like the original set of accusations, contains no mention by name of the enemy to which the US military is referring.")carries a potential death sentence.

The material Manning allegedly purloined was NOT classified and available to any officer or intelligence operator in the theatre. Bradley Manning is still being held at Quantico Brig in conditions tantamount to torture (See: Lawyer: Bradley Manning Forced to Spend Seven Hours Naked, Humiliated), but the military is denying it. There will be a rally outside the gates of Quantico on Sunday March 20... If you're in the area be there. The committee to free Bradley Manning has arranged for inexpensive charter buses from Washington DC to Quantico. Congressman Dennis Kucinich and Senator John Kerry have shown concern with the way this affair is being handled and Kucinich has requested a visit with the prisoner. Well within Kucinich's purview as a member of congress. No word on whether he has been given 'permission' or has managed to meet Manning yet.

»  Want Fries With That? The new unemployment numbers are out (and someone may have changed the way the numbers are derived)... 8.9% a full point down since four months ago and the lowest since 2007, with 280,000 new jobs of unknown pay scale created. Expect the Republicans to demand an end to the Economic Stimulus funding now.

» NASA just sent a rocket up to deploy an observation satellite named "Glory". It failed to shed it's outside casing and ingloriously fell into the Pacific Ocean shortly after launch

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