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February 16 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The Repubulicans - Stuck In 2009 With The Clock Going Backwards

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Cabale News ServiceFebruary 16 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The Repubulicans - Stuck In 2009 With The Clock Going Backwards And 2012 Government Expenses To Pay

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In The News:
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[After the commentary, a short primer explaining "How Your Model Government Works", courtesy of the respective artists.]

Uprisings are rising up all over the Middle East and North Africa... Cultural mores are coming into play as a funeral procession in Bahrain for a demonstrator killed the other day during a protest was interrupted by the police causing another melee. The king is promising reforms for the mostly Shiite (yet ruled by Sunni) majority as Saudi Arabia sends troops to a 'country' that never existed until an unknown British cartographer drew some lines on a map of the Middle East.

It's also the sixth day of protests in Yemen where there is almost no news about the situation due to the scarcity of internationally affiliated reporters. Algeria is also experiencing ongoing disturbances in the wake of the successful Egyptian/Tunisian revolutions.

Senator John Kerry is in Islamabad Pakistan attempting to extricate a consultant to the US embassy who shot someone he claimed was trying to mug him. The Pakistanis are not buying the diplomatic immunity status story for this guy and there are demonstrators demanding he hang now. Further, when US embassy "staff" tried to 'retrieve' him recently (This sounds like a JSOC "Snatch" operation), the truck they were in ran over a pedestrian causing not only an aborted mission, but further anger among the citizens of the country. There are billions of dollars in US foreign aid riding on this and other ongoing diplomatic problems (Drone attacks)... not that the Pakistani on the street has any problem discerning the crux of the issue... A survey last year showed that most Pakistanis DO NOT WANT our 'aid' and consider it an insult, and an imposition on their sovereignty.

The House has opened debate on the continuing resolution spending plan for 2011 which SHOULD HAVE been completed in the last legislative session and it needs to be done by the 3rd of March. But there are umn ...problems... House Speaker John Boehner, a rookie at running the show, and apparently without guidance (or just plain pig-headedness), allowed "Open Rules" which 'instantly' caused 445 amendments and counting to appear on the docket with only four scheduled for committees.

More on that topic in the commentary

But the Senate DIDN'T debate it at all before they passed the once-failed PATRIOT Act three month extension on a simple majority vote yesterday after it had failed last week when a 2/3 majority was required. Expect repression and you're NEVER disappointed!


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