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February 23 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Muammar al-Gaddafi Part 2 - Old Heroes Don't 'Take The Money & Run'

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Cabale News ServiceFebruary 23 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Muammar al-Gaddafi Part 2 - Old Heroes Don't 'Take The Money & Run'

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In The News:
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Look at it this way... He's not making a run for it with the money. Mumaar al-Gadaffi has said he will fight to the bitter ends as the battle of Tripoli begins. Benghazi, the other large city in the country has been in the hands of rebelling Libyan troops for a few days now, and the tribal groups which control about a third of Libya'a territory, have asked al-Gadaffi to step down in light of the Fatwa against him, and have threatened to cut off the West's supply of oil unless the violence stops.

There is NO DOUBT they could do so even if the al-Gadaffi government doesn't commit to sabotaging their installations as reported and there is already turmoil on the world's stock exchanges due to nervousness over that possibility. A HUGE amount of oil is refined in Libya. Meanwhile, the UN security council has voted a resolution deploring the fighting. More, including 'information' about an all woman, allegedly virgin, suicide squad, in the commentary.

For information about how the West has interacted with Libya and the al-Gadaffi regime over the years see: A Regime We Can Trust (How did the West get Qaddafi so wrong?) @ Foreign Policy Magazine.

The Suez Canal Authority has announced the passage of two Iranian warships into the Mediterranean Sea bound for Syria and joint naval exercises. The Israelis, who had earlier declared any such maneuver to be a 'provocative action' have remained silent so far although Israel IS jittery...
"The aging British-built ships, en route to Syria, hardly constitute a military threat but no Iranian vessel has used the canal since the Islamic Republic was established, while Israel has sent missile boats and one of its Dolphin-class submarines southward into the Red Sea over the last two years."
Their response?
"Israel announced Tuesday it successfully tested its Arrow anti-ballistic weapon..." More @ UPI

The king of Bahrain has released a couple of hundred political prisoners as a gesture towards the ongoing democracy protests in the country. There are believed to be about that number remaining in custody. Expect a Monarcho-Parliamentary system of government in the next six months to a year. See "A Revolution Paused in Bahrain" @ Middle East Report Online, for more.

The Senate Democrats will introduce a bill, perhaps as early as Monday but certainly next week, with their version of a continuing budget resolution to fund the U.S. government and agencies through September of this year. Hopefully it will not be as draconian in it's cuts as the house version. However the House has notified the Senate that it will not pass any budget that funds at current levels. Expect a showdown..

The "Siege of Madison", the state capital of Wisconsin, continues over a bill due to be voted on by a Republican majority legislature that would increase state union employee pay-ins to benefit programs and eliminate collective bargaining. The democrats in Wisconsin's legislature, who fled to Illinois to avoid being captured by the state police and forced to present a quorum which would allow voting on the bill to proceed have been joined by Democrats from Indiana who are in a similar situation with a Republican governor and legislative majority pushing a "Right To Work Bill".

There are eight other states where labor-adverse legislation is pending. Expect more legislative and social mayhem until the next election.

Even as the standoff in Madison Wisconsin continues, worker support rallies begin occurring nationwide... All one has to do is peruse the Google News search for "Stand in Support of Wisconsin".

It's also notable that the state's police union members, which along with firefighters would not be affected by the 5X increases in pay-ins to retirement and health insurance are NOT SO SURE about the governor's bill, and many supported his opponent in the last election. Despite that, the police union's president says state police agencies would have no qualms using force against the labor protesters assembled by the tens-of-thousands. The governor has also threatened to use National Guard troops if necessary to clear the demonstrators out but has not indicated when he might do so, even as the state's Democratic legislators continue to hole up out of state and out of the Wisconsin State Police's reach.

See: The Uprising that Began in Wisconsin Is Going Nationwide -- Follow the Latest Developments Here @ Alternet. Also see this article at the Atlantic.

The support is NOT just in the U.S. either. For instance, in Egypt, mentioned yesterday because SOMEONE had pizza delivered from a local Madison pizzeria from an Egyptian phone number, there is a show of support from one of the country's Mubarak regime harassed umbrella labor groups
'We Stand With You as You Stood With Us': Statement to Workers of Wisconsin
by Kamal Abbas of Egypt's Centre for Trade Unions and Workers Services

About Kamal Abbas and the Centre for Trade Unions and Workers Services: Kamal Abbas is General Coordinator of the CTUWS, an umbrella advocacy organization for independent unions in Egypt. The CTUWS, which was awarded the 1999 French Republic's Human Rights Prize, suffered repeated harassment and attack by the Mubarak regime, and played a leading role in its overthrow. Abbas, who witnessed friends killed by the regime during the 1989 Helwan steel strike and was himself arrested and threatened numerous times, has received extensive international recognition for his union and civil society leadership.

KAMAL ABBAS: I am speaking to you from a place very close to Tahrir Square in Cairo, "Liberation Square", which was the heart of the Revolution in Egypt. This is the place were many of our youth paid with their lives and blood in the struggle for our just rights.

From this place, I want you to know that we stand with you as you stood with us.

I want you to know that no power can challenge the will of the people when they believe in their rights. When they raise their voices loud and clear and struggle against exploitation.

No one believed that our revolution could succeed against the strongest dictatorship in the region. But in 18 days the revolution achieved the victory of the people. When the working class of Egypt joined the revolution on 9 and 10 February, the dictatorship was doomed and the victory of the people became inevitable.... [Read It All Here]

Rahm Emanuel, former congressman and White House chief of staff, has garnered 55% of the vote against five other candidates in the Chicago mayoral elections, a landslide.

In OTHER News:

In the "No Food For You, Fascist" department:
TSA GropePointSeattle-Area Restaurant Refuses To Serve TSA Agents

By Chris Morran
February 22, 2011

Fed up with what he views as crappy treatment from the TSA, the owner of a restaurant near Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has decided to put all TSA agents on his No-Eat List.

"We have posted signs on our doors basically saying that they aren't allowed to come into our business," one employee tells travel journalist Christopher Elliott. "We have the right to refuse service to anyone."

She says that whenever a TSA agent attempts to dine at the restaurant, "we turn our backs and completely ignore them, and tell them to leave... Their kind aren't welcomed in our establishment."

The restaurant claims that 90% of its patrons are in agreement with their stance and that the local police have actually helped escort TSA workers of the premises... [Source]
And since we're on the topic of abuse of authority by various police state apparatchik:
New York Judge Orders City to Release Reports on Shots Fired by Police at Civilians Since 1997

Separately, the civil liberties group has requested statistical information about the disciplining of officers involved in civilian shootings. Mr. Dunn said the police had said they would respond by the end of this month.

February 22, 2011

A Manhattan judge has moved to shine more light on New York Police Department shootings, ruling that departmental reports generated whenever an officer fired at a civilian in the last 13 years be turned over to the New York Civil Liberties Union.

The decision, by Justice Emily Jane Goodman of State Supreme Court, means that a trove of internal police documents could soon be thrust into public view. The decision, dated Feb. 14, gives police officials 60 days to turn over two sets of the documents for each shooting dating back to 1997 — a period covering roughly 850 shootings. The city has not decided whether to appeal.

One of the documents Justice Goodman ordered to be released is an investigatory report done within 24 hours of each shooting. The other report, completed within 90 days, is more extensive.

The ruling, affecting about 1,700 reports and thousands of pages, could provide the public new details about such recent police scandals as the 2006 shooting death of Sean Bell in Queens and the 1999 killing of Amadou Diallo in the Bronx.

“There are going to be a lot of big cases in these reports,” said Christopher T. Dunn, the associate legal director of the civil liberties group, who said he would make the reports public. “There will also be a lot of cases nobody ever heard of.”

Asked about the decision at a news conference on Tuesday, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said...
[More @ The NY Times]


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