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September 24 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: My Friends Consider 'Moving Out' - 'Back To The Land' Again Or American Political Refugees

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Cabale News ServiceSeptember 24 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: My Friends Consider 'Moving Out' - 'Back To The Land' Again... Or American Political Refugees?

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In The News:
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It's pretty much over for this federal legislative session - After all the talk about the Democrats and tax proposals etc, the Democratic Senate leadership will not take up extending the Bush tax cuts, while the House has managed to pass a tax credit bill allowing small community banks to make small business loans. Details from the 'Journal of Accountancy'. Off the floor there are a number of non-debated issues left, but they should be resolved by early next week.

It's Friday and the rumor in California was the same as last Friday. The "framework of an agreement" has been reached but there's STILL no budget in California as the gubernatorial race between Meg Whitman, who has spent $150 MILLION dollars, and former governor Jerry Brown is in a dead heat.

EVERYONE got their cardio exercise yesterday at the UN General Assembly session in New York - President Obama said the words Israel doesn't want to hear... He expects them to extend the settlement building ban. Meanwhile at least 30 Western delegations walked out on Iran's president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as he called Israel 'Racist', referring to 9/11 as a U.S. conspiracy designed to continue it's economic and military domination of the world, and Iran and Lebanon walked out on Israeli president Peres' 'Friendship Speech'.

The Republicans have unveiled their 'Pledge to America'. It includes tax breaks for every American in every pot and more.

The Washington Post on that 'Pledge': "It didn't take too long for the Republican leaders to appoint themselves as arrogant elites."

The US government HAS filed it's appeal on the injunction permanently barring the enforcement of Pentagon's Don't Ask Don't Tell policy claiming it was a legislative issue to be resolved outside the courts.

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