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October 05 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: VocTech Nation - Our Education-Industrial Complex Is NOT Producing A Usable 'Product'

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Cabale News ServiceOctober 05 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: VocTech Nation - Our Education-Industrial Complex Is NOT Producing A Usable 'Product'

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In The News:
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The fire season is officially over in Northern California as rains soak the region.

Considering that the rich are the only ones who can afford a four year college degree anymore President Obama has spoken and there will be federal support for community colleges as Vocational and Technical schools, which is pretty much what they always have been, at least in California.

The US Supreme Court is back in session with three women on the bench and they WILL NOT hear James Ford Seale, a former KKK leader's appeal on convictions for two counts of kidnapping and one of conspiracy to commit kidnapping resulting in murders committed in 1967 (correction: 1964). He was just recently convicted (2007).

Israeli setttlers have burned a mosque and Qurans near Bethlehem... Juan Cole has more:
Palestinians in the village of Beit Fajjar near Bethlehem say that Israeli settlers snuck into their mosque and set fire to it, as well as burning copies of the Quran. Photos of the scene show scorched rugs where the fires were put out, and charred pages of the Muslim holy book. Graffiti in Hebrew calling for ‘revenge’ and a scrawled star of David was left behind.

The mosque arson and Quran-burning are typical of militant squatter tactics. In the past 18 months they have committed dozens of acts of arson against Palestinian property, including orchards and buildings. Although the Israeli military, which administers the Palestinian West Bank, says it is concerned about such actions, the Israeli perpetrators are almost never punished (the typical pattern in colonial settler regimes). [In Full]

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The Washington Post calls for an escalation of the war in (on...) Pakistan, which has roads blocked and bridges blown up in protest of US and NATO raids over the border from Afghanistan.

Thirty more trucks were burned outside of Islamabad recently, bringing the count of destroyed vehicle for the week to 50 or more and NATO is STILL trying to figure out how to get fuel and supplies to our war on those countries.

Juan Cole again, with more (note the caveat above):
The closing of the Khyber crossing and the exposure of stalled NATO convoys to attacks by Muslim extremists has roiled Islamabad’s relations with Washington. The Pakistani government appears to have felt that it had no choice but to take some visible action against the US, given the public rage throughout the country over the US attack on the Pakistani checkpoint and US violations of Pakistani sovereignty.

Some 75 percent of supplies (food, ammunition, even military vehicles) and 50 percent of the fuel needed by US and NATO troops in Afghanistan flow from the Arabian Sea port of Karachi in Pakistan’s Sindh Province up highways to Peshawar and then across the Khyber Pass into Afghanistan. The convoys are being impeded not only by the closure to them of the crossing at Torkham but also by all the bridges and highways washed out by Pakistan’s recent massive flooding.

High US officers in Afghanistan are said to be furious about the Pakistani closure of the Khyber pass to their convoys. Some one hundred trucks are waiting at Torkham. After Monday’s attack on more fuel trucks, the officers must be even more angry.

Pakistan receives aid monies in recognition of its help with transiting supplies, and the American officers are reported by Pakistan’s “The News” daily to have threatened Islamabad with a cut-off of that aid if the boycott continues. [More]
As the Terrorist Attack Alert driven police state in Europe continues, and US soldiers are warned not to leave American facilities wearing their uniforms, five German jihadists ostensibly trained in Pakistan were reportedly killed in North Waziristan by a drone strike.

Update on the Afghanistan side of this regional war, 4:18 PM PDT October 05 2010...
Afghan Security and ChildTriple bombing hits Afghan convoy
At least nine people, including eight children, reported dead after attack targets police in Kandahar.

05 Oct 2010 19:53 GMT - At least three bombs, which apparently targeted a police convoy in Afghanistan's Kandahar province, have killed at least nine people, including many children, and injured more than 20 others, Al Jazeera has learned.

The blasts took place in a residential area in the west of Kandahar city, in the country's south, on Tuesday.

"We are hearing that the attack was aimed at a police convoy. The first explosion hit this police convoy. Another team [of security forces] rushed to see if they could help the survivors of this explosion when the second and a third explosions went off," Sue Turton, Al Jazeera's correspondent reported from Kabul, the capital.

Eight children were among the dead, Zalmai Ayoubi, a provincial government spokesman, said.
[In Full]

One More Thing...

A prelude to the same in the United States... Japan's central bank is frantically attempting to stimulate growth by basically GIVING the money to lenders:
Foreign Policy

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Japan's central bank cuts rates to around zero

In an attempt to stimulate lending and fight deflation, the Bank of Japan cut its benchmark interest rate to a range of 0 to 0.1 percent...
Maybe it's because they know the money they peddle is rapidly becoming de-valued to valueless.

In light of the commentary, some children, getting 'educated' (by television):

The Product is YOU...
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