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October 18 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: 'Recreational Use', What A Euphemism! Will California Growers Go To Pot OR Go With Greed?

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

Cabale News ServiceOctober 18 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: 'Recreational Use'... What A Euphemism! Will California's Growers 'Go To Pot' Or 'Go With Greed'?

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In The News:
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The latest intelligence from Afghanistan has our military believing Osama bin-Laden " hiding out at a home in North Waziristan"

Multisource political news, world news, and entertainment news analysis by

...and further, is being protected by the Pakistani ISI... That is being denied, as we continue to hit North Waziristan with five more drone attacks reportedly killing twelve militants and denying the existence of civilian casualties.

Did you know they had one? The Yemeni Air Force has struck at al Qaeda factions in the country killing five umn, 'people', as locals claim civilians were killed in the raids.

Yes folks... all in all it's:
Obama's Finest Hour: Killing Innocent People For "Made-Up Crap"

If ever I am tempted by the siren songs of my tribal past as a deep-fried, yellow-dawg Democrat, and begin to feel any faint, atavistic stirrings of sympathy for the old gang, I simply think of things like the scenario below, sketched last week by Johann Hari, and those wispy ghosts of partisanship past go howling back to the depths:
Imagine if, an hour from now, a robot-plane swooped over your house and blasted it to pieces. The plane has no pilot. It is controlled with a joystick from 7,000 miles away, sent by the Pakistani military to kill you. It blows up all the houses in your street, and so barbecues your family and your neighbours until there is nothing left to bury but a few charred slops. Why? They refuse to comment. They don't even admit the robot-planes belong to them. But they tell the Pakistani newspapers back home it is because one of you was planning to attack Pakistan. How do they know? Somebody told them. Who? You don't know, and there are no appeals against the robot.

Now imagine it doesn't end there: these attacks are happening every week somewhere in your country. They blow up funerals and family dinners and children. The number of robot-planes in the sky is increasing every week. You discover they are named "Predators", or "Reapers" – after the Grim Reaper. No matter how much you plead, no matter how much you make it clear you are a peaceful civilian getting on with your life, it won't stop. What do you do? If there was a group arguing that Pakistan was an evil nation that deserved to be violently attacked, would you now start to listen?

...[This] is in fact an accurate description of life in much of Pakistan today, with the sides flipped. The Predators and Reapers are being sent by Barack Obama's CIA, with the support of other Western governments, and they killed more than 700 civilians in 2009 alone – 14 times the number killed in the 7/7 attacks in London. The floods were seen as an opportunity to increase the attacks, and last month saw the largest number of robot-plane bombings ever: 22. Over the next decade, spending on drones is set to increase by 700 per cent.
Friends, it's very simple: if you support Barack Obama and the Democrats -- even if reluctantly, even if you're just being all sophisticatedly super-savvy and blogospherically strategic about it, playing the "long game" or eleven-dimensional chess or what have you -- you are supporting the outright murder of innocent people who have never done anything against you or yours. You have walked into a house, battered down the bedroom door, put the barrel of a gun against the temple of a sleeping child, and pulled the trigger. That is what you are supporting, that is what you are complicit in, that is what you yourself are doing...

In Full, Chris Floyd @ Empire Burlesque

The Obama administration has put a new rules into effect called the "Plain Writing Act Of 2010". It Will HOPEFULLY keep the verbiage in government documents to a minimum, perhaps even making those documents legible to non-politicians (but most American politicians still won't understand what they're signing...)

The Philippines is under the gun of the largest storm ever recorded in the region. It has already passed over Vietnam causing massive damage.

President Obama drew 35,000 people at a campaign stop stumping for Democratic candidates in Ohio. He spoke of campaign financing and how much the GOP spends.

...and in California, one of the supposed 'smart ones', Republican Meg Whitman, having made a billion with the eBay website, is still spending her own millions in a gubernatorial run against all odds.

In OTHER News:

Last week, all eyes were on Lebanon, and Iranian president Ahmadinejad's visit.

The Western media made a big deal out of Iran's leader being handed a 'captured Israeli rifle' along with a remark misinterpreted, as always (by the Western media... Haaretz got it right) as a threat to Israel's existence.

The way a Facebook 'friend' of mine put it:
"All the fanfare with Nasrallah handing Ahmadinejad a captured Israeli rifle, etc. was just theater. A power sharing arrangement between Nuri al Maliki and Muqtada al Sadr will hopefully bring the Shia militias under control, although the Sunnis seem to have been left out of this deal. This is what really happened last week in Lebanon. "
Iran brokers behind-the-scenes deal for pro-Tehran government in Iraq
Exclusive: Fears over Iran's influence after secret talks involving Syria, Hezbollah and the highest authorities in Shia Islam

Martin Chulov in Baghdad

Sunday 17 October 2010

Iran has brokered a critical deal with its regional neighbours that could see a pro-Tehran government installed in Iraq, a move that would shift the fragile country sharply away from a sphere of western influence.

The Guardian can reveal that the Islamic republic was instrumental in forming an alliance between Iraq's Nouri al-Maliki, who is vying for a second term as prime minister, and the country's powerful radical Shia cleric leader, Moqtada al-Sadr.

The deal – which involved Syria, Lebanon's Hezbollah and the highest authorities in Shia Islam – positions Maliki as a frontrunner to return as leader despite a seven-month stalemate between Iraq's feuding political blocs.

It also positions Iran as a potent buffer to US interests at a time when America is looking to change its relationship with Iraq from military overlords to civilian partners.

Senior officials in Iraq have given the Guardian details of the behind-the-scenes Iranian campaign which began in earnest in early September... More @

The Feds practiced their social network stalking during the last presidential elections... because perfect practice makes for perfect surveillance states.

The Feds Spook Kos and NPR
[Click the image to read about it]

Razer himself is feeling a bit ..."Spooked" as the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security 'Assimilate' with the Cyber-Borg:
The NSA and DHS “have breathed the same air on cybersecurity for seven years, but it’s taken until [now] for the two executive branch departments to make their union official... (Source, CQ Behind The Lines for today [subscribe]

Stephen M. Walt, (co-author of "The Israel lobby and U.S. foreign policy" (2007) with John J. Mearsheimer) publishes a 'book report' after reading S. C. Gwynne's "Empire of the Summer Moon: Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches":
" is a sobering fact to realize that despite its clear interest in victory and its clear advantages in numbers, wealth, and technology, it took the United States nearly four decades to finally defeat the Comanche. If you are seeking a similarly decisive victory in Central Asia, therefore, you'd better be prepared to stay there in strength for a long, long time."
Read more of what he has to say in "Lookit ALL Those "Injuns"! - The Comanche and the Taliban... What The Indian Wars Tell Us About The Taliban".

Finally... Haiti... remember Haiti? Had a BIG earthquake just a while back and the international community sprang into action?
Haiti's 1.3 Million Camp Dwellers Waiting in Vain
Friday 15 October 2010
by: Correspondents | Inter Press Service | Report

Grand Goave - Rosie Benjamin is just one of over 1.3 million people living in Haiti's 1,354 squalid refugee camps. She and 1,200 others are jammed into 300 tents and plastic tarp-shacks on a soccer field in Grand GoĆ¢ve.

Like about 70 percent of Haiti's refugee camps, the residents here are on their own. Apart from water deliveries, they get nothing from the government and the massive humanitarian apparatus on the ground. No food. No jobs. And no news about their future.

"We went to City Hall, we didn't learn anything. We went to Terre des Hommes, nothing," Benjamin said. "So far we haven't gotten anything. Nothing. We are sitting here and we have no idea what anyone is thinking."

Benjamin and her neighbours live on money from relatives overseas, share what food they have, and every now and then a non-governmental organisation (NGO) drops off some bulgar wheat and vegetable oil, but that's about it. Some of the children – many of whom will likely not go to school this year – even have orange-tinted hair.

Asked about that obvious sign of malnutrition and other conditions, Deborah Hyde, a member of the U.N. "Shelter Cluster" – a U.N.-mandated management team tasked with trying to coordinate the NGOs working on the shelter issue – said...

Find out what she said here


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