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January 21 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: In Light Of Obama's 'Chicago Move', Remembering 'The Watergate Follies'

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Cabale News ServiceJanuary 21 2011 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: I Pity Those Under Forty Five For 'Missing The Show' - In Light Of Obama's 'Chicago Move', Remembering 'The Watergate Follies'

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In The News:
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The Pandas can stay! Chinese President Hu has said the Pandas on loan to the National Zoo in Washington, DC can stay for another five years. Yesterday Hu met with Senate and House leadership to thank them in advance for their assistance in passing bills that are expected to positively affect trade with China

It's unconstitutional, and he STILL hasn't managed to shut it down... President Obama is penning an Executive Order allowing additional charges to be filed against detainees at Guantanamo. That sounds wrong but IF it allows for military tribunals of those with the added charges, it may allow for the release of those who don't. (ed. Don't hold your breath for the latter).

For more on the situation at Guantanamo, Razer suggests two sites who follow the issue closely: The World According To Bill Fisher (ex-State Department), his current post about the issue under discussion is Here, and Andy Worthington, author of The Guantanamo Files'... A post from September 2010 entitled "1000 Reasons to Close Guantánamo" linked Here, but he's quite active and has already posted thirty times this month.

The president will also move his re-election headquarters to Chicago, which circumvents any possibility of conflicts of interest and other corruptions as experienced notably during the Nixon administration when the "Plumbers" worked on more than the White House sinks and drain traps.

NASA is adding one last shuttle flight to the International Space Station in June. A sidebar note... due to the continuing resolution budget, in other words, funding using last year's budget, the canceled Spaceplane project is still getting money, but the Shuttle program is not.

There have been Graffiti-ed, specific threats against California governor Brown scrawled on freeway walls in Santa Ana. The CHP is investigating and are on alert. A similar tactic has recently been applied at the local UC campus, UC Santa Cruz. It was "...found in a bathroom in Social Sciences 2 before the winter break, the graffiti warned of violence on January 18.". There is no word in that case as to the nature of the threat.

In OTHER News:
Law Suit Filed Against The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Over Pesticides

"The Center for Biological Diversity and Pesticide Action Network North America today filed the most comprehensive legal action ever brought under the Endangered Species Act to protect imperiled species from pesticides, suing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for its failure to consult with federal wildlife agencies regarding the impacts of hundreds of pesticides known to be harmful to more than 200 endangered and threatened species." [More @ EarthFirst News]
Because it's where the Energy Resources Are...

...You might want to peruse "Central Asia: Top 10 Developments in 2010" at The Oriental Review. Also see: Pipelineistan Poker (It all comes down to the top two global players) - Pepe Escobar, Asia Times

Apocalyptic "Christianity" helps calm the nerves when the phone rings and you're sitting in an ICBM missile silo with your finger on the BIG RED BUTTON:

USAF Academy Taps Member of "Lord's Army" to Speak at National Prayer Luncheon

The National Prayer Breakfast is sponsored by The Fellowship, a foundation associated with The Family, a secretive group of influential Christian lawmakers and politicians whose mission is to advance the evangelical Christian agenda in Washington and across the world.

An anonymous MRFF client and spokesperson attending the Air Force Academy issued a statement on Tuesday claiming that an email sent to everyone at the academy made it clear that the attendance at the luncheon, although technically optional, is strongly encouraged:

.. when the base-wide e-Mail begins with a highlighted statement:
it's not hard for so many of us here at USAFA [US Air Force Academy] to conclude that the senior leadership is STRONGLY encouraging attendance. The attached flyer goes on to say that you can purchase his book at the BX and that he'll be available to sign it, too. A visit to his web site, though, and one gets the impression that, while everyone on base is invited to attend, this isn't going to be the most inclusionary event of the year.

The first paragraph reads "Clebe is what he likes to call a complete Marine. To him, USMC will always mean a U.S. Marine for Christ." I can only conclude that anyone that doesn't share his particular religious view must be an "incomplete Marine," (or soldier, or [sailor], or airman) unworthy of the uniform. And shouldn't it be USMC as in "US Marine for the Constitution?" That's the document he swore to defend when he was commissioned.

It's a National Prayer Luncheon, but the message [couldn't] be clearer to those who may pray to a different deity or those that have a more ecumenical interpretation of their god - if you're not an evangelical, fundamentalist Christian, this event isn't for you. Yet senior academy leadership seems to want us there anyway.
The Air Force Academy and the MRFF have been butting heads over the evangelical influence at the academy for some time now. The MRFF charges that academy cadets are pressured into joining evangelical groups and attending Bible studies, while the academy has made public attempts to promote religious diversity by offering more types of religious services at its chapel and assessing the spiritual "climate" at the academy.

Last September, Air Force Academy graduate and MRFF founder Mikey Weinstein told Truthout that an anonymous Air Force cadet contacted him and claimed to be part of a "underground" group of about 100 cadets, who came together because they could not rely on legitimate channels to address pressure from evangelicals in the academy.

Weinstein's source said that some cadets pretended to be evangelical and attended services and Bible studies in order to maintain standing among their peers and superiors... [In Full @ Truthout]
Also See: Seymour Hersh Claims High-Ranking Members Of The US Military Belong To Christian Cults for the Catholic contribution to cultism in the US military.


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