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July 27 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: 'Economically Defined Realities' And The Retirement Myth

"All The News You Never Knew You Needed To Know ...Until Now."

Cabale News ServiceJuly 27 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: 'Economically Defined Realities' And The Retirement Myth - The American 'Working Life' Is Going To Be Re-Defined Again

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In The News:
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'We all only live once. So we are obligated to make good use of the time that we have and to do something that is meaningful and satisfying. This is something that I find meaningful and satisfying. That is my temperament. I enjoy creating systems on a grand scale, and I enjoy helping people who are vulnerable.

And I enjoy crushing bastards. So it is enjoyable work.'
~~WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange interviewed by Spiegel

The 'Hand Grenade Syndrome' hits the House of Representatives, who will rush into a vote for stripped down funding of our nasty wars in Afghanistan and Iraq because WikiLeak's 92,000 page "hand grenade's pin has been pulled and it HAS been tossed". There will be an amendment brought by Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul that requires the removal of US troops from Pakistan because there's no declaration of war like the "rules" demand... But on the other hand we haven't made a declaration of war since World War Twice.

Regarding that "92,000 page Hand Grenade"... In the words of Stan Goff, EX-JSOC Special Operator and Feral Scholar:
God bless ‘em. This is what disobedience looks like, and why we need more of it.
US authorities have known for weeks that they have suffered a haemorrhage of secret information on a scale which makes even the leaking of the Pentagon Papers during the Vietnam war look limited by comparison.

The Afghan war logs, from which the Guardian reports today, consist of 92,201 internal records of actions by the US military in Afghanistan between January 2004 and December 2009 – threat reports from intelligence agencies, plans and accounts of coalition operations, descriptions of enemy attacks and roadside bombs, records of meetings with local politicians, most of them classified secret.

The Guardian’s source for these is Wikileaks, the website which specialises in publishing untraceable material from whistleblowers, which is simultaneously publishing raw material from the logs.

Washington fears it may have lost even more highly sensitive material including an archive of tens of thousands of cable messages sent by US embassies around the world, reflecting arms deals, trade talks, secret meetings and uncensored opinion of other governments.
As of this AM, I can’t get wikileaks to open. Not sure what happened, but if anyone knows how to pull down these docs and cache them, it would be a public service for as many people as possible to do so, so these docs can never be reeled back in. [In Full]
The question on the lips of the media now... Was Bradley Manning the source? Manning being the person who leaked the macabre video, "Collateral Murder", showing the helicopter gunship massacre of Iraqi civilians, to WikiLeaks...
Adrian Lamo, the hacker who turned Manning in to authorities in May after a series of online conversations with him, told "Good Morning America" this morning that he suspects Manning was the source of the leak. Lamo then thickened the plot, adding that the data dump was such that he doesn't think the Army intelligence analyst had the technical expertise to do it alone. [In Full]

Tony Hayward, the CEO of BP, is going into retirement with a multi-million dollar grease-lined parachute, and a re-tasking, which will land him in Siberia... Literally... for a BP subsidiary. More.

Dropping Depth Charges and exploding stuff - The U.S. and South Korea are playing their war games in the waters somewhere off the coast of the two Koreas. North Korea has threatened 'Physical Action' if their territory is impinged on. Let's just hope everyone's GPS systems have been calibrated and are working correctly.

But it's a MUCH larger issue when it comes to the oceans, and Asia, as the U.S. draws a line in the sea... The South China Sea:
UPI - Daily Briefing

Walker's World: U.S. draws line in sea

FRANKFURT, Germany, July 26 (UPI) -- The unprecedented and solemn warning that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivered to Beijing last week over its territorial ambitions in the South China Sea needs to be considered within three separate contexts.

This is because, as Harvard Professor (and former assistant secretary of defense in the Clinton administration) Joseph Nye maintains, relations between great powers are like a game of chess in three dimensions. There is the military equation, the economic equation and the separate but related dimension of cultural influence. Nye calls it "soft power," the ability of a great power not to force other countries to do its will but to get them "to want what you want."

So when Clinton infuriated Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi at the ASEAN regional forum last week by asserting that the resolution of disputes over the South China Sea to be in the United States' "national interest" all three equations came into play.

China has already played the military card, by establishing military outposts in the Paracel and Spratly islands, despite competing claims from Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. China has in recent months raised the stakes over the South China Sea, declaring a unilateral fishing ban and staging repeated naval and amphibious exercises and missile tests. Vietnam in turn has announced purchases of Russian-build Kilo-class submarines.

The economic issue is central, because of the indications that this vast tract of sea contains large oil and gas reserves... [In Full]

Last but not least, a Deepwater Horizon oil spill tragedy sitrep from the Gulf of Mexico, Courtesy of the aviation wing of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society:
Sea Shepherd Gulf Rescue UpdateWe have seen less and less ocean wildlife over the past two months. What we do see is now much closer to shore than it was previously, typically within 50 miles of the coast, and crowded into the shallow waters on the coastal sides of the off-shore islands.

Within 30 miles of the coast off Caillou Bay (west of Grand Isle), and within 5 miles of the oil-scarred shores of the Chandeleur Islands, we have seen many schools of cownose rays (Rhinoptera bonasus), golden-colored and swimming very close to the surface, 20-40 in a square-shaped school. Often these rays are followed by sharks. We’ve seen small pods of dolphins, almost always swimming very fast, almost frantically in circles, and often within a few hundred meters of thick patches of brown crude oil emulsion. If we had been seeing this in beautiful clear blue water, we might have thought this was enthusiastic play, but in this toxic pool, we wondered if this isn’t a sign of serious stress.

Having flown over the “water” for hundreds of miles, we know that there is no clear passage for those animals to swim out of the oiled areas and out to cleaner open water, unless they first go several hundred miles along the coasts east or west and then out to open water. Do they know to do that, we have wondered? Perhaps the animals who are still here do not, and we wonder, what will become of them?

As hurricane season arrives and blows oil all over the off-shore islands, the thousands of nests with hatchlings—pelicans, egrets, herons, and more—they seem doomed. [In Full]

[After the commentary, Pete Anderson laments the 'Working Class'... because "We're not workin' anymore". Courtesy of the respective artists and KPIG radio Freedom California Earth.]


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