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September 30 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: On The Verge - The Government Is About To Shut Down, How To Stop That From Happening Again

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Cabale News ServiceSeptember 30 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: On The Verge - The US Government Is About To 'Shut Down'... How To Stop That From Happening Again

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In The News:
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The situation in Pakistan and Afghanistan continues to deteriorate. In response to multiple air raids into Pakistan by the US and NATO Pakistan has destroyed a bridge US troops rebuilt at Torkham in August, 2009 after it was wiped out by a flash flood. The Pakistani government has called for a halt to all NATO shipments into the tribal lands to the North, which most likely WERE NOT relief shipments.

In the meantime, CIA Chief Panetta is in Pakistan conferring with Pakistan's CIA, the ISI and has OTHER PRESSING PROBLEMS... Death Squad Problems.
An Internet video showing men in Pakistani military uniforms executing six young men in civilian clothes has heightened concerns about unlawful killings by Pakistani soldiers supported by the United States, American officials said.

A video on the Facebook page of the Pashtuns’ International Association seemed to show young men in civilian clothes being killed by Pakistani soldiers. The Pakistani military said it was faked.

Video of the Killings Warning: Contains Graphic Images
(Ed. don't bother... it's no longer at the Facebook page)

The authenticity of the five-and-a-half-minute video, which shows the killing of the six men — some of whom appear to be teenagers, blindfolded, with their hands bound behind their backs — has not been formally verified by the American government. The Pakistani military said it was faked by militants.

But American officials, who did not want to be identified because of the explosive nature of the video, said it appeared to be credible, as did retired American military officers and intelligence analysts who have viewed it.

After viewing the graphic video on Wednesday, an administration official said: “There are things you can fake, and things you can’t fake. You can’t fake this.”

The director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Leon E. Panetta, who was in Islamabad on Wednesday on a previously scheduled visit, was expected to raise the subject of the video with the chief of the Pakistani Army, Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, and the head of the Pakistani spy agency, Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha, American officials said...
[In Full at the New York Times]
...and to top it off, Adam Gadahn, considered the premier English speaking proponent of Jihad, has called for the overthrow of the Pakistani government due to their inability to cope with the recent monsoon-driven flooding among other things.

France has been expelling Roma gypsies for a few weeks, and now they have been charged by the EU with Genocide after gypsy conclaves in place for hundreds of years are bulldozed and the Roma deported.

Congress has ALMOST gone home but Jim DeMint is still hanging up a number of bills in the Senate with parliamentary procedures. Details.

One... More... Thing.

The disinformation push begins.

Did you know that the satchel of meds the US soldiers who hunted Afghanis for sport gobbled down each day wasn't responsible for their amoral behavior?

"Admiral Mike" claims Hashish may have been:
Smirking Mike MullenKill squad' fallout:
How many US troops in Afghanistan use hashish?

Adm. Mike Mullen, the Pentagon's top officer, said Wednesday that the 'kill squad' allegations – that drug use could have been a factor in one unit's decision to allegedly kill Afghans for fun – raises questions about troops' use of hashish in Afghanistan... [In Full]
It's worth the visit to Christian Science Monitor's site just to see a full size image of the smirk on Mullen's lying face... or click the thumbnail.


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