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December 09 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The "Continuing Resolution"... What Got 'Continued' And What Didn't

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Cabale News ServiceDecember 09 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Because It Cost Too Much To Take Care Of Our Old Folks - The Continuing Resolution... What Got 'Continued' And What Didn't

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In The News:
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The NEW WAR is upon us as hackers attack various sites and companies responsible for the harassment of WikiLeaks... MasterCard/Visa's site was shut down by a targeted DNS attack, the Swiss bank that pulled WikiLeaks Account was attacked. The hacker armies called "Anonymous", and "4Chan", known for attacks on MPAA and movie anti-pirating sites are now operating under the Ageis of "Operation:Payback". They are currently not attacking the customers of the sites, just the companies. Will the credit card companies get their servers taken offline for Xmas shopping?

The hackers have also gone after for refusing Wikileaks use of their servers because "They don't own the documents" (Juan Cole on that piece of BS), and also PayPal... which has been a redundant uselessness ever since it decided to no longer allow the mailing of cash for deposit to users accounts. Their only unique function... allowing non-credit card users to shop online.

There has been one arrest (a 16-year-old) by Dutch authorities so far as the attacks continue.

Speaking of Christmas, and shopping, the U.S. Homeland Security apparatus wants your parking spot.

Dillon Aero, who also supplied the Gatling gun for Lawrence Livermore Laboratories

Congress goes to work on the DREAM Act, a plan to allow illegally immigrated youths raised in America to become hired killers in America's Imperial Army in return for citizenship.

The House also passed the continuing resolution funding the US government at 2009 levels.

HOWEVER, in the process, they also attempt to circumvent the US criminal court system... The continuation carries a rider disallowing ANY PAYMENT for the transportation or housing of Guantanamo torture camp prisoners when tried in civilian US courts, effectively remanding them to military tribunals, or nothing. It will be nothing... save endless detention, as a number of higher courts have already ruled that the inmates ARE ENTITLED to civilian trials.

The House also denied a $250 dollar Social Security raise for another kind of prisoner, financial prisoners of the US economy, America's Senior Citizens, who haven't seen an increase in their benefits for 2 years

The Obama Tax Deal will probably be voted on tomorrow, which again, will not help the poor, or fixed income members of a collapsing American economy.

Dick Cheney and seven other executives of Halliburton have been indicted in Nigeria for bribery in regard to the company's oil dealings there. Halliburton's subsidiary KBR has already paid fines in lieu of prosecution.

Speaking of Africa...

More fallout from the WikiLeaks/CableGate document dump about Somali high-seas piracy in the Gulf of Aden covered (with linkage) in the Cabale Morning News September 30 2008:
Pirates’ capture of Sudan-bound arms sparks political battle

Somali PiratesTop story: In September 2008, Somali pirates hijacked the Faina, a Ukrainian freighter carrying 32 Soviet-era tanks, as well as other weapons. According to the cache of documents released by WikiLeaks, the tanks were destined for southern Sudan. The weapons sale, which had been preceded by the arrival of 67 other tanks, reveals the extent of the arms buildup in Sudan prior to the Jan. 9 referendum that could divide the country in two. It also reveals the extent of the shift in U.S. policy toward Sudan following the Obama administration's assumption of power.

Even before the Faina was seized by pirates, the Ukrainian government had insisted to the United States that the arms shipments were meant for the Kenyan military. However, officials in the Bush administration appeared to believe otherwise - but did not appear particularly distresses that the weapons might be intended for southern Sudan. [In Full @ Foreign Policy Magazine]
More from the October 01 2008 edition of Cabale News Service Morning News.


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