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October 13 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Media Strip-Mining In Chile - Too Much Information From Someplace Like The End Of The Earth

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Cabale News ServiceOctober 13 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Media Strip-Mining In Chile - 'Too Much Information!' From One Of The Most Desolate Places On The Face Of The Earth

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In The News:
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The thirty three Chilean miners trapped underground for sixty nine days are slowly being rescued. Thirteen are now above-ground and it takes about fifty minutes for each rescue. There are close to FIFTEEN THOUSAND reporters on the scene, including news staff from the North Korean and Yemeni media.

The president has lifted the ban on offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico imposed following the blowout of the Deepwater-Horizon-Macondo oil well, but those permits will be reinstated under supposedly stiff new regulations. There were only approximately sixty permits affected by the moratorium.

The Whitman-Brown California gubernatorial debate went ahead last night even as the Green Party candidate was removed from the campus of the Catholic college in San Rafael where the debate was held.

Remember this on election day... Meg Whitman is NOT a "Whore". She's just trying to buy the elections with her own money, and that more likely puts her in the "Panderer" or "Jane" category.

"The French are fully capable of not going to work" - It's Day Two of the French General strike and students around the country are beginning to get active leading some to believe it could be a reoccurrence of the MASSIVE general strike in 1968 where the sentiment "So what if all the colleges burn down?" was scrawled in graffiti on the Sorbonne along with other witticisms such as "Demand The Impossible"."
What Sarkozy and his government are now closely monitoring is whether the students and schoolchildren are going to join the protests. If they do, there is trouble ahead. Each time that French youth has taken to the streets, either in 1986 or in 2005, the government has had to give in to the protesters and withdraw whatever law the street disapproved of.

In May 1968 they almost toppled the regime, with Charles de Gaulle secretly scurrying to check on the army's loyalty in Baden Baden, the then headquarters of the French army in Germany. Figures show that yesterday's demonstrations attracted many more young people than those during the previous weeks had. If the strike were to be held again, day after day, it could create enough momentum for the nation's youth to join forces with their elders and change the face of the movement.

The future will tell whether the slogan of "strike till you retire" appeals to France's younger generation – and whether the street still call the shots in France... -MORE-
Also see this writeup @ and this Youtube for some visuals about that rebellion, and also at Youtube, this excellent series about 1968... in general.

Six more NATO troops have been killed in Afghanistan as the war there continues to destroy soldiers and innocent alike.

Speaking of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and our no longer believable war on terror...

In the "You Voted For This Joker And His Foreign Policy Hypocrisy" department:
Here's what they are saying about America's Terror Warriors in the UK's arch-conservative Daily Telegraph:
Since the beginning of September alone, President Obama has authorised at least 25 targeted killings. The total since he came to office is more than 100. These have certainly killed some of the senior operatives of al-Qaeda and the Taliban. They have also killed dozens of people, including a large number of women and children, who were not involved in terrorism.

And yet there has been very little protest, certainly compared to the storm of international criticism that greeted the decision to hold suspected terrorists at Guantanamo – a policy that didn't kill anyone, let alone any innocent women and children. The silence from human rights groups over the drone attacks is deafening. What has persuaded them that it is acceptable to kill people, including people who are not terrorists, but that it is inhumane to deprive them of a good night's sleep?
In Full, Chris Floyd
A Federal judge has thrown out the Pentagon's "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy as unconstitutional, depriving people of equal protection under the law. The "Lame Duck" session of congress coming up was going to vote on a repeal... but the Obama administration and the DOJ might simply just drop their end of the case and finish it now.

Queer Does NOT Equal Killer


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