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November 24 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Groping For The $ - On The TSA's Feel-Ups & The Homeland Security Industrial Complex

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Cabale News ServiceNovember 24 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Groping For The $$$ - On The TSA's Security Procedures And The Homeland Security Industrial Complex

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In The News:
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The U.S. is deploying the George Washington naval battle group to the Yellow Sea to engage in 'impromptu' war games with the South Koreans and everyone else is in 'full pucker mode' while the world waits for a response from China to the North's shelling of the South yesterday. In South Korea the citizens are fearing a "national security coup" as the country's leaders 'hunker in the bunker'.
Morning Brief: U.S. aircraft carrier headed to Korea

U.S. President Barack Obama and South Korean President Lee Myung-bak have agreed to stage joint naval exercises as a first response to North Korea's shelling of a South Korean military installation today. The exercises will include the U.S. aircraft carrier George Washington.

The U.S. faces few attractive options in responding to North Korea's latest aggression. It's clear from recent revelations of the progress North Korea's nuclear program that sanctions have not been fully effective. But more aggressive responses, such as a naval quarantine, would require thousands of troops and could result in a new war with Seoul on the front lines.
[In Full @ Foreign Policy Magazine]
Meanwhile, in an apparently un-noticed and unintended show of utter hypocrisy, the US Secretary of Defense was busy with talking points about that incident while he was in Bolivia, a country which has tossed our military out of the country and refused to be complicit in America's war on the CIA's drug-running competition.

Apparently the Israelis 'scored' with the STUXNET worm, which was designed specifically to cause the Iranian enrichment centrifuges to 'go wild'. The word is out that the Iranians have shut down that project... Perhaps for security reasons, not knowing if it HAD infected their computer systems.

However, IT IS notable that the "Evidence of Iran Nuclear Weapons Program May Be Fraudulent"

Gareth Porter with an investigative report in excruciating, linked detail, about the fallacies, half-truths, and "unknowns-passed-off-as-fact" in the disinformation wars about Iran's alleged nuclear weapons program.

Forty two million people in the US will be travelling this holiday weekend and 5.5 million will be flying.... If even one percent of those people take part in the "opt-out" protests of the 12 second intrusive body-scan over that period and opt-in to a 10-15 minute pat-down search, expect travel mayhem and delays at all airports in the US. But security is so tight that many of the people planning formally to engage in this protest have already been noted and may never even make it to the gates.

Also, and in light of the commentary, let it be noted that "Body Scanner Makers Doubled Their Lobbying Ca$h Over The Last 5 Years"

For more, see:
The TSA's Panic Searches & PETN: Quite Simply There Are More Ways To Blow Things Up Than You Could Ever Possibly Prevent

Just in case anyone was wondering what the TSA's panic mode search procedures are all about...

Quite simply there are more ways to blow things up than you could ever possibly prevent.

Your government doesn't want you to know that.

Further, there only seem to be two solutions to the dilemma of non-state actor terrorism.

A: Learn to live in a totalitarian police state.

B: Do something (anything!) to ameliorate the reasons WHY someone from that region of (or anyplace in the world) would want to blow up airliners with civilians on board or commit other terror acts.

I fear most Americans will opt-in to the do-nothing method... "A", than sacrifice an inch, a second, of affluent lifestyle...

...a lifestyle BTW that could not possibly last very long under a totalitarian regime and an economy necessary to prevent terror attacks.

Your government doesn't want you to be aware of that last little detail either.

Let me state this ANOTHER way..
[In Full @ Auntie Imperial's News & Blog Review]

The Dalai Lama will cease acting as the ceremonial leader of the Tibetan government-in-exile which will relieve him of those responsibilities and get people used to the fact that he won't be around forever.

In OTHER News:
Congressman Dennis Kucinich slams fake Afghan elections, fake withdrawal, fake Taliban, fake everything

"The war in Afghanistan is taking place in a netherworld where facts and common sense have no place," Kucinich said Tuesday. "Elections are fake. Our deadline to withdraw is a fake. Now, we learn that a fake Taliban leader has been leading us to believe that NATO was facilitating high-level talks between Taliban leadership and the corrupt Afghan central government we're propping up."

"The only real thing about this war is the dead and wounded soldiers and civilians, the wasted tax dollars and the mounting evidence telling us to get out," [In Full]

Your's truly had a rather intense FaceBook exchange over the last few days regarding what this imagery of a Russian woman:

...and this video (under 20 seconds):

...really mean...

In answer to that question, a guest post from a friend of my favorite Russian, Dimitry Orlov, socio-comedic cultural interpreter and economic commentator, on “How (not) to organize a WHAT?”, a response to "How (not to) to Organize a Community" at Dimitry's site, ClubOrlov, answers that question, and is a pretty good overview of recent Russian socio-economic history, by someone who lives it:
"This is another guest post from Yevgeny, which he wrote in response to my article How (not) to Organize a Community.

He poses what, to a Russian, seems an obvious question:
“How (not) to organize a WHAT?”

You see, upon close examination the English word “community” turns out to be all but meaningless...

English speakers all assume that they know what they are talking about when they say it, but a Russian speaker who tries to translate it ends up with the following list:

"The level of poverty sometimes looked quite frightening, but there was something about it that provided a sense of safety and security. I remember watching news reports of street demonstrations in Moscow in 1991: a crowd chanting “Yeltsin is a traitor” marches menacingly toward a line of riot police, and a melĂ©e ensues. But we couldn't care less, because none of this had any effect on us. We were poor under the Soviets, and we were poor afterward, but we stuck together. Whenever we need to marry one of us, bury one of us, get one of us a government job, a solution always presented itself. Family celebrations never involve just the nuclear family. The house is always open, the food is brought in by the guests, and there is always a musician or two present, because after eating and drinking Russians like to sing. At moments like this you can forget that you are living in a third world country and that life is really hard."
[Read 'But what is "Community"?' @ ClubOrlov]
Let that be food for thought over this 'holiday', Indigenous Annihilation Day, and let it be noted that this commenter thinks the Indigenous peoples of this continent STILL have more sense of community that ANY of the invading peoples who currently believe they own this land.

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