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November 04 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Post-Election Bloodsport - The Republicans Will Target ObamaCare And Financial Reform First

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

Cabale News ServiceNovember 04 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Post-Election Bloodsport In Washington - The Republicans Will Target ObamaCare And Financial Reform First

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In The News:
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Warfare on the cheap - The package bomb tactic is apparently going to be spreading as two more are found in London and Dubai. The one in London was seventeen minutes from going off using a cell phone as a detonator.

Also, Greece is shutting down all package deliveries outside the country after 13 different bombs are discovered, some addressed to dignitaries such as President Sarkozy of France and Prime Minister Merkel of Germany, along with others... addressed to obscure people who are alleged to have committed massacres of Muslims. Expect copycats.

Meanwhile, the New York Times reports:
"Many Yemenis See Terror as Business Model, Not Ideology"

Firedoglake, with an analysis:
In a remarkable article in Thursday’s New York Times, we find a very interesting analysis of some of the forces at play in Yemen, where the United States has decided that its largest al Qaeda threat now resides. According to the Times article, Yemenis take reports of al Qaeda presence with a sizable dose of skepticism, ascribing much of the internal violence as a mixture of secessionist movements and the “business” of terrorism, where groups first foment violence and then take government money in return for making it stop...
In Full, with linkage, at Firedoglake
Also see Le Monde diplomatique: Violence grounded in ancient tribal loyalties - Yemen’s hidden war

The Federal Reserve is going to buy $600 Billion dollars worth of Treasury Bonds in what might be a last ditch effort to save the US economy-as-we-know-it.
Declaring "progress toward its objectives has been disappointingly slow," the Federal Reserve left rates at "exceptionally low" levels yet again and launched a second round of quantitative easing (QE2).

The FOMC announced plans Wednesday to buy $600 billion of Treasuries by the middle of 2011, at a pace of about $75 billion per month. That's not much in the grand scheme of the bond market, but the Fed will also continue to reinvest payments on its securities holdings; that could bring QE2's total to almost $1 trillion, a.k.a. "real money."

The Fed is on a "very dangerous path," says Axel Merk, president of Merk Mutual Funds. "The best case we can get is inflationary growth, but the downside risks are very high. [Bernanke] thinks a weaker dollar is going to stimulate the economy. Let's hope it's only a gradual decline, not a crash..." In Full @ Yahoo Finance

Where the Economic meets the Politic, Mark Weisbrot at the Center for Economic Policy and Research points out "Failure to Enact Bigger Stimulus Was (a) Fatal Mistake" for the Democrats in the elections.

YouTube is going to pull all of Islamic preacher Anwar al-Awlaki's English language videos due to the TOS violation "Inciting violence". That action happens in the wake of massive pressure from the US... and Britain, a country with a large English speaking Muslim population.

President Obama will meet with Republican leaders at the White House on November 18th to attempt compromise and coalition even as the Republican leadership swears it will dismantle and de-fund the Obama Health Care package.

There's a delay in launching the Space Shuttle Discovery on it's 39th and last mission. The shuttle program is being phased out, but the Obama administration intends to 'maintain some of it's capabilities'. More.

In OTHER News:

Haiti... Remember Haiti? Earthquake earlier this year. Countless millions of dollars given to middleman NGOs (The American Red Cross said they were sweeping what they didn't 'need' into their general fund) for relief, and the world was said to have 'sprung into action'. Hurricane Tomas approaches... and despite that international 'effort', the displaced are experiencing an outbreak of Cholera for the first time in half a century, and they are STILL unsheltered, and endangered:
Haiti's Tent Cities to Bear the Worst of Hurricane Tomas

Wednesday 03 November 2010

by: Stephen Kurczy
The Christian Science Monitor - Report

As tropical storm Tomas speeds toward Haiti, threatening to turn into a hurricane before it passes just west of the island Friday morning, some 1.3 million people are virtually trapped in Port-au-Prince’s flimsy tent cities.

In the countryside, hundreds of thousands more Haitians still live in tents following the 7.0 earthquake the leveled the capital and surrounding areas in January.

Authorities have advised anyone living in makeshift camps to seek refuge in sturdier buildings, but many say they don't have that option.

“The majority of people have nowhere to go,” says Stefan Reynier, the head of mission for Doctors Without Borders in Léogâne, 18 miles west of the capital. “Those people will not be protected.”

This is despite the fact that more than 100,000 homes in Port-au-Prince sit vacant and in need of only minimal repairs since an earthquake rocked the country in January, according to aid organizations in the country. Each home could be repaired with only days worth of work and several thousand dollars in supplies, they say...
In Full @ Christian Science Monitor via TruthOut
That tragedy of a large unsheltered Haitian populations could EASILY exacerbate an epidemiological nightmare already in progress, and growing. Again, despite the 'efforts' of the UN, and countless 'relief' agencies and NGOs.

"The total number of (Haitian Cholera) cases now stands at 6,742":
Haiti cholera deaths rise sharply

03 November 10 2010

The number of people known to have died from a cholera epidemic in Haiti has increased markedly. Health officials say 105 more people have died since Saturday, bringing the total to 442.They said there had been a 40% jump in the number of new cases.

On Monday, the US Centers for Disease Control found that all the Haitian patients had the same strain of cholera, one that is most commonly found in South Asia. The UN is investigating allegations that excrement from Nepalese peacekeepers caused the epidemic. But Health Minister Dr Alex Larsen said it was unlikely the outbreak's origin would ever be known.

Haiti had not seen a cholera outbreak for about half a century," In Full @ BBC

So Long And Thanks For All The Fish:
Someone's FishyDespite Heavy Oil, Louisiana Keeps Fisheries Open

By Dahr Jamail

NEW ORLEANS, Oct 26, 2010 (IPS) - Massive slicks of weathered oil were clearly visible near Louisiana's fragile marshlands in both the East and West Bays of the Mississippi River Delta during an overflight that included an IPS reporter on Oct. 23. The problem is that, despite this, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has left much of the area open for fishing...

..."They are literally shrimping in oil," Jonathan Henderson, the Coastal Resiliency Organiser for the environmental group Gulf Restoration Network, who was also on the flight, exclaimed as our plane flew over shrimpers trawling in the oil-covered area.

Others remain concerned about the use of toxic dispersants that BP has used to sink the oil.

"Potential ecosystem collapse caused by toxic dispersant use during this disaster will have immediate and long-term effects on the Gulf's traditional fishing communities' ability to sustain our culture and heritage," Clint Guidry of the Louisiana Shrimp Association told IPS.

"This has been an exercise in lessening BP's liability from day one. I think we're moving into a situation where the PR is saying the area is safe to fish and it's safe to eat, but that's not the reality," he said. In Full @ Inter Press Service
But THAT problem might be resolved over the next 25 years or so... The fish are going away. You know... "Peak Fisheries", Pacific Edition:
Pacific fisheries face collapse by 2035: study

October 27, 2010

Pacific island fisheries face collapse in the next 25 years as overfishing, population growth and climate change threaten one of the region's main economic resources, a study warned Wednesday.

The report, published by the Noumea-based Secretariat of the Pacific Community, said the two billion US dollar a year industry was poorly managed, with a lack of coordination between the 22 island nations in the region.

It warned some types of tuna were already being dangerously overexploited and the problem would spread to other species as foreign fleets clamoured for access to rich fishing grounds amid a global fall in fish stocks.

"There is a dangerous misconception that these resources will always be there but this is not true," the report said....
In Full @ PhysOrg (Physics & Earth sciences)
Further... Vertebrates are going away as well (some fish overlap this subphylum, as well as humans like you and I):
Fifth Of Vertebrates Face Extinction - Study

NAGOYA, Japan (Reuters) - About a fifth of the world's vertebrates are threatened with extinction, a major review has found, highlighting the plight of nature that is the focus of global environment talks.

The study by more than 170 scientists across the globe used data for 25,000 species from the International Union for Conservation of Nature's (IUCN) Red List of threatened species and examined the status of the world's mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and fishes.

The authors found, on average, 50 species of mammals, birds and amphibians move closer to extinction each year because of expansion of farms and plantations, logging and over-hunting. Another factor was competition from other species, particularly those introduced from other areas.
In Full @ Reuters


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