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July 15 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Afghanistan's New National Police Force - The Eventual Demise Of The Karzai Government?

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Cabale News ServiceJuly 15 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Afghanistan's New National Police Force - Will It Spell The Eventual Demise Of The Karzai Government?

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The Deepwater Horizon is still gushing but... BP shut down the top valve in the pressure testing assembly and it caused another 'choker' coupling to leak during the ramp up to the test. They expect to begin testing by tonight... but there IS some progress as one of the relief wells is just 4 feet away from making contact. More.

Meanwhile, the Christian Science Monitor notes the Gulf of Mexico will naturally 'clean up' most of spill by itself, but environmental resilience has its limits.

Updating Spill Trajectory Map
Online Here.

This map's landing page (find updates) Here, or click the map.

There were 29,000 less unemployed Americans last week after two years of increasing numbers. Slow recovery is probably the best we can do for now.

The Pentagon and the Afghan Interior and Security Ministers have signed a pact to create an Afghan national police force under the command of Afghanitan's government. Up to now illegitimate president Karzai has resisted creation of anything resembling a local militia because (and traditionally) they tend to be independently minded and are generally believed by the Karzai government to pose more of a threat to the government than the Taliban. He's probably right. More in the commentary.

Pundit Rachel Maddow states US weapons manufacturers (ie. Colt Arms and a few other companies) are going to begin the sale of M16s and M4s to Afghanistan... This is most likely being forced on the Afghan government by the U.S. government. Afghanistan, like most countries in the region, is a nation that only knows, and probably will never voluntarily reject, the most common light arms in the world today, the AK47 and it's variants.

The Finance Reform bill may pass a cloture vote sometime today making a full vote sometime between then and Monday possible. Three Republicans have been added to the endorsement list, and one Democrat 'signed off' saying it doesn't go far enough.

Argentina's government is about to make same-sex marriage legal after their legislature passes it by a seven vote margin. The Argentine president's signature is expected. It will be the first country in the South to do so.

In light of the commentary... Tom Tomorrow, on the potential for an effective Afghan National Police Force:

Afghan Police Training - Tom T

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