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November 08 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The Republicans Take Aim At ObamaCare - It's A Bad Bill But It' Better Than No Bill At All

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Cabale News ServiceNovember 08 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The Republicans Take Aim At ObamaCare - It's A Bad Bill... But It' Better Than No Health Bill At All

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In The News:
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(In light of the commentary topic, see: "Obama Again Admits His Health Care Law Is Republican, Not Progressive" By Jon Walker @ Firedoglake)

President Obama spoke to the Indian Parliament today and also signed an "economic and technological exchange contract" which will add to and/or save 55,000 jobs on Boeing's payroll. His next stop is Indonesia, where security will be harder because there is a active volcano which could ground Air Force One at any time, and because Indonesia which is officially a Islamic country, protests are expected at any time as well.

Regarding those "economic and technological exchanges" which mostly seem to be DEFENSE related (See: "Obama backs permanent seat for India on Security Council" and "Unleashing US-India Defense Trade"), with little to offer the average American in the way of work, here's a list and write up on 19 iconic products that America doesn't make anymore (Warning: autoplay advertising video/audio)

Today it was reported that Obama 'defended' Pakistan, a long-time adversary of India to the Indian government. Juan Cole, Persian Gulf Scholar at the University of Michigan asks: "What does Pakistan think of Obama’s India Trip?"
Pakistanis are from all accounts rather miffed that President Barack Obama did not stop in Islamabad as part of his Asian tour. The officer corps is the angriest, but it is viewed widely as a put-down.

From a Pakistani point of view, the US and Pakistan have been allies since the 1950s. They stood shoulder to shoulder in the 1980s to fight the Soviet Union’s brutal occupation of Afghanistan. After the September 11 attacks, Pakistan abandoned the Taliban and so made it easier for them to be overthrown, even though they had been to some degree a project of the Inter-Services Intelligence. In recent years, the Pakistani army has waged hard-fought campaigns in Bajaur, Swat, and South Waziristan against Taliban elements, losing hundreds of troops’ lives in the process.

So, Pakistanis ask, why is Washington slighting us after we’ve hung together? [In Full]

Haiti is flooding now due to overflowing rivers and an ecologically de-nuded environment, spreading Cholera to other areas outside Port-au-Prince. Do you suppose the USS Iwo Jima, which is already on station (DoD source) is there to assist... or to prevent people from fleeing towards the US on whatever floats at their earliest opportunity?

The following is footage from approximately 6 months ago of a Haitian refugee camp having it's tents torn to shreds by a storm, and it's happening again, but THIS TIME, Cholera is epidemic as well.

From Russia Today:

In case you might be wondering where all that international aid money went...

Gleaned from a Cabale News Service report in January this year:
Haiti Gets a Penny of Each U.S. Aid Dollar
(and the US military receives $0.33c)

By The Associated Press

January 27, 2010 -- AP-- Only 1 cent of each dollar the U.S. is spending on earthquake relief in Haiti is going in the form of cash to the Haitian government, according to an Associated Press review of relief efforts. [In Full]
You have to ask yourself, how much of that penny trickles down from the Preval 'government' to the Haitian people?

Dilapidating infrastructure is already endangering us due to our next 'clean' source of electricity - Two nuclear power plants on the East Coast are offline this morning. Indian Point in New York due to blown out transformers, and a Vermont plant leaking radioactive water.

Anwar al-Awlaki has now called for the killing of Americans anywhere anytime in response to a Yemeni Death Warrant issued due to US pressure for his killing or capture, despite the fact that he has never been accused or indicted for a single crime in the US.

The Republican grand plan to set the economy on the right track has been revealed... They intend to repeal the ObamaCare federal medical insurance package, and if they can't do that... They'll attack US agencies handling the funds.

Speaking of numbers and the obvious inability of Republicans to understand them, the Nutcase Republican Right spread the rumor that Obama's visit to India is costing US taxpayers $200 million a day, to which New York magazine ran the headline "Republican Anger Over Cost of Obama’s Trip to India Will Not Be Stopped by Facts."

In OTHER News:

The US is accused of spying on civilians in Denmark and Norway: "... between 15 and 20 people have been hired by the US Embassy in Oslo since 2000 to monitor local residents.", but no one seems to knows why.

Sweden says the US has carried out secret surveillance there as well:
"...the activities "seem to be similar" to those unveiled in Norway earlier this week, which included photographing and gathering information about individuals for surveillance and security purposes." [In Full]

ALMOST getting away with murder... The judge ruling in the trial of a BART Police officer charged with the shooting death of un-armed civilian Oscar Grant threw out the gun conviction on Friday, saying it was not supported by evidence, and gave former BART officer Johannes Mehserle a two year sentence for the involuntary manslaughter conviction, the shortest term possible

More on "Just-Us" in America...
It helps if you're wealthy, or closely affiliated with those who are:
"This is a nice trick, see if it works for you next time you find yourself facing felony charges:
A financial manager for wealthy clients will not face charges for a hit-and-run because it could jeopardise his job, it has been revealed.

Martin Joel Erzinger, 52, was set to face felony charges for running over a doctor who he hit from behind in his 2010 Mercedes Benz, and then speeding off. But now he will simply face two misdemeanour traffic charges from the July 3 incident in Eagle, Colorado.
Neat trick, what?

Because his employment might be in jeopardy since he would need to disclose his felony convictions to clients and his employer (thus endangering his ability to earn a living, and pay restitution) Erzinger’s charges have been reduced to misdemeanor.

Justice, in this case, includes the capability to pay restitution, says District Attorney Mark Hurlbert..." [More @ Firedoglake]

And Finally, picked up EX Post Facto, From The EXiled:
How Meg Whitman Failed Her Way to the Top at eBay, Collecting Billions While Nearly Destroying the Company

"...what few people outside of the investment community know is what a disaster Meg Whitman’s business career really was.

In fact, Meg Whitman’s record in the corporate world reads like a laundry list of failure: it’s a resume marked by fraud, gross incompetence, wasteful and gross disregard for anyone’s interests but her own.

In her obsessive drive to become a billionaire, Whitman left a legacy of bitterness among untold numbers of jilted employees, shareholders and eBay clients, while enriching herself and a handful of fellow executives and investment bankers."
[More @ The EXiled... Mankind's only alternative]


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