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August 20 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Where Do They Find These People? Former Ambassador Bolton & Next Week's Nuclear War

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Cabale News ServiceAugust 20 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Where Do They Find These People? Our Next War May Be Less Than A Week Away According To Former Ambassador John Bolton

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In The News:
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In the Gulf of Mexico things are NOT alright...

BP oil spill: US scientist retracts assurances over success of cleanup

In other words: "Massive Oil Plume Confirmed in Gulf of Mexico", "Gulf oil spill plume stretches 21 miles, not breaking down much"

For a good information clearinghouse on the spill, it's economic and social implications, see Project Gulf Impact

Here's a timely tip from Stan Goff, Feral Scholar about our government's greasy habits and the cost of oiling our war machine:
The U.S. military consumes about 85 million barrels of oil a year, making it the biggest single consumer of fuel in the country and perhaps the world. According to an interdisciplinary panel convened by the Defense Science Board (DSB ), cheap oil has distorted the American military into a handful of super-killing steel monsters, with the majority of the forces devoted to the logistics of simply feeding and fueling them.

“The Army employed sixty thousand soldiers solely for the purpose of providing petroleum, oil, and lubricants to its war machines, which have themselves become increasingly fuel-heavy. The sixty-eight-ton Abrams tank, for instance, burns through a gallon of fuel for every half mile. With its inefficient, 1960s-era engine, the Abrams tank burns twelve gallons of fuel an hour just idling.

“So much time and money is spent fueling the American fighting machines that, according to the head of the Army Materiel Command, a gallon of fuel delivered to the U.S. military in action can ultimately cost up to $400 a gallon. Indeed, 70 percent of the weight of all the soldiers, vehicles, and weapons of the entire U.S. Army is pure fuel.” [In Full]

Senator Kerry has delivered a not-so-friendly message to "President" Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan... succinctly, the US CANNOT OPERATE without military contractors, a cohort whom Karzai has banned in the country after the first of January 2011.

White folks flee Washington D.C. in August, and that includes Barack Obama, who's gone to Marthas Vineyard, well known for running it's show on green-carded Dominican Republic nationals and other 'dusky natives', for a little rest and relaxation.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will announce today that Israel Palestinian peace talks will begin again in two weeks.

Former UN ambassador John ("If the top floors of the UN 'went away' no one would miss them") Bolton says Israel has about 2-3 days to attack Iran, albeit the US has told Israel they shouldn't really do that.

Meanwhile, in America, a country rapidly showing all the signs of a 'kinder and gentler' despotism, Weekly Jobless Claims Soar Past 500,000 and some speak of General Strike, and Revolution:
It may be hard to imagine a revolution erupting tomorrow, but we need to remember that human history is one of resistance, riot and rebellion. In this issue, Adbusters #91: The Revolution Issue – I, Revolution, we provide a look back at history’s greatest struggles as well work from some of today’s freshest radical thinkers [In Full]


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