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November 03 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Time To Roll A Fattie And Regroup - The Prospects For Legalized Pot Are Better Than Ever

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Cabale News ServiceNovember 03 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: It's Time To 'Roll A Fattie' And Regroup - Despite The Failure Of Prop 19 The Prospects For Legalized Marijuana Are Better Than Ever

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In The News:
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In OTHER news... Baghdad is blown up... All hell breaks loose in Baghdad Iraq with eighteen attacks (Juan Cole @ Informed Comment calls it 17 attacks), from ambushes to car bombs. The al-Maliki government's army and police are logistically and tactically overwhelmed. It is unknown whether the 50,000 US troops still in country will be able to handle the action if the attacks continue.

"Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula" has just blown up Yemen's oil pipeline. It doesn't carry much oil but it DOES carry a majority of the country's revenue in it, in the form of oil transit taxes and other payments. Details.

More from Le Monde diplomatique:
Violence grounded in ancient tribal loyalties
Yemen’s hidden war
Yemen has become a refuge for al-Qaida fighters from Saudi Arabia. At the same time, secessionist opposition is growing in the south, united with the north in 1990, and insurrection threatens the Saada region in the northwest. Iran and Saudi Arabia are variously accused of meddling
by Pierre Bernin

Hidden away from outside eyes, the Saada region in northwest Yemen, not far from the border with Saudi Arabia, has been the scene of violent struggle since June 2004.

This pits the Saada provincial authorities against a rebel group, the Huthis, first led by the former MP Hussein al-Huthi, then after his death in September 2004 by his young brother Abdulmalik al-Huthi, who became the group’s commander in 2006.

Despite a ceasefire announced in July 2008 (1), hostilities resumed this mid-August. Little is yet known about the spread of the conflict, its brutality, its tens of thousands of casualties and displaced people – and the risk of chain reaction in parts where the country’s principal tribes live...
In Full
Speaking of al-Qaeda... BBC finally admitted in 2009 that the al-Qaeda organization never existed, but you'd never know it by reading a current newspaper or watchng TV news:

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Regionally, in the California elections Jerry Brown, being formerly the youngest governor of the state, and now the oldest, with ideas he's been brooding on for 30 years, wins the governorship of California. Barbara Boxer also survived along with Harry Reid in Nevada. More.

California Proposition 19 the legalization of recreational marijuana law, which was badly written, failed.

California Proposition 20, taking redistricting out of the hands of the state legislature passed. It will now be done by a bipartisan independent commission including a contingent of voters. More.

Yesterday the British and French agreed they will commit to joint troop operations, including coordination of their nuclear arsenals.

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