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September 16 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: No News IS NOT 'Good News' - Suggestion... Walk Out Of Afghanistan Before We're Tossed Out

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

Cabale News ServiceSeptember 16 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: No News IS NOT 'Good News' - Suggestion... Find A Way To Walk Out Of Afghanistan Before We're Tossed Out

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In The News:
Thanks to ChrisM, my MP3Angel, for supplying the commentary and news audio files this morning.

Due to unavoidable time constraints, only the briefest of synopses this morning.

No news IS NOT good news in our war on Afghanistan and Pakistan's tribal population. Details on a couple of battles in provinces and towns thought to be 'in control'. Much more in the commentary.

A Republican establishment candidate has won the Republican primary in New York. More.

The senate is expected to vote today on the business assistance (and tax breaks) bill. Don't Ask Don't Tell shows up next week along with a rider added to the Defense Appropriations bill allowing immigrant students to attend school and earn their citizenship.

In Sacramento California the IOU threat for state employees and others dependent on state monies (matching grants for SSDI recipients etc) looms large after seventy eight days without a state budget...

...and Meg Whitman loans herself some more of her millions to buy her way into the state's governorship.

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar has ordered all abandoned wells in the Gulf of Mexico plugged as BP continues working on the remnants of the Deepwater/Horizon/Macondo wreckage.

Only about 25% of the aid necessary to provide flood relief for the citizens of Pakistan and the region is 'on the books' so far.

In Other News:

Yesterday I reported the Oakland SEIU's support for Proposition 19, legalize/tax Marijuana.

Here's more. Oakland's Teamsters Local 70 inducts Marijuana industry employees:
Medical Marijuana Growers Join with Teamsters

About 40 medical marijuana industry employees joined with the Teamsters Local 70 in Oakland, California earlier this month, ratifying a contract after their employer recognized their union without interference. These employees are different from those of medical marijuana dispensaries who joined with UFCW Local 5. The newest Teamster members are those who tend to plants at a medical marijuana management company.

The workers are trimmers, gardeners and cloners. Cloners clone different strains of marijuana, depending on its medical needs, said Lou Marchetti, the business agent for Local 70, which organized the workers and negotiated the contract. Marjyn Investments provides medical marijuana used by patients suffering from cancer, HIV and other life threatening illnesses. [In Full]

Finally, Derrick Jensen...
World Gone Mad - The diagnosis is clear

"No one seems to mention our chronic psychopathology as a nation. Blindness to suffering is one of this culture’s central defining characteristics, & a central defining characteristic of sociopathology.

Those in power destroy sustainable communities, not just sustainable indigenous communities but new ways people find to live on their land more sustainably. If those in power decide that land is needed for roads/shopping malls/parking lots, those in power will seize that land. This is how dominant culture works. Everything & everyone must be sacrificed to econ production & growth, to continuation of this culture.

Our sociopathic behavior collectively, and individually, is literally killing us. Empathy for others is indispensable, and feeling the consequences of our actions on others is also indispensable if we want to survive.

*Some characteristics of sociopaths as listed in SecF60.2 of "The ICD-10 Classification of Mental and Behavioural Disorders" (WHO, 1992):.." [In Full]


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