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December 03 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The X-37B & Automated Warfare - Because We HATE Seeing Those Old School Flag-Draped Coffins

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Cabale News ServiceDecember 03 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The X-37B & Automated Warfare - Because We HATE Seeing All Those 'Old School' Flag-Draped Coffins

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In The News:
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On Capitol Hill, the House went ahead and passed a tax cut for those in the $250,000 down income tax category with three Republicans jumping ship. The White House and Democrats are apparently intending to, have been coerced into, retaining the tax cuts for the rich, but may get the Unemployment Benefit Extension they want along with tax credits for individual taxpayers in the lower income bracket.

They also managed to save the US government from going insolvent last night using a two week Continuing Resolution. In those two weeks they'll need to pass THIRTEEN appropriations bills to keep the government running... which they won't... so expect them to haggle over ANOTHER Continuing Resolution.... soon.

Worse torture than Vogon poetry - The House ethics committee failed to reduce congressman Charles Rangel's ethics charge sentence from censure to reprimand, and so Rangel's convictions were upheld and he had to listen to Nancy Pelosi read a list of his 'crimes'... including his non-oped car parked for too long in the Congressional garage.

Nigeria has issued an international arrest warrant with former US Vice President Dick Cheney's name on it for bribery regarding oil field deals. This case has been six years in the making, unlike the warrant which came out of nowhere for Julian Assange of WikiLeaks in regard to a couple of women who claim they were raped. The British authorities should be able to act on the warrant by today, but will Assange still be in the country?

A number of countries, including Ecuador, a nation quite grateful for the CableGate exposure of the Pentagon's SOUTHCOM command's misdeeds in the region, have offered Assange asylum, and leading US human rights lawyers Leonard Weinglass and Michael Ratner have joined the defense team for Julian Assange and Wikileaks.. More Here

Killer Space Drones? The X-37B Spaceplane, a former NASA project later developed by Boeing and sent up by the CIA last April landed at Vandenberg AFB early this morning California time. Payload and purpose... Unknown. Even where the vehicle's mission control center is located remains classified.

[After the commentary, Guy Forsyth notes that it's been a "Long Long (Long Long) Time". Courtesy of the respective artists and KPIG radio Freedom California... Earth.]


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