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October 19 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The Electoral Battle Is Joined & Laughing At The Talking Heads Will Help You Retain Sanity

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Cabale News ServiceOctober 19 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: The Run-Up - The Electoral Battle Is Joined... Laughing At The 'Talking Heads' Will Help You Retain Your Sanity

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In The News:
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Just like the Kennedys and their Scotch - We're two weeks from an election in California that might 'recreationalize' Pot and the Mexican authorities have captured 105 tons of marijuana.

As France moves into the sixth day of a general strike the focus is on electrical and transit systems. There may be as many as 1/2 million people marching in Paris today and polls show 70% popular support among the rest of the 'proles'.

As if that's not enough a Saudi report says the comments from the captured fighter in Afghanistan are correct about attacks on European targets... and France IS the primary target possibly due to the French regime's decision to ban females from wearing their traditional Burquas.

But it IS notable there ARE active threats to American territory...

Houston... One wonders if anyone would miss it:
"Thanks to the oil patch city’s petro-importance , “al Qaeda has been chomping at the bit to attack Houston, but their lack of capacity has held them back,” Federal News Radio remarks. [Source: CQ Behind The Lines (subscribe)]

Three suicide bombers commit a coordinated attack on the Chechnyan parliament building. There are six known dead.

In OUR WAR... Afghanistan... NATO is reporting two more soldier killed.

Could it be our ongoing presence and continuing deaths of our soldiers in a worthless lost war is really Obama's Finest Hour? Killing innocent people for "Made-Up Crap" is one way to make enemies and keep the casualty count high.

San Carlos California is going out of the business of supplying services to their citizens as they issue a formal request for their Fire Department to be attached to the county. The city of San Carlos is attempting to stay afloat as a municipal entity in an increasingly downsized California. The Police department tasks were recently outsourced to the county which is due take over on November first.


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