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February 10 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Egypt's Mubarak Quits... But There Are American Politicians Quitting For A Similar Reason

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Cabale News ServiceFebruary 10 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Egypt's Mubarak Quits... But There Are American Politicians Quitting For A Similar Reason, The Cost Is Too High

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In The News:
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MUBARAK QUITS! Further, a "Top Egyptian army commander tells protesters all demands to be met" even as the workers strike. Public workers, state workers, office workers, the people who operate the Suez Canal, transport workers... Even the main Egyptian newspaper, al-Ahram, by employees demanding more editorial freedom and working condition improvements.

Meanwhile, the January 25 student movement and youth representatives are in negotiations with the Muslim Brotherhood, which has lost thousands of members over the years due to the Mubarak regime's torture chambers and repressive policies, on whether they'll negotiate with the new government most likely to be led by the person who was responsible for that repression, Omar Suleiman, Egypt's Intelligence chief, also known as the person directly responsible for Egypt's end of America's rendition and torture/interrogation program.

Representative Gabrielle Giffords, shot in the head at a 'meet your congressperson' event in Tucson Arizona by an angry, metally disturbed, politically confused young man has been in intensive therapy and is talking.

An American is #1 WITHOUT the "Bullet"! The new National Threat Assessment claims Osama bin-Laden is no longer the biggest threat to us, but Anwar al-Awlaki, an American from the great Southwest who's never committed a crime or hurt anyone personally. This implies that thoughts and words are more dangerous than the actions that follow in matters of national security. You might also think this indicates the people who decide what a "threat" is want you to watch your mouth. The House Homeland Security Committee is focusing on domestic terrorism in current hearings.

In OTHER news of "People who have done nothing tangible but have been considered "terrorists", A U.S. military commission reduced the prison sentence of Osama Bin Laden's cook to two years after a plea bargain.

MORE TERROR... In the "Be afraid be VERY afraid" department, U.S. Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano warned that the threat of terrorism was "at its most heightened state" since 9/11.

CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Committee is about to open it's convention in Washington DC. ONE of the speakers will potentially end up running for the Republican presidential nomination. More from the Washington Post: What to watch for at CPAC

MEANWHILE, Representative Christopher Lee, a two-term Conservative Republican from Buffalo New York who is married and has a son answered a Craigslist "Women seek Men" ad "using a Gmail account that Gawker said it had traced to Mr. Lee’s personal Facebook account." from a woman "seeking a financially and emotionally secure man.". He sent a "Buff" picture to her in the email exchange that followed and it SOMEHOW ended up published in The Gawker an internet gossip rag. Within 3 hours he was handing in his resignation.

Senator Jim Webb of West Virginia has announced he will not run again. He championed Veteran's causes. More on the topic of "Politicians getting out of politics" in the commentary.

Last but not least.. The Republican leadership had lunch with the president yesterday...

At least no one died of food poisoning.

In OTHER News:

A suicide bomber dressed as a student exploded at an army base in Pakistan, killing at least 31 people.

It's not easy being a newly minted nation - More than 16 people were killed after rebels attacked south Sudan's army.

Fnally, don't get the Muscle Car out of mothballs yet... In Ghana New oil reserves were found off the coast. But note the wording about another field in the area: "...output was expected to eventually increase to 120,000 bpd."
The... ...firm said the "Teak-1 exploration well in the West Cape Three Points licence offshore Ghana has discovered approximately 73 metres of net hydrocarbons ..."

US-based Anadarko Petroleum, which also owns an interest in the block, said the well found some 240 net feet of oil, condensate and natural gas pay.

Further evaluation would be carried out, the companies said.

Ghana's offshore Jubilee field was discovered in 2007 by US firm Kosmos and is estimated to contain more than a billion barrels, one of the largest finds in West Africa in recent years.

Production from the field began in December at about 55,000 barrels a day, though output was expected to eventually increase to 120,000 bpd.


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