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August 09 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: It's Open Season In Washington - Your Congressman And Other Officials Come Home To Roost

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

Cabale News ServiceAugust 09 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: It's Open Season In Washington - Your Congressman And Other Elected Officials... 'Bag 'Em' (For A Talk) When They Come Home To Roost For Recess

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In The News:
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The International Space Station is in the middle of a crisis. There's a broken refrigeration unit (air conditioning) and the pump they intended to replace is being balky. Another space walk is planned. The first one took eight hours.

The House of Representatives is in special session after Nancy Pelosi called them back to vote on the Senate passed Job Bill.

President Obama has nominated a new U.S. ambassador to Venezuela, Larry Palmer, after the Republicans stalled it and it now turns out Venezuela will not accept him i-country after he said he thought Venezuela and the Colombian rebel group FARC were closely tied and how the Venezuelan military's morale was low because of the country's political system. Venezuela's president Hugo Chavez will meet with the new president of Colombia next week attempting to repair diplomatic damage in the wake of the Uribe administration.

Up to now Colombia has been the U.S. front-line (client) state in our Latin American wars but we have other allies if Colombia's new president Santos doesn't heel to American demands... See: "What the Heck Are US Marines Doing in Costa Rica?"

Speaking of Colombia... Remember the US assisted Colombian attack on a FARC "rebel" camp and the miraculously unscathed computer found in the wreckage alleged to contain information "proving" FARC's "Venezuelan ties"? Interpol was amused by the crude Colombian tampering (the 'Last Modified" dates were changed by a computer startup after confiscation), and now... a Columbian "Police investigator admits manipulating Reyes' files".

According to British Petroleum and the US government the "Top Kill" of the oil-spewing Deepwater/Horizon/Macondo oil well has 'worked' and now they'll attempt to plug the bottom of the well... There are claims BP plans to drill this site again, see "BP Eyes Reservoir Below Capped Well".

But whether it's REALLY all over meets skepticism. See "The Blowout Ends, but the Spill Goes On" at Firedoglake and "Oil Spill Is Mostly Gone, But Six Scientists Have Questions" at The Daily Beast.

Nice vacation if you can afford it - First Lady Michelle Obama and daughter Sasha met with Spain's royal family on Majorca...

It's ALWAYS been bandit territory - A NGO medical organization sponsored by a Christian group has had eight members killed by the Taliban who claim they were proselytizing Christianity.

Finally, Sorry occifer! we don't have relatives in Oklahoma Kansas Georgia Tennessee like the po' folk did in the 30s.

Santa Cruz California Peacecamp2010 has been under siege over the weekend with dozens of Misdemeanor citations written and almost a dozen arrests. The camp's lawyer, Ed Frey, and other participants have been arrested for refusal to cooperate and sign the tickets, claiming the law they are being cited for is unconstitutional and invalid.

One man is on hunger strike and remains incarcerated until a Tuesday hearing.

One person was overheard telling the sheriffs involved in the raid: "Someone just got hit by a drunk driver... because you were here enforcing this unconstitutional law instead of patrolling the highways on Saturday night". This correspondent saw the officer's shoulders rise with tension and one can only hope his 'dop kit' contains antacid.

The protest revolves around the apparent ongoing illegality of a total ban on sleeping outdoors covered with a blanket, or in any manner, between the hours of 11pm and 8am anywhere within the city limits.

HOWEVER, to avoid testing the city of Santa Cruz' 'camping ban' ordinances, the law the arrestees are being cited for is California State Penal Code 647(e).

It is understood from sources that the Santa Cruz police department has refused to cooperate with the Santa Cruz Sheriffs in citing under their own 'ordinance' (not 'law'... 'ordinance').

California State Penal Code 647(e) is applicable to anyone...
...Who lodges in any building, structure, vehicle, or place, whether public or private, without the permission of the owner or person entitled to the possession or in control of it."
This State Code implies that it's illegal to bed down anywhere in the state without domicile (a home) or a place to stay (lodging). Put simply... without housing, it's apparently illegal to be "(any) place" in the state for any length of time (because one MUST sleep).

[Santa Cruz lawyer Ed Frey forced to cooperate with arrest process]

It is a 'law' that should date back to slavery days when California was a 'free' state attempting to control the influx of escaped 'Nigras'.

This law is eerily close to the "Vagrancy Laws" overturned or sun-setted since the 40s, except in the South where laws like this were used into the 1960s to control the movement of the African American U.S. citizens.

Funny thing... (but I'm not laughing) you'd think this law was probably last used extensively in California during the GREAT DEPRESSION of the 1930s, but in reality this law was added to the state's law books over the last few years, the (e) subpart replacing the state's unconstitutional "Stop and Identify" statute.


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