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July 21 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Drug Wars - A Society That Criminalizes 'Drugs' Creates It's Own Problems

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Cabale News ServiceJuly 21 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Drug Wars - A Society That Criminalizes 'Drugs' Creates It's Own Problems At Home And On It's Borders

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In The News:
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The California Highway Patrol says the man involved in a shootout Saturday night was on his way to San Francisco with weapons in an apparent plan to assassinate ACLU and the liberal Tides Foundation's members in an attempt "start a revolution", even as the Tea Party Caucus opens on Capitol Hill represented by Michele Bachman and 13 of her friends.

The Unemployment Benefits extension bill WAS delayed by Republican filibuster and a $25 per week increase has been stripped from it, so SOMETHING is happening and action is expected today. The bill, which would stabilize the incomes of large numbers of unemployed American workers currently has a $32 billion dollar price tag and despite that huge sum, will run out at the beginning of December.

Afghanistan's president Karzai says his country will be prepared to provide it's own security by 2014 and then the West can "go home". More.

The Senate Judiciary Committee approves of Elana Kagan's nomination for US Supreme Court and a Senate vote is hoped for before the beginning of August.

The Senate is also getting to work on the nomination of General Clapper for Director of National Intelligence even as the Washington Post goes into great detail about the problems with privatized outsourcing of intelligence... as reported on Monday, "The Washington Post's Dana Priest and William M. Arkin more than indirectly claim the US created a huge increase in America's counter-intelligence budget and it's data input since 9/11 and it seems much of it was outsourced to private contractors who don't 'play well' with others, leading to a situation where no one knows what's going on due to lack of cross-company communication, etc. Associated Press on the WaPo revelations. The US government IS NOT happy.... I repeat IS NOT happy, about the journalistic intrusion into their privatized 'spookworld' (Wapo reporter William Arkin's specialty)."

Meanwhile in that "Progressive Mecca" known as Santa Cruz California:
Peace Camp demonstration enters third week on courthouse steps as county officials weigh their options

By Jennifer Squires

SANTA CRUZ -- Four people sit together playing bongos and a tambourine while a puppy lounges nearby.

A man wearing a bolo hat rollerblades in tight circles as tie-dyed fabric hanging from a tree flutters in the breeze.

Several people tucked into sleeping bags snooze, but the man who hung his hammock from the handrail has taken off.

No, it's not a summer music festival. This was the scene in front of the Santa Cruz County Superior Courthouse just before noon Tuesday, where demonstrators have been sleeping nightly since the Fourth of July to protest the city's camping ordinance in what they call Peace Camp 2010.

"This is a humanitarian issue," said Christopher Doyon, a 45-year-old homeless man who has been participating in the protest for about two weeks. "Folks have a right to sleep."

Demonstrators are protesting the city's camping law, which prohibits sleeping outside between 11 p.m. and 8:30 a.m. But the protest is squarely on county property and county code does not list the courthouse property among locations designated as no-camping zones like Paradise Park and Carbonera Creek.

Although the city's "sleeping ban," as opponents have dubbed it, has been a point of contention for years, frustrations hit a high mark earlier this summer when police said a man set fire to the city attorney's office because of the law. The city also is pursuing a permanent injunction against a homeless couple repeatedly ticketed for camping downtown.

A measure recently approved by the City Council allows the city attorney to increase ignored municipal code citations to misdemeanors.

But more than two weeks into the demonstration, city police have taken no action and don't intend to, unless the protest moves off county property, Santa Cruz Deputy Police Chief Rick Martinez said.

So the so-called Peace Camp, which includes 30-50 campers a night, presents a conundrum for city and county officials.

Some would like to see demonstrators move on. For example, court spokesman Tim Newman said the protest hasn't caused problems for the county court branch, but he was concerned campers may have impeded people's ability to access the local justice system.

However, in the 17 days since the protest began, the campers haven't caused significant problems. Trash cans fill up faster and sometimes the aroma of marijuana floats through the air, but the camp has its own portable toilet to mitigate issues with human waste, officials said.

"It looks like a slumber party," said county spokeswoman Dinah Phillips, who can see the protest from the window of her office in the county building... [In Full]

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