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October 29 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News: Voting - It May Or May Not Be Another Futile Exercise In Democracy But It Certainly Won't Be Over Soon

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Cabale News ServiceOctober 28 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Voting - It May Or May Not Be Just Another Futile Exercise In Democracy But It Certainly Won't Be Over Next Week

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In The News:
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The WikiLeaks Iraq War Logs report is not being ignored by everyone like it has been (publicly) by the US government and Pentagon... The UN is going to investigate the abuse of Iraqi prisoners documented therein. Some say the data was setup and fed to WikiLeaks to embarrass the Iraqis (and Iran, whom the US has technically lost the Iraq War to..). Razer's thoughts on the subject:
"The "Collateral Damage" caused by US forces was more likely to be kept secret or 'lost', automatically skewing any statistics, and what exactly were the US forces going to do if their 'trainees' F up? Shoot them, or 'hang them out to dry' later. Just food for thought." source, Facebook
International Safety Infrastructure, FAIL FAIL FAIL! It is notable that before Indonesia was hit by a 7.7 earthquake and the concurrent 10 foot plus tsunami last week no one got a warning... despite millions of dollars spent by the international community for an early warning system, because the system was not maintained. Now the biggest volcano on Sumatra has begun to erupt leading to mass evacuations.

Who's in charge of the Mexican government? The Mexican drug cartels have declared war on the whole of the government's anti-drug operation and have said they'd kill one person for every ton of the 135 tons of marijuana burned in a massive raid a while back. They are keeping up on their promise. Body count follows and more.

Since no one in a position of economic authority has been keeping tabs on the aid and reconstruction contractors, the re-builders of Afghanistan, SEVEN THOUSAND of them have taken TEN BILLION DOLLARS since 2006, and no one knows where it went.

Osama bin-Laden has called for attacks on French citizens no matter where they are even as the French government says it's pulling (most of) it's troops out of Afghanistan by 2011.

The Republicans will be sending poll watchers (ie. harassment crews) out to observe next weeks elections because they assume everyone is just as crooked as they are, and the contested ballots will most likely keep election results obscured for... a... while.


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