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November 02 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The National Erections - Some Get Laid, Some Get Screwed, But I'm Doing My Astrology

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Cabale News ServiceNovember 02 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The National Erections... Some Get Laid, Some Get Screwed, But I'm Watching The Astrological Charts, And They Are Out Of Alignment

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In The News:
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The voting has begun, or should we call it the American national reflexive reaction... The Democrats currently have a ten seat margin and they're expected to hold four of them which means the Republicans are expected to take the House of Representatives.

In a 'comprehensive attack' on "voter fraud" the Democrats and Republicans are out in force with their poll watchers... AKA voter harassment crews. If stopped or questioned by one of these interfering freaks feel free to shove them out of the way telling them "I'm going to vote now and the only way you will stop me is because the police will have me in custody for killing you."

The Iranians are postponing the trial of three hikers arrested in the country for spying. The Iranian court claims that one of the three defendants is not there. However there is no new trial date set perhaps because of US-Iran talks at the Afghanistan peace conference. Also see: Asia Times - Covert ops sabotage US-Iran ties for a sidebar.

The Yemenis have begun a trial in absentia or Anwar al-Awlaki, US-born Islamic cleric... He's still holed up in the hinterlands of the country, an area the Yemeni army has never managed to penetrate.

Tom De Lay, former Republican Majority Leader goes on trial today for money laundering and election tampering.

Hurricane Tomas has a very good chance of a direct hit on what is left of the island of Haiti.

Haiti sitrep from Al Jazeera (2:09):

Oh yeah, and then there's the recent Cholera epidemic that occurred right under the not-so-watchful eye of the U.N. and NGOs... Haiti's Cholera Disaster: Epidemic Underscores Lack of Progress after Earthquake - SPIEGEL.

Eric Verlo of Not My Tribe on what "refusing to vote" really means...
Again I anticipate hearing from a friend who monitors local precinct printouts and calls to whip his charges to the polls. I’ve lost count of how many Facebook prompts I’ve gotten to pledge to vote — but this time I’m going to make my ballot count. No amount of corporate-sponsored fear-based gap-closing civic-enthusiasm is going to coerce me to play this game. I will not support war, lack of health care, and class war unchallenged. The beasts unleashed by Citizens United will not buy my participation.

Neither the conservative assholes, nor the liberal bullshitters can have it.

They can have their tyranny, their obscene income disparity, their open war on nature and fellow-humankind. They can have their liberal pretense as the less bitter pill. It’s a dose of cancer either way. I would have a preference actually, if forced to choose between a quick execution and a slow death by hard labor, but I would rather resist than be compelled to voice it.

Silence is not consent, it’s none of the above. More


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