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August 31 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Mexico - How Do You Measure The Success Of A Government?

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Cabale News ServiceAugust 31 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Mexico - How Do You Measure The Success Of A Government?

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In The News:
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Today is day the Iraq War ends, for the United States. Officially. Details.

A morbidly interesting note, US soldier deaths in the new "peacetime" Iraq will STILL be considered Theatre of Operations combat deaths.

Also see: "Of Wars, And Rumors Of Wars: It's Been Said That The War On Iraq Is Over... Then Why Is The Pentagon Coming For Your Children?" and "Obama's Iraq Speech: Don't Expect Him to Say the War Is Over"

From Harpers Weekly Review:
Two thousand seven hundred twenty-two days after U.S. troops crossed the Kuwaiti border into Iraq, U.S. combat operations there officially ended. Vice President Joseph Biden arrived to usher in "Operation New Dawn," during which the nearly 50,000 American troops remaining in the country will still be available for combat missions when requested by Iraqi forces. Al Qaeda in Iraq claimed responsibility for coordinated attacks in 13 towns and cities that killed at least 56 people, many of them members of the Iraqi police and security forces, calling the assaults "the wings of victory sweeping again over a new day." General Ray Odierno, the outgoing U.S. commander in Iraq, said that the formation of a new government there could still be months away. "If we get the government formed, I think we're okay," Odierno said. "If we don't, I don't know." A gunman killed six people and wounded 14 in the Slovak capital of Bratislava. Five soldiers in Afghanistan were charged with forming a "kill team" to summarily execute random Afghan civilians, a college student recently returned from a month spent filming Marines in Afghanistan slashed a Muslim cab driver in New York, and General David Petraeus revealed that he is "an Enya guy."

Dry run? Two Americans, apparently Muslims from Detroit, have been arrested in Amsterdam after their luggage was found to contain a cell phone taped to a bottle of aspirin and other odd stuff.

Three dozen National Guard soldiers and their weapons have shown up in Arizona to patrol the South border, to be followed by hundreds more. Meanwhile the mayor of Juarez was assassinated and the Mexican government has fired 10% of their national police force for drug trade influenced corruption after being trained by the US. Who do you suppose they'll go to work for now?

Alaska's vote recount begins today with the nomination for the State senatorship split between old line Alaska politics Lisa Murkowski and the Tea Party's Joe Miller.

Four Americans were killed overnight in Afghanistan, and the US military declares PR war on Wind Turbines in America

...And in Santa Cruz California, the police department confiscated a 72 year old disabled homeless woman's shoes and sleeping bag despite protestations that she would be right back from the 'powder room'. The police would not allow the woman's friends to hold the items for her, and were selective about what they took, leaving other, less necessary items, behind. Reported by Razer, at Razed By Wolves

Finally, exactly one century ago today former President Theodore Roosevelt essentially called on his fellow citizens to smash the nation’s rich.

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