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May 26 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Taking Their Orders From The Top Or Whoever's In Charge.. The National Guard And State Militias

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Cabale News ServiceMay 26 2010 Travus T. Hipp Morning News & Commentary: Taking Their Orders From The 'Top'... Or Whoever's In Charge - What Has Become Of The 'National Guard' And 'State Militias'

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In The News:
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Due to time constraints, just a quick synopsis of the news this morning and a few things that 'crossed the wire' over the last day...

The Pentagon's "Don't Ask Don't Tell" is being planned for obsolescence by the Democrats as part of the must-pass Defense Appropriations bill and the Republicans are saying they'll vote against it (hence 'against our men and women in uniform') in the Senate and House.

Unemployment is in the news... And as of this morning the US national debt is $13 trillion dollars, and adding another trillion per year.

The Obama administration has ordered 1200 Arizona National Guard to the Arizona border, but technically the Arizona National Guard is answerable to the state. The deployment is in regard to drug running and the Border security details will still fall on the state, subject to their illegally profiling immigration "law". More history of the National Guard and state militias in the commentary.

The Atlantis space shuttle has touched down safely for the last time. More.

More News:

Just in case you were wondering... It's all under control... No assistance needed:
U.S. not accepting foreign help on oil spill

When State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley refused to tell reporters which countries have offered assistance to help respond to the BP oil spill, the State Department press corps was flabbergasted... [In Full]
Here's a history of other oil spills around the world: "How Bad Is Gulf Oil Spill? A Global Q&A on Offshore Oil Spills"

Regarding Arizona's new "Law":

May I see your papers... please...


(We're still deciding whether it's OK to shoot them in the back. Makes the job so much harder if you can't!)

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The next story relates to something happening in my hometown, Santa Cruz California, right now.
Activists Mark 20th Anniversary of Earth First Car Bombing

And in Oakland, environmental activists gathered on Monday to mark the twentieth anniversary of the car bombing of Earth First members Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney. Bari and Cherney nearly died when a bomb exploded in their vehicle. They were in the midst of organizing a major Redwood Summer action that brought thousands of activists to California to protest destructive logging practices. In what many saw as a deliberate smear campaign, the FBI arrested the two and accused them of being victims of their own misfired bombs. Bari and Cherney later sued the FBI and won over $4 million in damages. Bari died before receiving justice in the case — the attack had left her nearly crippled, and she lived in constant pain before dying in 1997 of breast cancer. [In Full]

The Santa Cruz Connection... AKA "The False Flag Connection"

In August 2008 SOMEONE fire-bombed a UC Santa Cruz researcher's car and porch.

This occurred just A FEW DAYS BEFORE a California state senate vote on affording special protections to researchers engaged in lab experiments and tests using live animals. Of course the fire-bombing cemented that vote's passage. Local Animal rights activists were arrested under the new state law which granted state law linkage to the federal Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.

Indeed, the AETA 4 were indicted and, it's notable, are currently on trial, but not for THAT crime... fire-bombing... but for demonstrating in front of a researcher's home a few months earlier.

The perpetrator of the fire-bombing, to date, has not been found, but the new law voted in because of the actions of that unknown party caused the creation of a permanent FBI liaison with UCSC, and indeed, every campus in the UC system.

Just this May 1, a celebratory 'Flash' Block Party at Downtown Santa Cruz morphs into a Daytona Beach Spring Break window smashing spree. Two are arrested. One 'druggie', one 'wino', but they were obviously NOT the vandals despite their continued incarceration.

"Anarchists" are blamed. The FBI is called in, but apparently declined to investigate leaving a local Anarchist Cafe/Community space to take the blame amongst the mass media attention and threats, up to and including death threats.

This act of simple vandalism will also prevent what should have been a monthly downtown occurence, an open block party for all residents of Santa Cruz, a la 'Critical Mass' for bicyclists, from ever occuring again without massive police presence and fear in the community... A community that was the intended future attendees of the Downtown block party.

NOW, over the week end, this bit of provacateurism occurred, single-source reported by the local newspaper, the Santa Cruz Senile... Affectionately referred to as "The Senile". A newspaper with a history of Yellow Journalism that goes back to California's Indian Wars and the forcible internment of Japanese Americans during World War II.
SANTA CRUZ - A vandal cut the brake lines on the vehicle of a UC Santa Cruz researcher late Saturday or early Sunday, and the Police Department has called in the FBI to help investigate.

About seven FBI agents were at the researcher's Westside home on Monday. Some agents peered under the sport utility vehicle to inspect the damage, while others canvassed the neighborhood for witnesses.

The researcher, who wasn't identified, called police around 11 a.m. Sunday to report vandalism to the SUV, which was parked in front of the researcher's house on the 1200 block of Laurent Street, according to Santa Cruz Deputy Police Chief Rick Martinez. [In Full]
The FBI has been called in to investigate again, despite the fact that this UC researcher is not involved in animal research.

Despite the blame-placing on Animal Rights Activists, and again, the local anarchist coffee shop, it notable that once again, no one has been apprehended in this simple minded and useless act of vandalism. An act that occurred with near perfect timing, during AETA 4's trial, and against one of the basic tenets of animal rights activists which "...historically emphasized a principle of supporting only property sabotage, while tolerating no actions putting humans and other animals at risk." (source)

In all the occurrences listed above, it would be useful to recall one of the corollaries of journalism and investigative work. Corollary to "Follow The Money"... "Who Stands To Gain?".

Under THAT criteria, in all of the crimes listed above, the police and city of Santa Cruz stand to gain... at least the eight more officers to be hired despite massive city budget shortfalls, due to the window smashing spree, and EVERYONE ELSE loses.

Maybe they'll actually catch the thugs committing these acts someday, but this commentator certainly doubts it.

More, at IndyMedia: During AETA trial, new Santa Cruz sabotage violates ALF principles against human targets


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