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June 24 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Sub-developed IQs - The "American Moron" Functional Adults With A Twelve Year Old's Mentality

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Cabale News ServiceJune 24 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Sub-developed IQs - The American Moron... Seemingly Functional Adults With The Mentality Of A Twelve Year Old

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In The News:
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President Obama dumped General McChrystal yesterday, most likely including his staff and planners. Too bad the volunteer elite of our military has become arrogant and incognizant of the civilian government's command of the American military. He will stay on for another year until retirement. General David Petraeus, commander of CENTCOM, who prefers bribing to thugging and assassination (Iraqis... using black-masked McChrystal-led JSOC operators, most likely the thuggings and assassinations included unwanted electoral candidates during Iraq's 'purple thumb' elections a few years ago), will be the new commander in the Afghan theatre. Too bad Afghanis don't have any use for money.

See here for more on the real value of money.

The 'Gulf gusher' is increasing after an underwater robot knocked it's containment cap loose... a cap that's 'containing' about half of the estimated 50,00 barrels a day pouring into the Gulf waters.

Also notable... courtesy of BP and America's petroleum addiction... It's raining oil in Louisiana:

(Caveat: SOME PEOPLE are claiming inaccuracy of this video.
See this Christian Science Monitor article for more.)

Pakistan has convicted five Washington, D.C. Muslims who had gone to join the Taliban in-country. They received 10 year sentences.

Stock tip: Buy stocks in drones soon! The FAA has signed off on airspace permission allowing UAV operations over Texas and the Gulf of Mexico, to patrol... Whom? For what it's worth, there ARE ALREADY UAVs in use in the US. A Southern state or two are using them for Interstate highway traffic control, and then there's California (2008/McClatchy)

Asian Carp have been moving up the Mississippi river and the first of these invasive species that can eat 40 lbs a day have breached the electrified barriers and are heading for Lake Michigan.

Fogged in from Canada to Mexico... The entire west coast of North America is fogged in due to the "Japanese Current" gone cold. Again... No one knows why.

Growth Jam

Speaking of Canada, and fog... There's a fog over US media coverage of the G20 economic conference in Toronto.

To rehash an old right wing trope: "None DARE call it a news blackout", at least not here...

From the Toronto Media Coop:
NGOs join Presidents behind the G20 Fence

Canada's non-profit industrial complex shows its face in the run up to the G20

by Dawn Paley

As the people of Toronto prepare community level mobilizations against their lived experiences of the negative effects of G20 control, a much smaller group of people is planning to sit down and speak directly with G20 leaders on behalf of Canadian civil society.

These groups are clustered together as a G20 focused campaign called At the Table, which focuses on vague slogans about eliminating poverty and saving the earth that sound good to people who understand that the world is a messed up place.

But while the At the Table campaign calls for Canadians to “take bold action to end poverty at home and abroad,” their members are actively pacifying people who want to take to the streets to make their message heard.

“We're trying the critical engagement approach,” Make Poverty History head Dennis Howlett told the Globe and Mail in March. “Doing anything outside the security perimeter, it's going to be a nightmare with security.”

Howlett’s dissuasive comments reflect a broader issue in movement building in North America.

“What has happened to the great civil rights and black power movements of the 1960s and 1970s? Where are the mass movements of today within this country? The short answer: They got funded,” wrote Adjoa FlorĂȘncia Jones de Almeida, a community organizer with the Sista II Sista Collective, in the 2007 book The Revolution will not be Funded... [In Full (Search Toronto Media Coop for G20)]

[After the commentary, Rodney Crowell, with "The Moron's Prayer" (He calls it "The Obscenity Prayer"). Courtesy of the respective artists.]


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