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September 22 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Bob Woodward Writes The Book On Who Wants Out Of Afghanistan And Who Doesn't

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Cabale News ServiceSeptember 22 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: 'At Least We Know Who's On Which Side' - Bob Woodward Writes The Book On Who Wants Out Of Afghanistan And Who Doesn't

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In The News:
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The "Don't Ask Don't Tell" elimination rider has killed the Defense Appropriation bill with the Republicans voting against it en masse. Expect no action on it until after November's elections. Options follow.

Elective readings on "Defense" Appropriations from Foreign Policy In Focus:
"In reality, military spending doesn’t create jobs, it kills them. According to a study by the Center for Economic and Political Research..."
That and much more HERE

The Yemeni army most like in cooperation with our seventy two JSOC 'special operators' in the country have been fighting in the Southern and coastal areas. They have apparently captured a couple of fighters who had been released from Guantanamo as they push towards the mountains in pursuit of the US citizen Islamic 'renegade' preacher Anwar al-Awlaki who has been ordered assassinated.

He does... due to what he does, and where he does it - US forces have arrested an Afghan reporter who they have accused of having 'ties with the Taliban'.

I guess we know who's in charge now! Bob Woodward has come out with new book detailing the invasion of Afghanistan that shows the president (Obama) looking for withdrawal even as the Pentagon was pushing for a surge. The White House likes the book, saying it showed a 'decisive' president Obama.

Counterpoint to the commentary, from an email list Razer frequents [A-List]:
"Nice to know there are so many bigshots wanting to get out of Afghanistan, or otherwise, knowing the Obama strategy cannot succeed. Such as Holbrooke... Of course none of them are angels from up in heaven, Holboook's most remarkable accomplishment has been stopping the defoliation of poppy fields and keeping the heroin flowing. Remember that? His idea was "We'll focus on the distribution networks after they pay the growers, and focus on the financial flows thru the banks in the region..." Perfectly contradictory goals. Of course Karzai's govt has become a narco state. (source)
Tom Engelhardt from TomDispatch on the state of our war on Afghanistan:
"Meanwhile, Afghan war commander General David Petraeus was interviewed last week by Martha Raddatz of ABC News.

Asked whether the American war in Afghanistan, almost a decade old, was finally on the right counterinsurgency track and could go on for another nine or ten years, Petraeus agreed that we were just at the beginning of the process, that the “clock” was only now ticking, and that we needed “realistic expectations” about what could happen and how fast. “Progress” in Afghanistan, he commented, was often so slow that it could feel like “watching grass grow or paint dry.”

Now, I’m not a betting man, but I’d head for Vegas tomorrow and put my money down against the general and on Americans generally when it comes to assessing the future..." [In Full]
"When WILL this happen in my city?" You ask... Eight city officials of Bell California, population 36,552 (2009) who had been massively overpaid (the city manager made 4 times as much money as the president of the United States) have been arrested for misappropriation of public funds (53 counts against one person), conflict of interest and more. For what it's worth, the chief of police in the California city Razer lives in, a town of 55,000+-, makes close to $150,000 a year, and many of the officers make $80-$100,000. The unsolved murder rate is 85% and the police spend most of their efforts during the year in a city government and downtown business driven homeless purge and pursuing people who illegally smoke cigarettes (a recently passed 'ordinance') on the main downtown street.

In OTHER News:

Iraq... Remember Iraq?
"Combat operations are officially over in Iraq. But the US Air Force is still flying tens of thousands of missions over Iraq. USA pilots have been continuously operating over Iraq since 1990 Gulf War. And they’re likely to fly there for years to come; while Iraqi ground troops have steadily taken a bigger and bigger role in the country’s security, its air force is still lagging far behind.

Thru 1st 7 mos of 2010 USA pilots flew 4,620 “close air support” missions over ground troops in combat. Meanwhile, US air war over Afghanistan escalates. Only last month, US pilots flew 3,200 “close air support” sorties over Afghanistan, dropping bombs or firing weapons on 500 different missions." ~~S. Brian Willson

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