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October 20 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Womens & Big Pharma's Greed - Estrogen 'Therapy' Increases The Risk Of Breast Cancer By 33%

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Cabale News ServiceOctober 20 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Womens & Big Pharma's Greed - A US Government Report Indicates Estrogen Therapy Increases The Risk Of Breast Cancer By 33%

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In The News:
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The situation for Gays in the US military is getting more complicated and more open at the same time. The Pentagon has apparently ordered recruiters to re-enlist openly Gay military personnel discharged under the Pentagon's Don't Ask Don't Tell rule even as the judge who ruled it unconstitutional has refused to stay the ruling. Although an appeal is likely to be filed, for now DADT IS no longer lawful.

In France the continuing "rolling strikes" have hit the transportation and fuel industry. 5000+ of 7000+- gas stations are closed and the railroads are not running. NOW the teachers have gone on strike releasing the students, who are RIOTING IN THE STREETS.
"At least a million protesters demonstrated in cities across France in the biggest and most persistent challenge to economic reforms anywhere in Europe... ...Speaking in the seaside town of Deauville where he met the leaders of Russia and Germany, (president) Sarkozy appealed for restraint as hooded protesters in the southern city of Lyon torched cars and looted shops after using cafe chairs to smash windows... ...Police used tear gas to disperse protesters in the Paris suburb of Nanterre, where the mayor said 200 youths set cars on fire and smashed public property." More @ Reuters
Feeling left out? Don't worry America, you'll get your chance to be impoverished... As an outcome of the G20 Toronto, the IMF has an austerity plan for YOUR Social Security too!

What? You don't believe they're going to "austerize" America's Social Security? Read "The Attack of the Real Black Helicopter Gang: The IMF Is Coming for Your Social Security", by economist Dean Baker.

More on the New Look Of Global Austerity at these links:

Women have been doing this under doctor's orders for 20+ years... and now a government commission has filed a report on the link between breast cancer and 'estrogen replacement therapy' which has shown a DEFINITE link.. A 33% greater risk of cancer if women take BigPharma's pills. Cessation of the pill regimen is generally advised.

But do the Afghanis care what NATO thinks? The NATO Afghanistan peace conference in Vienna has included Iran in the talks.

Democracy is it's own reward... The results are in from Afghanistan's government election a few months back. 3.1 million out of a total of 5.3 million ballots were disqualified.

Into the sunset... The British government is about to scrap it's last remaining aircraft carrier.

In OTHER News...

Who would have thought there'd be gunfire (or that said gunfire would be news) near the building that houses the people who control most of the planet's fired weapons? Shots fired at Pentagon, no injuries. The person who did this appears to have 'experience':
Director of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency Steven Calvery said he considered the shooting to be "a random event" and did not foresee any new security measures.

But he added that the investigation was continuing and that authorities were looking for any possible link to a shooting over the weekend at the nearby National Museum of the Marine Corps, which also only caused minor damage to the building.

"Right now we consider this just a random event. But if our investigation and others' ascertain that it's part of a larger incident, we would have to evaluate that," Calvery told a Pentagon news briefing.

The Pentagon was one of the targets of the September 11, 2001 attacks and Calvery said the Joint Terrorism Task Force was assisting in the Pentagon investigation, along with local police.

Still, it appeared as if investigators had little firm initial evidence. No bullet casings have been found or suspects identified. While investigators believe a high-velocity rifle was used, ballistic tests still needed to be done. (Reuters)

Speaking of Austere times, The Crystal Cathedral in Southern California files for Bankruptcy

October 19, 2010

The 10,000 member megachurch in Orange County, Calif. declared bankruptcy Monday. The church, home of the televangelist show "Hour of Power," has debts of more than $43 million.

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In case you're wondering why they have "Gold Toilets" and you don't...
...It's because criminals prosper in the Plutocratic States Of America:
Banks Sold the Same Mortgage Over and Over to Investors
By: David Dayen

Tuesday October 19, 2010

I mentioned this at the end of this post about investor lawsuits, but it deserves to be highlighted. This is a level of fraud that I probably should’ve seen coming, but didn’t.

Apparently, Bank of America has admitted in a court filing that they sold the same mortgage loan in multiple pools to investors.

In layman’s terms, say I own the FDL News Cupcake Food Truck and you come up to buy a cupcake. I sell it to you, and then I sell the same cupcake to the guy behind you, and the guy behind you. As you all wait for your order, you talk to each other and realize that you were all sold the same cupcake. So who actually owns it?

Mortgage - Triple-Pledged

That’s directly from the court document, saying that many loans and other mortgage-related assets “have been double- and even triple-pledged to various constituencies.” It would be impossible to designate ownership in that scenario unless the trustees of the mortgage pools took back all the loans and assigned them again.

You’re talking about the same mortgage loan sold two or three times to different people. In the hustle to get as much paper out the door as possible, all kinds of fraudulent occurrences like this happened. An anonymous whistleblower at Zero Hedge basically corroborates this today... More at Firedoglake

...And In Razer's home town, Santa Cruz California, the Veterans who run the VFW Hall made a Holiday Dinner Announcement

There will be none.
SC Vets Hall Thanksgiving

The County closed the building, alleging it is unsafe, a situation which has prompted the United Veterans Council – of which VFW Post 5888 is a part – to bring suit against the County in Superior Court, jury trial is scheduled to commence November 15th. The eviction, and lack of offers by the County for substitute facilities, resulted in a regrettable decline of in services for veterans and the community at large. At the last Post meeting, October 6, the decision was made that the Post is unable to hold the Holiday Dinners, this year.
In other words the county has mysteriously declared the building that VFW Post #1588 (Bill Motto, ANTI-war) has used for at least the thirty five years of Razer's residence here a 'seismic hazard' because of an un-level floor and some loose plaster.

Auntie Imperial commented on the IndyBay thread regarding why no one sought another place to prepare the meal:
If they knew...
by Auntie Imperial
Tuesday Oct 19th, 2010

The only other public place that comes to mind that could handle the 1000+- people who attend and the THREE DAYS of preparation time needed would be the Civic Auditorium, and you don't REALLY believe the city would host such an event for their impoverished, seniors, houseless, and community in general?

Their WHOLE TACTIC IS destruction of the current community. They've already eliminated all low wage resident workers (as opposed to college students who party on the 'wages' provided by the 16 hr a week jobs offered by most DT businesses) who used to live downtown and replace them with over-the-hill commuting, shopping mall as entertainment worshiping 'citizenry' of people who are socially isolated and have homes to cook meals in... ...and college students... who mostly won't be around on Thanksgiving.

At least that's their target for a Santa Cruz city population, and they're actively working on it.

Do you REALLY think the city and the tourist trash businesses they pander to would want their underclass downtown while the affluent window shop the day before "The busiest shopping day of the year"?

Of course not.

Hell... Councilmember Cynthia Matthews even engaged in personal communications with the Presbyterian arch-diocese implying that Father Joel at the Red Church was not cooperating with the city's "homeless plan" by continuing to operate the Monday evening youth meal, which caused an investigation by the diocese.

BTW... Turn your back on these pigs for a second and they'll just drop the vets hall into it's own footprint... level the ground,and build some 'telecommuting cubies' In Full


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